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Tanked 322 It's Been a Dong Time

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This week we celebrate Cinco De Mayo and our 7th Anniversary with tequila shots and beer, Michigan gets a 4.2 earthquake, A Craft Brewer sues Miller-Coors for Blue Moon Labeling, Fart Tracker app allows you to count your farts, The Worlds First Gay Doll, Box office results for Avengers 2 and a tandem Scott and Ric review, Joss Whedon not happy with Marvel, Star Wars anthology film loses it’s director, Venezuelan president gets hit in the head by a mango,  Sir Just Tim of Michigan gets Knighted!, 73-year-old man punches bear in the face, 75 old Woman chokes rabid raccoon, 95-Year-Old WWII Vet Thwarts Robbery With Cane, Pizza Delivery Man Gets Stabbed, Makes Delivery Anyway and a Man Sues Florida Hospital For Tossing His Right Leg In The Trash. Also a special announcement at the end.

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