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Tanked Ep.64 for Tuesday July 28 2009


- Beers
- Geo Caching Expidition (will have to splice that in post)
- Comic-Con 09 (Iron Man 2, Halo cartoon and basically admit it happend)

- Hiller will provide Comic-Con 10 feedback (a loose promise)


Studios Demand Court Shutter Pirate Bay

Hollywood is urging a Swedish court to shutter The Pirate Bay, the world’s most notorious BitTorrent tracker. The site’s four co-founders were convicted of facilitating copyright infringement.

“They’ve been sentenced to prison for criminal activities but haven’t stopped carrying out those activities,” Monique Wadstad, the lawyer for Disney, Universal, Warner Bros and Columbia Pictures told English-language Swedish media.

Pirate Bay administrators Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and Peter Sunde were found guilty in April of facilitating copyright infringement, along with Carl Lundström, who was accused of funding the five-year-old operation.

The April verdicts were on appeal amid allegations the judge who presided over the case was biased because he was a member of pro-copyright groups. That appeal was rejected, however, and the operators are expected to appeal the case on a host of other grounds, including contentions that the verdicts are unjustified because the site does not host copyrighted material and only points to it.

The defendants remain free from their one-year sentences, pending resolution of the appeals.

That said, it’s unclear whether an injunction is necessary.

Last month, software concern Global Gaming factory X AB agreed to purchase The Pirate Bay and turn it into a pay-for-play site. The deal was expected to close next month. But an attorney for the Swedish software maker said it might back out of the sale and an executive close to the deal said Tuesday he “doubts” the deal would close.

Zero Punctuation Reviews Red Faction Guerrilla

Watch Video and Discuss.
I have this game so I can give my $0.02.

Zero Punctuation: Red Faction Guerrilla Hiller reviews Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation Hibernation for iPhone The iPhone gaming market has, in it's short exsitence, taken itself way too seriously. With major developers actually expecting their pint sized versions of their multi-million selling console IPs to earn equal success at $9.99 per copy it's no surprise. Thankfully every now & then developers will throw out a unique $.99 tidbit to humble us jaded gamers. Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation Hibernation is just one of those games. Let me get it out of the way that this game is fucking ridiculous. You control a bear behind the wheel of an automobile out to eat and park his car in time for winter hibernation. Never mind that the graphic are painfully un-anti- aliased. Never mind that the bear can only use one really long hand to steer, shift, accelerate, eat and throw shit you accumulate out of your cockpit. EB2K: OH made me double over laughing at the sheer ludicrous task of navigating a one armed pixelated bear for much longer than I expected the $.99 purchase to do. I wouldn't say it's a must buy, but if you have a friend it's a definite must play. Drive safe. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet trailer We've been gone for a while and much has happened including this lil' beauty of a video game trailer. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is an upcoming PC game from artist Michele Gagné and FuelCell's Joel Olson based off of an animation Gagné did for Nickelodeon in 2005. The trailer shows a spacecraft interacting with a dark and (dare I say) insanely twisted world that evoke a kind of Solar Jetman meets Patapon vibe. The game's music will be provided by Norwegian metal staples Dimmu Borgir and it definitely fits the games amazing visuals and uniquely creepy setting. We'll have to wait and see whether this baby comes to Xbox Live Arcade & PSN in addition to its planned PC outing but it's definitely one to keep a big creepy mechanical eye on. HD trailer SCIENCE

astrobiotic technology sustainable design, green design, solar rover, moon, apollo, google, space

Solar-Powered Moon Rover to Explore Apollo Landing Site

Solar power doesn’t have to be limited to Earth-based gadgets — at least, not if Carnegie Mellon roboticist Dr. William Whittaker has anything to say about it. Whitaker and Astrobiotic Technology have teamed up to develop a solar rover prototype that will explore the Apollo moon landing site and find out how materials used in the mission have fared over all these years.

The rover, which has been entered in the competition for the $25 million Google Lunar X Prize, features two motors in the hub of each wheel, a flat radiator tilted up to the sky on one side, and a half-cone of solar generators on the other side to power the wheels, run computers, and beam stereo HD video back to us on Earth.

There’s just one problem left to figure out: how to protect the rover from minus 240 F lunar nights. The team is experimenting with different ways to package lithium ion batteries to be able to function after two weeks of exposure to air that is nearly as cold as liquid nitrogen. Stay tuned to find out the results of the team’s experiments when the solar rover lands on the Apollo moon site in 2011!

Escape to the Movies: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Need to DL the Video to use/ play on show
Interesting Assesment. Worth the 5.5 minute video.

Movie Bob reviews Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince AUTOS


Man survives 300 days with knife, pig

Link Did not make the show.

Man tries to fix airbed, blows up apartment

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German who tried to fix his leaky air mattress

blew up his apartment instead,

the fire brigade in the western city of Duesseldorf said Wednesday.

The 45-year-old man used tire repair solvent to plug a hole in his airbed

and left it overnight.

But it blew up when he went to inflate it the next day.

"A spark from the electric air pump ignited it," a fire brigade spokesman said.

The blast pushed his living room wall into the building's stairwell

and caused extensive damage to walls, windows and furniture.

Fire fighters evacuated the 12-apartment building

and a neighboring housing block while they checked for structural damage.

The man suffered burns on his arms,

while a three-year-old girl suffered first degree burns.

Police catch underwear thief


BERLIN (Reuters) – German police uncovered over 1,000 pairs of underpants

and more than 100 pairs of swimming trunks

after catching a thief nabbing another three pairs for his collection.

The 46-year-old man was caught Sunday pinching three pairs of pants

from a sports hall in the western town of Gelnhausen.

Police then came across the enormous collection of underwear while searching his flat.

"They were all evidently in use, but had been washed and neatly stacked away,"

a police spokesman said Monday.

Police are now investigating where all the underwear came from.

The suspect claims to have acquired then from car-boot sales and over the Internet.

Hawks deliver go-away message to Canada Post

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) – Two nesting hawks

have managed to do what Canada's blizzards usually can't -- halt delivery of the mail

to a few dozen homes in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Canada Post said it stopped delivering to 54 Moose Jaw homes

after hawks swooped down on a letter carrier and after a supervisor

who came in to inspect the area had to dive for cover.

Later, another carrier was attacked two blocks away.

Mischelle Read, who lives on one of two blocks affected by the mail stoppage,

saw the hawk swoop at a letter carrier in May before mail delivery stopped.

"It was a 'get-out-of-my-area type of a dive' clearly directed at (the letter carrier)," Read said.

But Read, who now picks up her mail at the post office, said her children continue to play outside.

"It's not worrying me," she said.

Canada Post spokeswoman Sandra Sobko said the mail typically goes out even during blizzards,

although Canada Post does halt delivery to specific addresses when dogs,

wasps or other hazards threaten its carriers.

The Moose Jaw shutdown started in May and will last until the hawks leave their nest,

she said.