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Tanked Ep.67 for Tuesday August 18 2009

DID U Know: August is the 230th day of the year in the Gregorian calender. And there are 135 days remaining until the end of the year.
Coincidental, 40 years ago today Jimi Hendrix plays the unofficial last day of Woodstock in 1969.


- Beers

- Make Brief. Give update on health. Like anyone cares. I feel like being honest with listeners... for once.
- Tanked Campfest Photos are up and on
- Chris is STILL in Europe. He'll be back next week to tell us about his adventures.
- Episode 70 I would like to get Everyone on the show: I.E. Scott, Chris, Aaron, Jason, Nate, Ric. We've never done that before.
- Scott made up his mind and wants a Zune HD but the Zune App doesn't work with the MacOS. So Scott wants to build a new computer. lightly discuss. Corsair link

TomTom $99 GPS app heads to iPhone

(Credit: TomTom)

A hundred-dollar makeover can turn your iPhone into a GPS device.

GPS specialist TomTom announced Monday that its new $99.99 iPhone app is now up for sale at the iTunes store.

Tom Tom for the iPhone comes with features typically found in standard GPS units, including voice directions and full

maps of the U.S. and Canada. Maps for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are available at varying prices.

The app uses a new technology called IQ Routes, said the company. Instead of suggesting the quickest route based on

travel time, IQ Routes taps into the actual experiences of other TomTom drivers to determine the fastest route to take.

TomTom said this technology lets people reach their destinations quicker up to 35 percent of the time.

In addition, the software can suggest alternative routes if a turn is missed or a road is blocked, the company said.

The company will also offer a car kit, so that drivers can attach their iPhones to the front window or dash.

The new app runs on the iPhone 3G or 3GS and requires iPhone OS 3.0. Compatibility with the iPod Touch

and older iPhone models should come soon, said TomTom.


Mini Ninjas
Eidos has announced that a teeny, tiny, adorable demo for Mini Ninjas is on the way for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this week.
The PC and Xbox 360 demos will be available this Wednesday, August 19. PC users will be able to download the demo
from the official Mini Ninjas website, while Xbox 360 owners can grab it right from Xbox Live Marketplace. The PS3
demo will be available on Thursday, August 20, along with the usual PSN update.

New Slim PS3 on The Way?

Just before the start of the show Sony announced the PS3 Slim at Germany's Gamer Convention (GC).

Earlier Tuesday, jumped the gun on the announcement and accidentally posted an ad on

its home page that revealed a price cut to the "old" 80GB and 160GB PS3s to $299 and $399 respectively

and hinted at the impending arrival of the new PS3 Slim. The Slim is hitting stores the first week in September.

It has the same features and functions as the "old" PS3 but is 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter,

and comes with a 120 GB hard drive.

Sears is the only site that i could find with the live page with a Pre-sell.
Is Aaron suddenly in the market for a PS3?
TomsHardWare ScreenShot

*Side note*: Game Stop told me the other day that the XBOX360 Elite cut a price cut to $299.99
From $399.99. Both the XB Elite and PS3 Slim have 120G HDs. I'm sure the price drop
was microsoft's way of keeping the price competitive.

Ridiculous Game of the Week
What do you get when Axe Body spray makes a video game? You get a Hard-Core, Extreme Version of Pogo Sticking
aptly titled PogoXtreme! Complete with bad-ass motocross named tricks and bouncing on cars and tanks and flipping them.
And if that wasn't enough for you to sign up to play the game there's actually a trick called "double pits to chesty"
where you do a flip and mid-air remove your shirt and bust out the ol' Axe Body spray and... that's right,
spray your pits mid flight. Oh and the sound track rocks!!!



District 9 Round-table Reviews

Wiki Link for info purposes during the show


The fastest cars you can buy under $50,000

Forbes' Hanna Elliot used Kelley Blue Book data to identify vehicles currently sold in the U.S. that cost less than $50,000 but have quick zero-to-60-mph times. She then pared down the list to the top 10 fastest under $50K.
The Top 3 Are:

The $46,325 Ford Mustang GT500 tops the list with a blistering zero-to-60 time of 4.3 seconds.

Close behind, the $31,040 Chevrolet Camaro SS, hits 60 mph in 4.6 seconds.

BMW's $36,675 135i coupe comes in third.



Lexus IS 350 $37,580

Porsche Boxster $47,550

Mercedes SLK350 $50,950

The article discussed car makers ability to create speed:
Certain kinds of engines provide a speed advantage, as well. Turbocharged engines, for example, force more air into an engine's chambers than usual in order to push the pistons downward faster. This helps increase displacement while using less fuel. A turbo-boosted V6 engine uses less gas than — but achieves the same power as — a V8.
The Ford Flex crossover, for instance, uses a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine that gets 355 horsepower and 350 ft.-lb. of torque. That configuration improves fuel economy by 10 percent to 15 percent over a V8 in the same class with no sacrifice in speed.



Hitting the wrong Sydney..

A kangaroo is pictured in Australia in February 2009. Wildlife ...

Fri Aug 14, 1:43 pm ET

SYDNEY (Reuters) –

A Dutchman and his grandson boarded a flight to Sydney,

looking forward to visiting sunny Australia, but ended up in a much chillier Sydney

-- in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Joannes Rutten, 71, and his 15-year-old grandson Nick booked the trip

through a Dutch travel agency with plans to visit family living in Wollongong and Tallong,

south of Sydney, according to local newspaper the Illawarra Mercury.

They set out from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport with Air Canada on Saturday

but instead of arriving to views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House,

they touched down at Sydney in Cape Breton Island, off Canada's north east coast

-- more than 17,000 kms (10,000 miles) away from their intended destination.

Air Canada organized hotel rooms in the wrong Sydney,

a former mining town with high unemployment and a population of about 26,000,

until they could arrange flights on to the right Sydney,

which boasts sun-kissed beaches and 4 million people.

They finally arrived in Australia on Wednesday.

"I think it was quite an adventure for the 15-year-old.

They're not seasoned travelers. Joannes was absolutely exhausted when he arrived,

" Rutten's cousin, Yvonne Wallace, from Wollongong, told the newspaper.

Clare MacDougall, who works for Air Canada,

was at Sydney Airport (Nova Scotia) to meet the aircraft.

"When the door opened, the flight attendant said:

"You're not going to believe it but we have two people who

thought they were en route to Sydney, Australia,"" she told the Cape Breton Post newspaper.

"They arrived with no Canadian money -- they had all Australian money."

No one from Air Canada was immediately available to comment.

It is not the first time travelers have mixed up the Sydneys.

In August 2002, British tourists Raeoul Sebastian and Emma Nunn from London

spent their holiday in Nova Scotia after thinking they were flying to Australia.

Last year, Monique Rozanes Torres Aguero from Argentina flew into the wrong Sydney

for her vacation but decided to stay after befriending a local woman at the airport,

according to the Cape Breton Post.



Venice hotel mistake creates rush for 1 cent weekend


Sat Aug 15, 10:32 am ET

ROME (Reuters) –

Hundreds of holiday makers struck lucky

when they chanced upon a very special offer --

a mistake in a hotel booking system which offered a romantic four-star

weekend in Italy's lagoon city of Venice for 1 cent.

The offer, a tiny fraction of the Crowne Plaza Quarto D'Altino's normal rate

of up to 150 euros (130 pounds) a night, was quickly withdrawn when staff realised the mistake.

In just a few hours, some 1,400 nights had been booked under the tariff,

costing an estimated 90,000 euros for the hotel, part of the Intercontinental Hotels Group,

the world's largest chain, media reported.

Staff at the hotel, some 25 km (16 miles) outside Venice, declined to comment.





Court says Nazi slogan is legal in English

A German police officer stands beside a row of new police cars. ...


Fri Aug 14, 1:41 pm ET

BERLIN (Reuters) –

Nazis slogans banned in Germany may be legal if they are translated

from German into English, one of the country's highest courts has ruled.

The Federal Court of Justice said it had rescinded a conviction

against a man fined 4,200 euros ($5,993) for possessing 100 T-shirts

due for sale emblazoned with the words "Blood & Honor"

-- a translation of the Hitler Youth slogan "Blut und Ehre."

The display of Nazi symbols is forbidden in Germany,

but the court said the context of the original phrase

had been sufficiently distorted to render its usage legal.

"By translation into another language, the Nazi slogan,

which is characterized not just by its meaning but also by the German language

is fundamentally transformed," it said.

The court added, however, that the man could still be convicted of using

the English phrase "Blood & Honor" because it was also the name of a far-right

organization that is banned in Germany, but that the original verdict had not considered this.



Court: Mich. prison OK to stop man's kosher meals

A locked cellblock at a prison. Two prisoners escaped from a ...


Fri Aug 14, 1:40 pm ET

ST. LOUIS, Mich. –

A Michigan prison inmate who says

his kosher meals were illegally suspended

isn't getting any relief at a federal appeals court.

In 2005, convicted killer Phillip Berryman stopped receiving costly kosher meals

at St. Louis Correctional Facility after he was caught

buying non-kosher munchies at the prison store.

The 66-year-old Berryman said the snacks were for another inmate,

but that defense was rejected. He sued,

claiming his suspension from kosher meals was a burden on his religious liberties.

The appeals court this week said Michigan has a legitimate interest in maintaining

discipline and ensuring that only inmates with "sincere beliefs" participate in the kosher program.

Berryman, who is serving a life sentence, now is at a Michigan prison in Jackson.