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Tanked Episode 84 for Tuesday Dec. 15, 2009 

- Just Aaron and I this week... Hiller is out.
- Beers
- Nates Birthday
- Freezing Cold and Icy Weather
- Christmas Shopping
LG first to hit mass production with Full HD 3D LCD monitors

The 3D revolution, whether you like it or not, is gathering steam. LG has just announced the world's first mass
produced Full HD 3D-capable monitor, which spans 23 inches diagonally and looks to sport a pleasingly minimal bezel.
company hasn't spilled much in the way of further info yet, though the PR blurb makes mention of
Korea's plans to introduce Full HD 3D broadcasts, as well as satellite 3D broadcasting trials set to take place in the UK
and Japan. Based on shutter glasses tech -- which seems likely to be the way forward -- this panel benefits from such
buzzwords as a "copper bus line" and a "high performance 3D exclusive controller," the benefits of which we'll have to
wait a little while longer to discover. CES 2010, here we come

Man turns Christmas lights into Guitar Hero game

10 Video Game Titles that Sound Like Porn Titles

A great title is a definite asset to a game, as nobody wants to be stuck with the opposite. 
But sometimes, in the search for that “perfect title” a loss of irony, double entendre, or
common sense can result in these very unfortunate game titles.

Octopus snatches coconut and runs
Underwater footage reveals that the creatures scoop up halved coconut shells
before scampering away with them so they can later use them as shelters.

After turning the shells so the open side faces upwards, the octopuses blow jets of mud out of

the bowl before extending their arms around the shell - or if they have two halves, stacking them

first, one inside the other - before stiffening their legs and tip-toeing away.

Dr Norman said: "I think it is amazing that those arms of pure muscle get turned into rigid rods so

they can run along a bit like a high-speed spider.


The North Face files lawsuit against parody

ST. LOUIS – The North Face Apparel Corp.

is suing a small suburban St. Louis-area company called

The South Butt and the teenager who started it.

The lawsuit filed last week in federal court in St. Louis

seeks unspecified damages and asks the court to prohibit

The South Butt from marketing and selling its parody product line.

The North Face says it does not comment on pending litigation.

The South Butt's attorney, Albert Watkins,

says the company was started by 18-year-old Jimmy Winkelmann

to help pay for college.

It puts out products with the tag line "Never Stop Relaxing,"

a parody of The North Face line, "Never Stop Exploring."

The parody company sells

T-shirts, fleece jackets and sweatshirts on its Web site.


On the Net:

The South Butt:

"Secret agent" busted in late night car chase

BERLIN (Reuters) –

German police arrested a man who claimed to be a

"secret agent"

after a high speed chase

in pursuit of a car with a blue flashing light on its roof.

Police in the southern city of Fuerth caught up with the man

after he raced past them, ignored signals to pull over,

and ran a red light as they gave chase.


Smelling strongly of alcohol,

the 44-year-old whispered only that he was

"one of them,"

on a secret mission and belonged to the Federal Crime Office

-- a body similar to the FBI -- local police said.

A check revealed he had no such credentials.

"After matters were taken care of,

the would-be 'Mr. Bond' was again released,"

police said in a statement on Thursday.

A local police spokesman said the man in reality had

"a normal job" and declined to explain his nighttime sortie.

He faces charges for a variety of driving offences.


Drunk Woman Steals Ambulance

The woman, Mindy Jones, had been arrested earlier in the night for a DUI and a hit and run

when she was brought to the hospital for tests. When her nurse turned her back, she took

off and hopped in an ambulance. After a 50 mile joyride in which she planned to hunt down

her ex-boyfriend, Jones actually gave a drunken interview admitting her actions.

Video Link (YouTube) :29sec mark




The Mystery Of The Pagan Origin Of Christmas:

Jesus Was Not Born On December 25th But A

Whole Bunch Of Pagan Gods Were

I think this is what Nate was trying to explain before i called him an asshole.