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Tanked Ep.69 for Tuesday September 1 2009

And on this day in 1974 – The SR-71 Blackbird sets (and holds) the record for flying from New York to London: 1 hour 54 minutes and 56.4 seconds.


- Beers

- Sorry about the episode 68 issues


Hiller thinks Mac OS X Snow Leopard is...snappy?
Mac OS X Snow Leopard is on the prowl and creating a vacuum of post-release enthusiasm everywhere!
Now Apple has already stated that OS 10.6 wouldn't be as feature laden as other OS releases and would
retail for $29 to existing Leopard (10.5) users but after installing and feeling things up a bit I can't help 
but be a little underwhelmed.  What feels more like a good ol' software update has left me with little to 
be giddy about after all is said and done.  

• The code for OS X has been tinkered to accept 64-bit apps (you probably won't see this as the mainstream 
soon and Snow Leopard doesn't boot into it unless provoked anyway) and the result is a greatly reduced 
footprint on the startup disc (I reclaimed about 7.5 GB).  

• MS Exchange is supported so you folks who can't escape work enjoy playing around with this (although I 
could have sworn that it was included in OS native apps a long time ago).

• Quicktime X does everything but your grandmother for movie editing (including timeline trimming and visual 
cues) though I find it strange that the edges of my non-full-screen movies are slightly rounded.

• Expose for doc items is fancy if you don't like keyboard commands and stack scrolling and navigation is
neat if you like playing unnecessarily with your dock all day.

There are many other features but overall just don't have the same admiration for Snow Leopard that I 
had for other OS entries.  The post-film glow of the Matrix has been replaced with the quickly absentee 
post-film glow of the Matrix: Reloaded.  Let's hope OS 10.7 doesn't tread into Matrix: Revolutions territory. F U.


Just after the release of Snow Leopard, Psystar filed a new lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida, asking
that court to declare that Psystar can legally obtain and install Snow Leopard on its computers and sell them,
despite the fact that the license for Snow Leopard clearly states that it is an upgrade for previous versions of
Mac OS X. Not only does it bring up many of the same issues as the pending case in California, it also rehashes
the antitrust issues that Judge Alsup already dismissed early on. Psystar makes the claim that Snow Leopard is
totally different from Leopard, and Psystar uses a totally different process to get it to install on non-Apple hardware,
necessitating a new case.
Psystar was ordered to pay $5,000 to Apple's lawyers due to some discovery shenanigans,
but Psystar is alleging "discovery misconduct" on Apple's part as well


*Follow-up from last week*

Apple has just announced a special media event taking place on September 9, confirming
previous reports of such an event taking place on that day. The event will take place at the
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 10am Pacific Time.
The invitation features a classic iPod ad silhouette and reads "It's only rock and roll, but we like it."

 OH GOD NO!!!! 
Disney to acquire Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
Jesus Christmas.  I wake up on Monday first thing to this shit. Global animation/entertainment and child
pacifier the Walt Disney Company has agreed to obtain comic book and motion picture staple 
Marvel Entertainment, Inc. for approximately $4 billion.  Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter said "Disney is the
perfect home for Marvel's fantastic library of characters given it's proven ability to expand content creation
and licensing businesses."

Ok, I can see this going not being too-catastrophic but I have some essential personal suggestions for the merger:

• Don't dummy down the Marvel line  The comics code was bad enough and the inevitable cutesy Disney/Marvel 
crossover stuff to come will suck as is.  Leave the Marvel Universe as the edgy confusing mess we love.

• Don't phase out comic books  Disney thinks big and with the pressure to eliminate the bottom end and go
digital there may be a time (perhaps the far future) where the Diz may kick their comic book depts to the curb.

• Fire Jeph Loeb  On a personal note (though I'm sure I speak for many people on this one), Loeb has become
the worst writer in comics.  He has ruined several of my favorite series to the point of necessary retconning.

Warner Bros. has owned DC comics for forty years and occasionally surprises us with gems like Nolan's Batman
films (though not much else :P  ).  Let's hope that Disney can pay the bills and promote expansion but leave the 
comics intact for the fans. They are, after all, the reason that Marvel is the house of ideas after all.


Utah Gets Tough With Texting Driver

The NY Times reports on legislation in Utah which harshly penalizes people who cause fatal car accidents while texting.
Instead of merely facing a fine, offenders may now get up to 15 years in jail — the same as drunk drivers.
'It's a willful act,' said Lyle Hillyard, a Republican state senator and a big supporter of the new measure.
'If you choose to drink and drive or if you choose to text and drive, you're assuming the same risk.' The Utah law
represents a concrete new response in an evolving debate among legislators around the country about how to
reduce the widespread practice of multitasking behind the wheel

Slashdot and NYTimes

Fuck! We forgot to review Batman Arkham Asylum last week!
Fuck! We forgot to Review Inglorious Bastards Last Week!


Right is now wrong, Pacific nation tells drivers

Samoa is first nation in decades to switch traffic from one side to the other
updated 10:02 a.m. ET, Tues., Sept . 1, 2009

APIA, Samoa - The South Pacific island of Samoa will be the first nation

in decades to switch traffic flow from one side of the road to another,

though drivers predict chaos next week when they make the move.

The prime minister said Monday a special Cabinet meeting

had decided the switch to the left side will go ahead as planned,

despite earlier protests where 30,000 marched through the streets.

Around 500 people protested again Monday in the capital,

Apia, saying drivers have not been properly prepared.

The government wants to bring Samoa in line with driving customs in Australia

and New Zealand, where steering wheels are on the right side of vehicles,

to encourage some of the 170,000 expatriate Samoans living

there to ship used cars back to relatives.

That would lower vehicle prices in the nation of 180,000 people, allowing more rural residents to buy them.

Two-day public holiday
Samoa will be the first country in decades to switch the flow of traffic. Iceland and Sweden did it in the 1960s, and Nigeria, Ghana and Yemen did it in the 1970s.


Woman tries to shoot down plane for being too noisy
Apparently, ultralight planes had been doing practice runs all afternoon, and some of them had been flying pretty
close to her house. Normally, when someone encounters aviation noise annoyance, they contact the airport, their
local authorities, or the FAA.

Sadly, Mrs. Davis decided to skip all of that, and took matters into her own hands. With a gun in her pocket, she walked
into the terminal building, announced that she was going to shoot down a plane, then waltzed right onto the runway and did just that.

Even though it wasn't clear whether she actually hit the ground, or a plane, a pilot coming in for a landing aborted his attempt
while authorities "intercepted her".

The most surprising part of the story, is that the local police let her go on a $4,500 bond, once again proving that airport security
is one big puppet show. While you and I were being searched for bottles of water, a 69 year old lady could
walk right onto the runway of a municipal airport and shoot at landing aircraft.

Cop fired after waitress poses with rifle on car

updated 4:40 a.m. ET, Fri., Aug 21, 2009

MIDLAND, Texas - A Texas sheriff fired one deputy

and suspended three others without pay after a scantily dressed waitress

holding a rifle posed for photographs on the hood of a patrol vehicle.

Police said Round Rock officers were dispatched to a restaurant after someone reported

the waitress with the weapon, which had been given to her by one of the Midland County deputies

who had been attending a training session near Austin.

The incident occurred last week in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks restaurant,

which promotes its "fun, friendly and sometimes flirty atmosphere!"

The deputies told Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter that they had about three to five beers each.

A fifth deputy who remained inside the eatery got a letter of reprimand.

Man accused of crawling in outhouse pit, again

Suspect had already been accused in earlier incident of peeping on a girl

7881983508_980030F245E04FCE85C4BA57.jpg mike rowe image by paigeasher

updated 5:31 p.m. ET, Tues., Sept . 1, 2009

PORTLAND, Maine - A Maine man caught peering up at a girl from below

an outhouse toilet seat four years ago stands accused

of crawling into another pit toilet on White Mountain National Forest property in New Hampshire.

A federal affidavit indicates a 49-year-old man confessed to repeating his previous act on Memorial Day.

Federal agents sought the man out after a 9-year-old boy saw him climbing out of a toilet

at the Hastings Campground. Two witnesses saw him walk away from the outhouse.

Forest Service special agent William Fors wrote that the man

initially said he climbed into the waste-filled pit to retrieve a T-shirt. Four years ago,

he said he was retrieving his wedding ring.

Fors wrote the man eventually confessed climbing into outhouse pits on more than two occasions.