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Tanked Episode 93 for Thursday Feb. 18, 2010

- Beers

- Happy Bitches! And Hiller couldn't find a damn Paczki in LA!
   None in Texas for Ric either.
scott got 12


Google to offer 1Gbps web access

Everyone's new favorite unstoppable juggernaut is making a foray into the ISP business.
Google is looking to provide fiber-optic broadband at 1 gigabit per second for what they
say will be competitively priced.  Currently Google is seeking applications from US
communities to become candidates for the service in what the company is calling an
"experiment to make Internet access better and faster for everyone."  US ISPs should
equip their PR depts with a new coat of paint.



Windows Phone 7 unveiled

Move over Windows Mobile, here's something leaner.  After years of watching the iPhone
& Android eradicate the WinMo crowd Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 7 on Monday. For
those expecting the standard grid of phone icons on the main screen will be surprised to see
that Windows Phone 7 (great name!) has a series of stylish oversized touch screen buttons
that actively show updates to your mail, social sites, etc.  Xbox Live and Zune marketplace 
runs the gamut for games and media while the People hub gives you updates on your contacts
with the look of an Art Deco Facebook.  IE is the browser (blech!), Bing is the search (porn!) 
and a rather slick looking Office is in the cloud (I don't trust the cloud).


Microsoft is not building the phones (so no specs yet) but is looking for manufacturers who
will include 4 point multitouch, accelerometer, 5MP camera, etc.  Unfortunately the only
thing that syncs with your computer is music & videos and Windows Phone 7 doesn't
run on Macs (big surprise).  Phones with Windows Phone 7 should be popping up towards
Q4 2010.



Comcast To Re-brands to Xfinity

image via Gizmodo
In a desperate move to re-indentify with the american peeps comcast has announced
this week that it will nix the comcast company name in favor to rebrand it's self with the
hard to pernounce X-fin-at-ee name badge.  The idea here is more, more, more says product
manager, I don't know remember what is fucking name is. The only thing i can tell
aside from the god awful name is that customers will be able to sign in to their
account and watch shows that they would normally be able to watch on their tv's.


Hiller's first conquest on the new Xbox 360

After picking up my second Xbox 360 I decided to promptly lay waste to Darksiders.
Being a big fan of Joe Madureira's artistic style I decided to give this Zelda/God of War
mishmash a shot.  There a bunch of weapons & upgrades though they all get lost in their
own uselessness as you can pretty much hack through the game with the standard Chaos-
eater sword.  There are puzzles of the drag block to switch A variety for those who like
'em too.  Though the story isn't that hot you do get to hear the voice talents of Moon 
Bloodgood and Mark Hamill doing his best Starscream impression as The Watcher.
Hiller's rating: Rental (completed under 14 hours)

Street Fighter 3 characters revealed for SSFIV

New characters for the upcoming Super Street Fighter 4 just might make fans of 
Street Fighter 3 a bit giddy.  Ibuki, Makoto & Dudley were revealed through scans
of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu this week along with supposed off-screen shots.
Although this is great news for hardcore SF fans sadly this just leaves more options
for all the Ryu retards out their to ignore.

Street Fighter IV brings the battle to... the iPhone
Pic via IGN
Hiller's new potential time vampire.
IGN broke the story of the port that will use existing code to keep the graphics as close to the
360 and PS3 versions as possible. A virtual arcade stick and buttons will be placed on the iPhone's
screen for you to use to dragon punch and fireball your way to victory.
No pricing, release date, or final character count has been given, although we're seeing
hints that the game will be shown at GDC in March.



Percy Jackson and the Olympians the Lightning thief and Valentine's day Reviews. 




Arrested robber, 73, says he was paying off mortgage

TAMPA, Florida (Reuters) –

A 73-year-old Florida man who was arrested for robbing three banks

-- unarmed and taking $600 in each heist --

said he needed the money to pay his home mortgage.


James Bruce of Tampa was arrested on Thursday.

He admitted robbing the banks

but said he planned to pay back the money,

Tampa Police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said.

"He called it a repayable loan," she added.

Bruce was unarmed in each of the three robberies.


At all three banks,

he handed a note to a teller which said

he was carrying out a robbery and demanded six $100 bills.

Police said they believed the tellers gave up the money because

it was bank policy not to have staff resist robbers in case they were armed.


The robberies took place on January 15,

February 1 and February 10 in Tampa.

Bruce owns a garden store in Tampa, where he sells pots.


(note to you bruce the ill ply it back defense has not worked for awhile.)




Wis. man finds stolen iPhone through GPS


A man whose iPhone was stolen from his car used GPS to track it down.


Tiernan Paine left a $400 phone in his unlocked car while at

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Oak Creek on Thursday night.

The 28-year-old subscribes to MobileMe,

a service that synchronizes data between his phone and home computer.

It also includes a global positioning system.


Paine told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he pinpointed

his phone's location and saw a picture of the suspect's home.

Paine took the material to Oak Creek police.


The next day,

he and another church member who also had a phone stolen that night

had their phones back.

Police Chief Tom Bauer said

the suspect confessed to about six thefts from parked cars.

Woman who demanded conjugal visit charged with DUI


A woman was charged with driving under the influence

after showing up at the Flagler County jail and demanding a conjugal visit

with a specific inmate.

The sheriff's office reports that a 45-year-old woman had a visitation appointment

but was turned away because she was late.

Also, the jail does not allow conjugal visits.


The woman drove away but reportedly returned a short time later.

Jail guards called road patrol,

because they suspected the woman had been drinking.


Deputies found the woman sitting in her car.

She reportedly failed a field sobriety test,

and a breath test showed her blood-alcohol content was 0.256 percent.

Florida law considers a person impaired at 0.08.

The woman was charged with DUI and later released on $500 bail.

Pregnant Woman, Husband Kicked
Off Spirit Airlines Flight For Asking For Water

look for Kevin Smith kicked off airplane for being to fat

and Sara Palin all pissed at Family guy for a Downs Syndrom joke.