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Tanked Episode 76 for Tuesday October 20 2009

-Nate "Sir Nate The Mother F'n Resident Homie"
-Windows 7 Launch Party (Tanked Up)

Verizon Droid Is The Real Deal


Verizon and Motorola finally lifted the curtain on their new Droid Android phone yesterday.
Make no mistake, this is Android’s flagship product, and the first phone that will pose a significant
threat to Apple’s iPhone. And it will be available very soon, possibly as early as the end of this month.
Droid Does Teaser Commercial

USB PC Prankster: Guaranteed to freak out,
enrage your cubicle mates

pcprankster (550 x 383)

Aptly named the PC Prankster, this USB jokester device is best plugged into a discreet USB port

on a victim’s computer so that they don’t suspect sabotage at first. Then after a set time delay,

the Prankster will randomly activate the Caps Lock on the target computer, type keyboard

gibberish or make wild mouse movements on the screen.

Watch with amusement as your friend or coworker curses that their workstation has suddenly

become broken or worse yet, possessed. Then you can choose to let them in on the joke or if

you are sinister like me, you can offer to fix it for them for some small compensation – like maybe

a beer or two.

Although currently out of stock as of this posting, the PC Prankster is normally

available from thumbsUP for the tidy sum of £19.99 (about $32).

New iMacs/Macbook, mouse & other shit (keeping it brief)
The rumor mill caught this one yesterday and it turns out they were right.  Apple unveiled a few
new products today including a new 27" LED 2.8 quad-core Nehalem iMac, a redesigned $999 unibody
Macbook and the Magic Mouse, their buttonless single-surfaced multi-touch wireless mouse.  The mouse
looks interesting but much like the Mighty Mouse I'll have to try it before I can praise it.  Faster Mac Minis,
Airport Extreme and updated Time Capsules also debuted.

It's F***ing Charging!

Powermat Commecial is F***ing Funny


Japanese man sets record for paper plane flight
After his record flight, Takuo Toda said that his achievement was merely the next step
in his ambition of launching a paper plane from space.




The Crew Talks about Spike Jonze New Movie
Where the Wild Things Are
IMDB for Reference
WTWTA is King at Box Office Netting $32.5 million


Man finds missile launcher in Comal County

And the Japanese Do it Again

If you think Fox or TLC are exploitative and cruel to the people they feature on some of their programs,
keep this in mind: Fox wouldn’t last a month in Japan. In this clip from Japanese TV, a man is led to believe
that a sniper is killing the people in the room with him.

Man charged with printing phony $50s to pay dancer


A Wyoming man has been charged with counterfeiting money

to pay an exotic dancer for a private performance.

Rickey A. Kempter, 50, faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Prosecutors said Kempter hired the exotic dancer for a private dance

at the Lariat Motel, and Kempter and the dancer shared a taxi to the location.

The taxi driver called police after they arrived,

saying Kempter asked him to hold a roll of $50 bills

and he noticed that they looked odd and were not cut evenly.

Court documents said Kempter told investigators that he made the bills

on a printer in his home,

but that he planned to go home and get real money to pay the dancer.



i call bullshit!!!lol





Fla. burglar caught sleeping in pub's freezer




A Gulf Coast man was arrested after

falling asleep in the freezer of a shuttered pub he was trying to rob.

Investigators said the man hopped a fence in Ridge Manor

and pried open a locked storage shed. He allegedly ate a can of tomatoes,

entered the walk-in freezer and took a nap.

A Hernando deputy discovered the 49-year-old on Sunday

during a security check of the building. He faces a commercial burglary charge.



Cops: Man grabs football, bites neighbor on mouth


Police say a Detroit-area man bit through a neighbor's lips

after he picked up a football that accidentally had been tossed

onto his lawn by some teenagers. The man was accused of confiscating

the football Sunday evening and refusing to return it until

a 28-year-old parent walked up to him and asked for the ball.

Clinton Township Detective Capt. Richard Maierle said the suspect attacked the man,

and "the bite went nearly all the way through his mouth."

The man, 44, was arraigned Monday on a charge of assault with intent to maim.

That's a 10-year felony.

He was being held in the Macomb County jail.

Maierle told The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens the victim was taken to a hospital

for treatment of deep lacerations on the upper and lower lips.




yes yes yes yes its back!!!!!!!


German police investigate kebab sauce after attack


BERLIN (Reuters) – German police are investigating a chilli sauce

to determine whether it was so spicy

that it was capable of causing grievous bodily harm when used in an attack.

Police took a sample of the sauce from a kebab stand

in Bremen's central train station after a kebab salesman threw it

into the eyes of a customer during a fight over napkins.

"Legally, the question of whether the spiciness of the kebab sauce constituted

'normal' or grievous bodily harm must be addressed,

" local police in the northern city said on Friday.

Officers broke up a scuffle that kicked off after

a 23-year-old wiped his kebab-soiled hands on the stand because

the salesman refused to give him a paper napkin.

The seller responded by flinging a ladle of sauce in the man's face.

The victim's eyes became bloodshot and police are investigating

why the napkin dispute broke out,

a spokesman said. Both men could end up facing charges, he added.




And the most tasteless idea of the week is..

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – Australian horse racing officials

have been slammed for holding a dwarf racing competition

called the 'Midget Cup' at a meeting in Melbourne

to promote Victoria state's annual carnival.

The race at the Cranbourne Cup Sunday

involved three men charging down a 50-metres course

with dwarfs dressed in jockey silks riding piggyback,

and has been denounced by government officials and advocacy groups.

"Well look, there's often a fine line between a bit of fun and a silly stunt

and I think this falls into the latter category,

" Victorian racing minister Rob Hulls told state radio.

"I mean the Midget's Cup for goodness sake. It's certainly no way of promoting

this great Spring Carnival right around the world,

right around Australia and right throughout Victoria."

The controversy comes days after an Australian talent show came under fire

for airing a comedy troupe skit involving dancers wearing afro wigs and black-painted faces

to impersonate late pop star Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5.

Stuart Laing, a marketing manager at Racing Victoria,

said the dwarf race was intended to be "harmless fun,"

but apologized and said it would not be repeated.

"We understand that you can't please everyone

and if anyone's offended by the events of Sunday then we apologize to them," he said.