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Tanked Episode 86 for Sunday Dec. 27, 2009

- Ric and Chris Live in studio
- Beers
- Kart 2 Kart
- Last show in 2009
- 2009 in review
Temporary iPhone purchase ban in NY
Website is investigating claims of an iPhone purchasing lockout which effect prospective
New York buyers.  US citizens with the 11231 zip code (Brookly) have found that the iPhone could not be
purchased by shoppers on AT&T's website.  Followup contact with AT&T's online sales support from the
Consumerist provided the follow-up response of "New York is not ready for the iPhone" from the support
operator.  Gizmodo received a similar message upon persuing the same type of purchase.  Is this a result
of network strain, sales fraud or whatever but I'd be interested to hear what AT&T has to say about this.
Another follow-up commercial with Luke Wilson just might not cut it these days.


OPEN FORUM Apple tablet rumors and predictions
Apple may have a few spoilers out of the bag for their rumored upcoming tablet: Puchasing back
in 2007, filing for a patent on tactile screen feedback, WSJ reporting that it's "smaller than Apple's laptops
but bigger than the iPhone or iPod Touch and the ongoing hype from excited consumers and publishers on
how it is going to revolutionize the newspaper/magazine industry.  What and when do you guys think we
will see any news on the elusive Apple tablet?



Sherlock Holmes Review.

Best movies of the best decade

Best reboot/relaunch
Star Trek
The Departed

Best Super hero film
The incrediables
The Dark Knight

Best Rated R comedy
High Fidelity
Shaun of the dead

Best Disaster Disaster movie
War of the Worlds
The core

Best teen movie
Ghost world

Tanked best of 2000s movies
Batman dark Knight.
Star Trek
Spiderman 1
Shaun of the dead
The Departed
crouching tiger hidden Dragen



saturn v rocket

Donkeys escape from live nativity scene in Colo.

VAIL, Colo. – A living nativity scene in near the Colorado ski resort of Vail

almost had to go without two crucial actors when two donkeys escaped.

The nativity scene is an annual tradition

for Eagle River Presbyterian Church in the Vail Valley.

Pastor Rob Wilson says two borrowed donkeys

were being held in a fenced-in pen for the event Wednesday night,

but the animals pushed their way through it.

A church member who stopped by the church Wednesday morning

noticed the donkeys were gone.

He and a sheriff's deputy followed footprints in the snow

and eventually caught up with them.

The donkeys had wandered near some railroad tracks but were OK.



Search of car turns up gift-wrapped marijuana

flickr_blonde_elf_girl_in_red_hueya.jpg image by LadyLemondrop


Some people won't be getting the Christmas presents they were expecting.

Missouri troopers seized about 20 pounds of marijuana from a car this week

— some of it in luggage, and some in boxes wrapped as Christmas gifts.

The Highway Patrol says troopers found the marijuana in the car they stopped

for speeding on Interstate 44 near Joplin.

Two California women in the car gave troopers permission to search the vehicle.

Both were charged Tuesday

with one marijuana-related count and released on $1,000 bond.




Pa. student suspended for wearing Santa suit

WALLINGFORD, Pa. – A suburban Philadelphia teenager

was suspended for a day for wearing a Santa Claus suit to school.

Michael Hance says he told his principal that he planned to wear the suit

to Strath Haven High School in Wallingford and hand out candy canes.

The 18-year-old senior says the principal told him that wasn't a good idea

because it would be a distraction. But he wore the suit anyway,

with regular clothes underneath.


Hance got nabbed a few minutes after he walked into his first class on Tuesday.

The school district says in a statement that Hance was suspended for the day

for "defiance of authority."

Hance says the school could have just given him a detention.



Pope knocked down by woman at Christmas Eve Mass
Dec. 25, 1:30AM

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI's Christmas Eve Mass

at St. Peter's Basilica got off to a tumultuous start Thursday

after an apparently deranged woman jumped the barriers

and knocked him down on his way to the altar.

In his homily, delivered unflappably after the incident,

Benedict urged the world to "wake up"

from selfishness and petty affairs,

and find time for God and spiritual matters.

At the Vatican, witness video obtained by The Associated Press

showed a woman dressed in a red hooded sweat shirt vaulting

over the wooden barriers that cordoned off the basilica's main aisle

and rushing toward the pope before being swarmed by bodyguards.

She grabbed the pope's vestments as she was taken down,

with Benedict seemingly falling on top of her.

 "(The pope) quickly got up and continued the procession."

link to saint ann's movie trailer

See you everyone in 2010