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Tanked Episode 91 for Tuesday Feb. 2, 2010 


-Jason is on the show this week
-Talk about Frank's B-day



Windows 7 On an iPad? Yes You Can

Citrix Systems Inc. says that with its desktop virtualization software, XenDesktop or XenApp; running a
Windows 7 virtual desktop on one of Apple's new iPads will be possible.
The Citrix says it's software will be ready to accomplish this feat when the Apple iPad is ready to ship come March. 
Citrix claims the larger iPad screen will be perfect for running a Windows desktop, as opposed to running one
on say and iPhone...Really, are you kidding?  "The iPad looks to be an ideal end-point device that can empower
users to be productive wherever they are and IT will be able to safely deliver company-hosted virtual desktops
and apps without worry," Citrix Vice President of Community and Solutions Development, Chris Fleck wrote in
his company blog. Fleck seems to be under the delusion that this software will somehow make the iPad more
enticing to employers. Stating that the Reciever software might add justification for customers to buy tablets
that their employees will buy anyways... NOT LIKELY!  It looks like the software will allow users to run any
Windows application "unmodified and securely in the data center", and will even allow users to use multiple
applications at once, a major sticking point with the iPad software. Just to be clear you can not install Win 7 directly to the iPad.
Win 7 will be run from a server and simply displayed on the iPad.
I think it looks sweet, but...



Google Says, Chrome Tablet in the Works
picture via TechCrunch
Last week, the world saw Apple’s long anticipated tablet device, the iPad, for the first time
 the aftermath since that announcement, a few things have become clear: it will be great for some people,
but its apparent lack of flexibility (at least in its first iteration) may leave something to be desired. It’s
increasingly looking like the best alternative will be Google’s Chrome OS, which is clearly on a collision course with the iPad.

Again, this is just a concept video at this point, but it clearly shows what the people building Chrome
OS are thinking about for future products. Oh, and in case you’re worried that since Chromium OS is an
open source project, this is just some random person making these videos that Google is unlikely to use
for Chrome OS, they were made by Glen Murphy, a Googler working on Chrome (with a sense of humor).



Dallas Comic-con and my time there. W/Charisma Carpenter and Sean Patrick Flanery. Talk a bit about that. 

Game time kids
can we paste rics head on this pic?
Here is how the game works. Rule 1 no cheating. Rule 2 shot awarding. Here is the game.
The top 10 Tickets sold for movies. Not $$$ made Tickets sold.

Here is how the game will work. We will rotate who gets to guess. 1 2 3. If you guess right you award
a shot to 1 of the other 2 players. and you get 2 points. 1 for the place and 1 for the movie. 
No deductions for guessing wrong. If we did that you'd all be fucked. The goal is to get all 20 films
and their place on the list. He is an example for you Avatar is 23rd on the list. So it's your turn and
you guess Avatar and you say its 1st u are wrong 0 points. You guess right that Avatar is 23rd then
you'd get to award a shot and you get 2 points. Get it? Got it? Got it? Good. 
Time to start to think Oscar's. Coming soon 2nd annual Oscar shots game. The nominee's have been announced.
Start doing your homework for your picks. So be ready next week to get the picks in. 


Wozniak cites 'scary' Prius acceleration problem
Apparently The Woz has been trying to get through to Toyota and the National Highway Transportation Safety
Administration (NHTSA) for the past three months but could not get anyone to explore an alleged software-related
acceleration problem. 

"Toyota has this accelerator problem we've all heard about," Wozniak said. "Well, I have many models of

Prius that got recalled, but I have a new model that didn't get recalled. This new model has an accelerator

that goes wild, but only under certain conditions of cruise control. And I can repeat it over and over and over again--safely."

"This is software. It's not a bad accelerator pedal. It's very scary, but luckily for me, I can hit the brakes," he said.

Toyota said it investigates all complaints. "We're in the business of investigating complaints, assessing problems and

finding remedies," said John Hanson, national manager environmental safety and quality communications at Toyota.

"After many years of exhaustive testing, we have not found any evidence of an electronic [software]

problem that would have led to unwanted acceleration."



Man accused of stealing coins at mall fountain

MEMPHIS, Tenn. –
Memphis police said a security officer at a downtown mall
found a man in the mall's fountain, stealing coins.
The man, 47, was charged with stealing about $33
from the fountain at Peabody Place. He was jailed on $100 bond.
According to The Commercial Appeal,
 the money was returned to the fountain.

Aaron asks is this stealing?

US winter to last six more weeks, says groundhog





NEW YORK (AFP) – Punxsutawney Phil,

the celebrated rodent at the center of America's quirky Groundhog Day festivities,

saw his shadow Tuesday, presaging six more weeks of winter.

For the annual February 2 ritual, the weather-forecasting groundhog

was pulled from his burrow, as crowds of jubilant onlookers

in the town of Punxsutawney,

Pennsylvania watched to see if his shadow can be discerned.

Town officials said Phil saw his shadow,

which means winter will continue for six weeks.

Otherwise, spring would start early.

The American tradition made famous around the world following the 1993

Bill Murray comedy "Groundhog Day"

requires the marmot to be awakened from hibernation.


Man upset over gas pump drives SUV through window



PINSON, Ala. –

A man was charged with attempted murder after authorities said

he drove his truck through the window of a service station.

Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian said

a 49-year-old man pulled into a BP station on Alabama 75

in Pinson Sunday morning

and got into a dispute with the clerk because the pump was turned off.

Christian said the station has a pay-first policy.

Christian said the suspect went back to his Ford Explorer

and drove through the plate glass window and into the counter.

Christian said a deputy eventually subdued the suspect with a stun gun.

He was treated by paramedics and then jailed

on charges of attempted murder and resisting arrest.

His bond is set at $63,000.

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