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Tanked Ep.74 for Tuesday October 6 2009

- Beer 

- Last week's show got dumped! it was actually ep.72. last week was posted on purpose.

- kinda discuss our absence for the past two weeks (briefly!). no shit

- Monopoly is back and Aaron is going to win it this

- tanked gets voicemail! 1-206-426-5510


Adobe Flash 10.1 gives Flash to all except...
Mobile device users can put their Flash woes to rest.  Adobe Flash 10.1 is set to support Android, Black-
berry, Symbian, WebOS and Windows Mobile.  All set to be GPU accelerated with support for HD.  There
is one thing missing however and that is the support for one phone.  Yes, Adobe told that
the iPhone is "still a closed device and not much progress there."  Which is a shame as Flash 10.1 adds
multitouch, gesture and accelerometer support.  Flash 10.1 is set to rollout mid-2010 with Windows Mobile
and WebOS betas later on this year.
Super Fuckin' Street Fighter 4
Capcom revealed the next iteration of the Street Fighter series, Super Street Fighter 4, last week.
The game is to add eight fighters to the existing SF4 roster.  Confirmed additions are T. Hawk &
Dee Jay (boo!) along with new female Tae Kwando fighter Juri.  SF4 & SSF4 producer Yoshinori Ono
was interviewed saying (amongst other things) that the game won't be a DLC add on but a separate
game all together adding that it won't be fully priced.  Along with the new fighters the game is to 
include a lobby system and the confirmed elimination of the "IN-DEE-STRUCT-UH-BULL!" SF4 theme
that has plagued everyone who has played the game.  SSF4 is set to release in spring of 2010.
Star Fox in Iraq
Keeping in tune with our Star Fox segue from a week or so back.
UAF Nanook Hockey Jumbotron opener is stellar
UAF students have one hell of a hockey intro to be proud of.  The 2 minute intro features
an intergalactic hockey playing bear that fucks with the cosmos.  See to believe.

Auto Tune Madness

Scott Messes with I am T-Pain App

Obama Tries his hand at auto tune with I am T-Pain
Holly Fucking Shit! Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn' ft
Stephen Hawking (Cosmos Remixed)


This doesn't have to go in the show seeing as though it's a year old. if you haven't seen this mock up, but I'm sure you have,
of a slug fest between the FF girls and DoA girls, check it out! fucking hilarious and epic all at the same time!



Neb. woman accused of throwing dog at officer


– Police said a woman will not face charges for

throwing a dog at an officer during a domestic violence investigation.

Police Capt. Davidsaver said officers were called to southeast Lincoln

for a report of domestic violence late Monday.

He said the woman was suspected of throwing a cell phone

that hit her boyfriend in the face.

Police said the woman was holding a small dog when officers arrived,

and at some point, she threw the dog, named Flash, at an officer.

Police said neither the dog nor the officer were injured.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of domestic assault.




Tiger attacks intruder in zoo


CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) –

A man suffered injuries to his arms

after he and a friend hopped the fence at a Canadian zoo

early on Monday and stuck his hands into the tiger exhibit.

The Calgary Zoo said the two men sneaked into the facility after midnight

and headed to the Siberian tiger enclosure,

where one of the men climbed over an outer fence.

"He did not enter the exhibit,

but did come into contact with one of the tigers and

sustained significant injuries to his arms," the zoo said in a statement.

Alerted to the situation, security guards took the alleged intruders to their office,

where the injured man was treated before being rushed to hospital.

Police are investigating.




Md. driving lesson ends with minivan in bedroom

LANHAM, Md. – Police in Maryland

say a driving lesson on Good Luck Road ended with

a minivan crashing through an apartment wall.

It happened in Lanham,

where apartment resident Robert Scriber's leg was hurt by flying debris.

He says the minivan landed on top of a bed where he'd been lying minutes before.

Police say a man was teaching his friend to drive

when the accident occurred just after 10 a.m. Monday.

Authorities say the driver was in the country illegally

and didn't have a license. They say the man's friend didn't have a license either.

Both are charged with reckless endangerment,

and the driver has also been charged with driving without a license.