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Tanked Episode 95 for Tuesday Mar. 2, 2010




Microsoft makes skin the new user interface

Gimme some skin! Microsoft in a display of innovation has patented a means of using one's skin as a touch
interface for mobile electronics.  The UI dubbed Skinput responds to the ultra-low frequency sound of a
finger tapping skin along with a mobile processor to declare hotspots for interface on the users skin.  A
portable projector was used to display the hotspots for demonstration purposes but perhaps technology like
this will provide easier mobile electronics usage....or skin cancer :D  Just when you thought they couldn't have
less buttons on an iPod shuffle.

new scientist




PS Network Goes Down
Sunday evening PS3 owners (including me) were greeted by an error code and an
almost bricked system. The apparent internal clock in the consoles was not set to handle
March 1 2010 as it thought it was a leap year...witch it's not. Users couldn't log-in to the free
online service, trophies went missing, and previously downloaded content such as games
and themes were suddenly corrupt. People that did not even have their consoles hooked up
to the Internet were effected as well. Even if you tried to play your games offline the same
error code appeared.  Needless to say the forums online blew-up over the debacle with angry PS3 owners.
Luckily the clock just had to tick over to March 2ND to fix the strange Y2k10 bug in the internal
clock. Oddly enough, only users that had the older "Fat" PS3 models were effected.  Sony kept users in
the loop on their blog for the 24hr down period.
My guess is that Sony will be pushing out a firmware patch to fix the problem or 

PS3 owners will likely face this again next year.
Sony dodged a bullet on this one. I mean how are you suppost to get a patch out to users that can't get online?


Games Coming out in March
- Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from EA - March 2
- MLB 10: The Show from SCE San Diego Studio - March 2
- Final Fantasy XIII from Square-Enix - March 9
- Mega Man 10 from Capcom - March 11
- God of War III from Sony - 16 March - Would be on this if I had a PS3 to bad u got red ring machine

Oscar's are set to air Mar. 7 so next week it's everyone's favorite
Tanked Game: The second annual "Oscar Shots" game. Let the pregame shit talking commence.

Murray confirms Ghostbusters 3 info SUPER SPOILERS (if you haven't been reading on it or if the film even gets made)

Crazy Heart review. see twice. Jeff a lock for the best actor oscar.
Alice in wonderland out friday
South by southwest interviews and upcoming for Ric


read the sixth and seventh paragraphs, and put it in if you think it offers some good conversation.
i think it offers some morality issues. 









Man caught robbing same bank twice in 24 hours




BERLIN (Reuters) –

A German robber held up the same bank in Hamburg

twice within 24 hours

just a week after being released from jail -- for the same crime.


A police spokesman said on Friday the 50-year-old man

went into a savings bank

in the center of the northern port city and flashed a pistol,

saying: "I was here yesterday, and I want money again today!"


The repeat offender made off with 450 euros ($600)

but with the help of video surveillance cameras,

police were able to detain him three hours later.

They said he had been in jail for robbing banks in Hamburg in 2002 and 2004.



Calif. couple who removed lawn plead not guilty





ORANGE, Calif. –

A California man who tried to save water and money

by removing his front lawn is being taken to court.

Quan Ha pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to a misdemeanor count

for violating Orange city code.


He faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Ha and his wife replaced their grass with wood chips in 2008.

They said they'd just had a baby and began to think about her future.


At a time when Southern California cities

fine people for overwatering thirsty lawns,


the Has say they've saved hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and

slashes their bill.

The city cited them for violating a law requiring

live landscaping to cover 40 percent of the yard.


The couple planted drought-tolerant plants last year.

The city says it isn't enough.





Boozy chimp sent to rehab

MOSCOW (Reuters) –

A Russian chimpanzee has been sent to rehab by zookeepers

to cure the smoking and beer-drinking habits he has picked up,

a popular daily reported on Friday.


An ex-performer, Zhora became aggressive at his circus

and was transferred to a zoo in the southern Russian city of Rostov,

where he fathered several baby chimps,

learned to draw with markers and picked up his two vices.


"The beer and cigarettes were ruining him.

He would pester passers-by for booze," the Komsomolskaya Pravda paper said.

It added he has now been transferred to the city of Kazan,

about 500 miles east of Moscow, for rehabilitation treatment.

Mad emu attacks deputies along El Paso freeway


EL PASO, Texas –

A mad emu gave deputies a Texas-sized hard time.

El Paso authorities say the big bird was running loose Tuesday,


snarling rush-hour traffic near Interstate 10

and attacking deputies trying to restrain it.


Deputies with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office tried to prevent the tall,

flightless bird from running into traffic.

But when deputies neared the emu,

it became aggressive and slashed one deputy's pant leg.


The deputy was not seriously injured.

The emu died as it was being transported to an animal control shelter.

The cause of death was not immediately known.