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Tanked Episode 98 for Tuesday Mar. 23, 2010 


- 2 weeks away from Ep.100.  Shout out to the listeners what you want to hear us do on ep100.

- Merton the Improv Piano guy. Ben Folds Does "Ode to Merton" GeekoSystem
- Also Merton does his first interview with Social media/tech site Mashable.
  15min to long to play but worth checking out if you thought the improv vid was funny. Mashable
- Firefox memory leak fixed via add on. (the add-on recovers Firefox memory leaks by automatically
   flushing & recovering fragmented orphaned RAM.) Check out the link. It's experimental and only for windows


Apple Steals a Piece of The Pie
Mobile analytics firm Flurry has attempted to measure Apple's influence on the portable gaming market,
and its analysis concludes that iPhone games now account for about one-fifth of all revenue for portable game
software in the US.  Revenue for Sony PSP games dropped from 20 to 11 percent, while market leader Nintendo
dropped slightly, from 75 to 70 percent. Apple's influence on portable gaming to increase further with the release of the iPad


PlayStation Move helps you punch the calories away
The  World's Most Badass Exercise Video Game
The gaming innovations brought on by motion controllers just keep on coming.  Announced last week, Motion

Fighter brings motion-sensing bare-knuckle brawling to the PlayStation Move with a twist.  Scott Rhode (Sony
VP of worldwide studios) said last week that the game will feature a calorie counter meaning the more thugs
you beat the shit out of the fitter you get.  Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Fit and others have had in-game calorie
counters before but where else can one see the fitness advantage of getting a guy in a headlock and then 
kneeing him repeatedly in the face.  No release date has been set for Motion Fighter (working title) yet.


Nintendo jumps into the 3D Fray...Again

According to Nintendo's Tuesday announcement, the 3DS will boast 3D gaming capability without

requiring users to wear "any special glasses" to play titles.  The company said that the 3DS will

"succeed [the] 'Nintendo DS series.'" Perhaps most importantly, the 3DS will boast backward

compatibility, allowing users to play games originally built for the Nintendo DS or DSi.

Commercial Break!!!


Chris Evans is the Human Tor...err...Captain America
Chris Evans Dating Vida Guerra?

Casting the titular role for the upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America is a touchy subject with fans of the
iconic super hero.  So it is with a resounding "okay this could have been a lot worse" that Chris Evans has been
brought on to play Cap.  Evans beat out the remainder of Marvel's "dream list" of Captain candidates (including
Step Up's Channing Tatum and the Office's John Krasinki) for the WWII period piece set to release next year.

Other casting rumors are abound such as Kiera Knightly for the role of heroic Betsy Ross and Hugo Weaving

for the role of Cap's arch nemesis the Red Skull.  Having played the Human Torch in Fox's Fantastic Four films
would make for a confusing team up should the FF4 ever bump into the good ol' Captain.


Scream 4 is a go and via his Twitter late last night Wes Craven confirmed that he is back to Direct the film. Also back is Writer Kevin Williamson along with the major players all set for a return. Scream 4 is set for an April 2011 release.  
Newest Autobot for Mistakeformers 3.
Really just wanted to post this pic of this bad ass car. Could care less about the movie.
Ferrari 458 Italia.


Invisibility Cloak Created it 3D
Write Up







Burglar enters NJ restaurant, cooks chicken, flees

How to Steal a Meal





Police in a New Jersey town

say someone broke into a restaurant and

cooked a chicken and rice dish before fleeing —

leaving behind a pile of dirty dishes.


They say the hungry burglar on Saturday

broke through an exhaust fan in the back wall of the

Matsu Sushi Grill in Hillsdale,

a town of 10,000 residents just northwest of New York City.


The burglar got chicken from a freezer and

cooked it with rice in a frying pan.


Detective Robert Francaviglia (frank-uh-VIL'-ee-uh)

says the burglar ignored $200 in the cash register,

and took only the chicken and rice.


He says the culprit may have been a homeless person searching for food.

Police say the break-in is similar

to one at a nearby fried-chicken fast-food restaurant last year.




Alaska teens' pizza heist brings out SWAT team

Ogamidaigoro.jpg  image by thankswiki


Police say a plot to steal a delivery man's pizza

brought out a SWAT team in Alaska.


Police spokesman Lt. Dave Parker says a man

trying to deliver a pizza order Sunday night was confronted,

outside a northeast Anchorage home by a man with a gun and a stick.


(aaron: be wary of the stick lol lol lol)


He says three other people attacked him from behind,

grabbed the pizza but ran away without taking his money.


(when people waht there pizza in alaska look the fuck out)


Police say the delivery man then followed one of the attackers,

a girl, to a home where police arrested her.


They say the other suspects then barricaded themselves in the home,

prompting authorities to call in a SWAT team that entered the property.


Joseph Nicalaskey and Cesar Alvarez-Jennings, both 19,

and two girls were arrested on charges of robbery and assault.

The names of the girls were not released.


(how could you not of had 5 dollars amongst 4 people to get a little csesers hot and ready.

really its a buck 25 apiece your all idiots.)







  Russian hackers jam traffic with porn video

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


  Drivers in the Russian capital, Moscow,
were given an unexpected show courtesy of a 30-by-20 foot electronic highway billboard
 when an explicit pornographic video was played for nearly twenty minutes.
 in place of the paid advertisement clips that are usually shown.
 The incident happened near the entrance into Serpukovskiy tunnel on Sadovoe Ring Road,
 about 2 kilometers south of the Kremlin.

"Within three minutes we found it out, and within fifteen minutes the screen was shut off,
" the deputy head of the Moscow city advertising committee, Alexander Menchuk, said in a statement to Interfax.
 A passerby told the Associated Press that she was
"so shocked that I couldn't even shoot video or take a picture of it."