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Tanked Ep.72 for Thursday September 22 2009



- Beer

- It's now officially FALL! FAIL!



Apple ready and waiting with redesigned iMac line
Apple as early as this month will begin to fill out its 2009 Mac product line with a new family
of iMacs sporting classier enclosures and a few added bells and whistles, AppleInsider has learned.

The new all-in-one, dual-core desktops were finalized earlier in September and have been rolling
off the Mac maker's Taiwanese product lines for roughly two weeks, according to two people familiar with the matter.
Rumors have it that apple might finally embrace blu-ray... i doubt it. not in the imac lineup.

Aaron review Jenns Body


Japanese tea table RAGE!!!
While Japanese games and overwhelmingly strange are both phrases that are very much
intertwined with one another I have to hand it to the developers of Japanese arcade cabinets
for their creativity at coming up with bizzare new gaming experiences.  I have seen the homo-
erotic space battles of Cho Aniki, the finger-to-ass gameplay of Boong-Ga Boong-Ga and now 
we have Cho Chabudai Gaeshi: Upending the Tea Table.
As its title would suggest Upending places the player in front of a screen and a large tea table 
as the controller.  Your goal is to pound on the tea table to gain the attention of nearby diners 
and then overturn the tea table sending shit flying all over the place.  You can check out relatively 
tame youtube vids of Japanese Upending players but I think it will take some true American RAGE 
warriors to take this game to the proverbial next level.

PS3 to release motion controller this upcoming spring
Sony announced late Wednesday night from the Tokyo Game Show that it plans to release a new motion-sensitive
controller for its PlayStation 3 video game console sometime during spring of 2010.

Nintendo is slated to cut Wii prices

Just hours before the PS3 montion controller announcement nintendo declaired "Wii can play the price cut game too!"
Late last week toys r us leaked out info about the rumored price drop and nintendo said late Wednesday that it's cutting $50 off from $250 to $200.


Muse plays a switch-eroo on the Italians



The English alternative rock band Muse were asked to play their latest single Uprising on the Italian 

television program Quelli che.  When the producers of the program pointed out that the band was to

lip synch through their song the band members decided to play a lil' prank on the Italians.  Drummer

Dominic Howard synched through vocals and bass guitar while vocalist Matthew Bellamy took to the

drums in a rather campy preformance.  You can see the smiles on the rest of the bands faces when 

they interview Howard (still under the impression that he is the singer) later on in the clip.






Naked man, 91, holds drunken intruder at gunpoint

LAKE WORTH, Fla. – Authorities say a 91-year-old

South Florida man jumped out of bed naked and held an intruder at gunpoint

until deputies arrived. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said

Robert E. Thompson woke up Saturday morning

after a would-be burglar climbed his backyard fence and was met by his charging dog,

Rettt, a Rottweiler and Doberman pinscher mix.

Thompson heard the commotion, grabbed his .38-caliber revolver

and phoned police without ever getting dressed.

Deputies said Thompson fired a warning shot as 26-year-old Jose Pasqual

started to come toward him.

Thompson kept his gun trained on Pasqual until deputies arrived.

Pasqual was booked in the Palm Beach County Jail on a burglary charge

and did not immediately have an attorney.


Kids, it's a nature walk -- sounds like fun!

Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:46pm EDT


nude hiking trail opens in germanynudist hiking enthusiast Heinz Ludwig

BERLIN (Reuters) - German naturists will soon have their own 18-km

(11-mile) long trail for hiking in the nude

and some enthusiasts have been trying it out before the official opening next May.

Heinz Ludwig, who runs a nearby campsite,

has led the project to create the nudist trail

that meanders up and down the Harz mountain range in central Germany,

overcoming some local protests by pointing out its potential boost for tourism.

"I think it's a great way to promote tourism here,

" Ludwig told Reuters on Tuesday after Bild newspaper

published a picture of two women wearing nothing but rucksacks on the trail.

"There's already been a lot of interest in it."

The trail runs between the village of Dankerode and the Wippertal dam.

Naturism fans have been monitoring progress of the trail

in Internet chatrooms for months and a band of naked hikers took a test walk

on the not-quite-finished trail in May.

The trail is being marked with special signs warning

the uninitiated that they could encounter nude hikers.

"If you don't want to see people with nothing on

then you should refrain from moving on!," reads one warning sign.

Store launches underpants for left-handed men

LONDON (Reuters) – A British store is launching

a range of underpants for left-handed men,

an innovation it says will save them both time and embarrassment

in front of the porcelain.

The new range, by UK-based Hom,

will have a horizontal opening instead of a vertical slit

accessed from the right-hand side, breaking a tradition that has lasted for 75 years.

"In our view, this is a vital step toward equality for left-handed men,

Almost 10 percent of British men are believed to be left handed

but men's Y-fronted underpants have traditionally had a right-handed opening

from the time they were invented in 1935.

"As a result," Debenhams said, "left-handed men have to reach much further into their pants,

performing a Z shaped maneuver through two 180 degree angles

before achieving the result that right handed men perform with ease."

Previously, it added, boxer shorts, with an adaptable,

ambidextrous opening in the middle, have been the underpants of choice for left handed men.

The new pants mean that left handed men can finally go to the bathroom as quickly and efficiently

as their right-handed colleagues, the store said.

"Switching the opening from vertical to horizontal may sound like a small step,

but it's the major breakthrough that many have been waiting for," added Faucherand.

Game over: Fla. cops caught playing Wii on the job

LAKELAND, Fla. – It's game over for some police officers who played video games

while they raided a convicted drug dealer's home in central Florida.

Surveillance video obtained by WFLA in Tampa caught the officers playing

a Nintendo Wii bowling game, with one furiously jumping up and down in celebration.

Officials say some of the officers could be disciplined.

Officers with the anti-drug task force had just stormed into the home

of the convicted drug dealer, who was already in custody.

One Polk County sheriff's detective can be seen taking several breaks

from cataloging evidence so she can bowl frames.

The officers did not know a video camera had been set up

in the house before the March raid.