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Tanked Ep.62 for Tuesday July 14 2009


- Beers
-We'll be off next week but we are having a Tanked Take-over from Overloaded on Ep.63
with a pilot show Produced by Tanked Productions. Surprise Bitches!
-Ep. 64 Live at the Riffle River Campfest

oh look it's Tuesday and we have no topics.


Re-Rumor: Apple Tablet Coming in October,-
Priced at $800

Yep the App Tab is back in the news again. The China Times is now reporting that the endlessly-
rumored Apple tablet isn't just coming somedaya fair bet—it's coming soon. It'll land in October,
to be exact, when we should expect to pay around $800 for it. The story of the Apple tablet has been
one of hearsay and gossip from the start, and this report, despite coming from a respectable
newspaper, is no different.

Can't choose Between Google and Bing?
Use Both!
Compare Bing & Google results
Bing vs Google

Should a Shorter Video Game Be Less Expensive?
Hmmm. Interesting.

Stefan Erikson (Ferarri crash dude) goes back to jail in Sweden


Graphene A

New wonder material, one-atom thick, has scientists abuzz

Imagine a carbon sheet that's only one atom thick but is stronger than diamond and conducts electricity 100 times faster than the silicon in computer chips. That's graphene, the latest wonder material coming out of science laboratories around the world. It's creating tremendous buzz among physicists, chemists and electronic engineers.


Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern

Green_Lantern.jpg Green Lantern image by wonder_lick
Is Ryan Reynolds the proper choice to play Green Lantern? Should they even make a movie out of the Green Lantern? Discuss.




Bride's bouquet crashes plane in Italy (not in show)

ROME – A romantic wedding in the Tuscan countryside ended with injuries

after an attempt to launch the bride's bouquet from a plane brought down the tiny aircraft.

Italian police say two people were hurt in the crash of the ultralight plane

after the bridal bouquet they launched got caught in the aircraft's rear rotor.

The flowers blocked the engine, bringing the plane down by a youth hostel.

Police in the nearby town of Piombino said Tuesday the pilot was lightly injured in Saturday's crash,

while the passenger who threw the bouquet had several broken bones.

The bride and groom were not aboard the plane.


Berlin "sex academy" offers tips for visitors

BERLIN (Reuters) – Wannabe Latin lovers can improve their technique by playing with the erogenous zones

of naked mannequins at a new interactive exhibition that has now opened in Berlin.

The "Amora sex academy" that opened in Berlin on Thursday welcomes visitors with the wry slogan,

"Finally -- an exhibition for those who always have to touch everything."

More than 50 interactive displays guide visitors through the intimate areas of the male and female bodies,

offering helpful tips on everything from striptease to oral sex and how to achieve a perfect orgasm.

"A lot of couples come in here together to learn something," said Uta Barkow,

the manager of the Beate Uhse sex chain which is hosting the academy.

"It's been very well received so far. A lot of exhibits have that 'aha' effect on a lot of people."

The show features several life-sized plastic models, naked and in various positions.

One female mannequin light ups when touched in the right spot.

A voice shrieks "That's it!" when the visitor manages to put his finger on the elusive G-spot.

Next to it is what the museum called its "Spank-o-meter."

It measures the level of pleasure a mannequin receives when spanked with a leather whip.

"So far we've had just as many women in here as men," Barkow said.

"Women coming in tend to have fewer inhibitions while the men tend to be a bit more embarassed."

The museum also shows film clips of various sexual positions,

including the "Italian chandelier" that the viewer learns can burn up to 920 calories per hour.

Founded by Frenchman Johan Rizki, the sex academy opened in London earlier this year and is also due to come to Barcelona.

Yahoo Video

Italian Chandelier


Lawmaker: Michigan map isn't complete without U.P.

LANSING, Mich. – There's more to Michigan than the mitten.

That's only the Lower Peninsula. To make sure the Upper Peninsula is not forgotten,

state lawmaker Michael Lahti proposed legislation requiring that both be included on official publications

that include an image or map. A state House committee unanimously approved the measure Tuesday.

The U.P. has nearly one-third of Michigan's land area but just 3 percent of its population.

Some "Yoopers," as residents call themselves, felt slighted last year when a state-sponsored tourism commercial

only showed the more populous Lower Peninsula. The television ad was later fixed.

People have also seen maps elsewhere that show the U.P. as part of Wisconsin or Canada — or not at all.



Canadian boy floats unharmed down river on toy truck

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) – A Canadian boy celebrating his third birthday

was unhurt and apparently unfazed after he floated 12 km (7.8 miles) down a river riding atop his toy truck,

police said on Monday.

The boy's family was camping at a popular park near Fort St. John, in northeastern British Columbia,

on Sunday when the boy wandered off unnoticed and somehow entered the nearby Peace River, Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.

The boy's parents at first thought he was playing with other relatives at the campsite. But police were later alerted and had begun a search when a boater found the boy, and the toy, about 12 km away.

After a nearly two-hour journey down the swift-moving river the boy had no injuries, and was apparently unaware of the danger he had been in.

"He was very excited to see the police," said RCMP Constable Jackelynn Passarell.

A local news report said the boy also made sure the boater who found him also retrieved the toy truck.



Man arrested with panties hanging from pants

ATHENS, Tenn. – A man has been charged with public intoxication after authorities said

he was walking along Highway 11 with a pair of panties hanging out from his unzipped pants.

According to The Daily Post-Athenian, 31-year-old man told deputies he had been at a pool

and stole them from a nearby home early Sunday.

A search revealed the man had stuffed some 40 pairs of female undergarments into his pants,

although he had thrown most of them to the ground as a deputy approached.

The owner of the garments declined to prosecute but the man was arrested on a charge of public intoxication.