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Tanked Episode 97 for Tuesday Mar. 16, 2010




Polygone! Unlimited Detail is the new 3D?

As ATI & Nvidia keep the race for more polygonal 3D detail year after year Unlimited Detail aims to win it.

Whereas our existing 3D modeling system is made up of a series of polygons with textures and images
covering them, Unlimited Detail brings the visual data down to atom-like points and uses a search algorithm
to display only the pixels that would be visibly onscreen.  This method eliminates the need to model mapping,
ray tracing and other 3D inefficiencies.  The Unlimited Detail team is currently seeking funding but I would
highly recommend checking out their YouTube demo video as this may very well be the future of 3D.
(discuss difficulties and inconsistencies of demo)



Internet Explorer 9 revealed

Internet Explorer 9 (or as the German's know it; Internet Explorer No) was unveiled at the web designer/developer
Mix conference today (Tuesday) in Las Vegas.  IE9 reworks some of the core features of past Internet Explorers by 
bringing HTML5 support, an upgraded Javascript engine.  HTML5 brings embedded video and audio along with scalable
vector graphic (SVG) and CSS3 formatting support.  DirectX video, SVG image and CSS3 text acceleration is also on
along with some some proposed features that were not available for developers until launch.  The IE9 demo can be
picked up today.



Playstation Move is on the move

At a rather shoddy looking assembly at Wednesday's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco Sony
unveiled the new branding for their PlayStation motion controllers that have been in the works for a while.
The PlayStation Move is sure to bring all the wacky gestures and "look at me, I'm swinging a tennis racket
IN THE GAME!!!" moments that Wii users enjoyed for the first month or two that they had their Wii systems.
The PSMove involves two controllers: one with a giant glowing orb at the top of it and a nunchuck-esque 
second controller for extra input buttons (no cord linking them thankfully).  Select existing games (such as
SOCOM) and new games (such as the super-cool office-chair Kung-Fu game Slider) will use the technology.
PSMove is slated to hit shelves in late 2010 for reportedly less than $100.

Looks like a dildo!

Hakan is your new Street Fighter
The last new character for the upcoming Super Street Fighter 4 was unveiled Tuesday at Capcom's Fight Club
event in San Francisco.  The Turkish oil wrestler (yes there is such a thing) Hakan brings a slippery albeit 
highly perverted style of grappling to everyone's favorite "Ryu Ken yay yay fireball fireball" slugfest.  If you
can't wait until April 27 for the slickened antics of Hakan' oil wrestling feel free to look up the subject on
YouTube.  The oily men's private parts grabbing techniques will retard your sleep for days to come.

capcom-unity blog

Street Fighter 4 review for iPhone
After picking up Street Fighter 4 for the iPhone on Wednesday I can say that waiting for my wife to get out of
the dressing room will never be the same.  Surprisingly faithful to the console and arcade versions SF4 iPhone
brings a limited cast (Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Guile, Blanka, M. Bison and Abel) with super/ultra combos
and even focus attacks to your phone in a way that works very well.  Mind you I don't think one can expect
the touch control pad & buttons to have the precision controls of a traditional controller but I was surprised to
pull off several cross-up, super cancel and focus cancels on my tiny phone screen.  Visuals have that 3D/2D
"Donky Kong Country-esque" look but for lack of true 3D it still looks damn good with slick animation and
effects.  I haven't given bluetooth one-on one play a go yet but look forward to throwing down over BT.  The
game weighs in at a hefty 201 MB and costs a hefty $9.99 but if you're an iPhone owning SF fan like me and 
have a lot of time to kill on the go then this game is a must have.

itunes (links to store)

Console killer' OnLive to launch in June

God of War III midnight launch takes a turn for the worse...


Ric: review of the people VS. George lucas.
Time at SXSW what i did.
How i pissed off Johna Hill and got to BS w McLovin.

Scott's Rant of The Week!
Fuck 3d!



Amazing Piano Freestyle on Chat Roulette










The price you pay for being romantic...




BERLIN (Reuters) –

A German woman,

fearful that a burglar was trying to break into her second storey apartment,

called police

after she heard someone climbing up to her balcony shortly after midnight,

police said Thursday.


Police discovered the "burglar"

was a man carrying flowers and a bottle of wine

who turned out to be the woman's boyfriend,

but then arrested him on an outstanding warrant.


"He was trying to surprise her with the flowers and a bottle of wine but it all went wrong,

" said Korbach police spokesman Volker Koenig.

He said the man jumped down from the balcony and

tried to escape but was quickly tackled by police.


"He nevertheless gave the police who were taking him to jail

the bottle of wine as a gesture of thanks

for the friendly treatment after the arrest," Koenig said.


Surprise Mystery Woman Crawling Through The Studio



Woman allegedly hits sister with toilet tank lid





Iowa City police arrested a woman who allegedly attacked her sister with the lid of a toilet tank.

Nitasha Johnson, of Iowa City, was arrested early Sunday and was charged with

domestic abuse assault causing injury and interference with official acts.

According to police, Johnson removed the lid and hit her sister during a fight.

Authorities said the sister suffered an injured foot and finger.

Johnson was taken to the Johnson County jail.

She remained in jail on Monday on a $1,500 bond.

Jail officials did not know if she had hired an attorney.