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Tanked Ep.60 for Tuesday June 30 2009


- Beers
- Welcome Back Chris & Aaron
- Again Congrats to Chris & Yael

YouTube - Billy Mays calls out Vince Offer

Friday funeral in Pa. for TV pitchman Billy Mays

According to the Washington Post the funeral for Legendary Pitchman Billy Mays will be held in his childhood home of McKees Rocks, a small suburb of Pittsburgh.
It will be held at St. Mary's Church at 9:30am. Billy, a legend in the Pitch world and true master of the Tanked Universe will be missed. Doctors have speculated that he passed as a result of a heart attack, although those tests have yet to be confirmed. He is survived by his wife and son.

Washington Post


Mushroom Networks Unveils Second Generation Wireless Broadband Bonding Delivering the World’s Fastest Cellular-Based Internet Connection

Mushroom Networks, Inc., innovators of Broadband Bonding™ technology, today announced the second generation of their wireless Broadband Bonding appliance called PortaBella. Targeting the SMB and enterprise markets along with verticals such as news-gathering agencies, mobile TV broadcasting, military, and emergency response, transportation, point-of-sale kiosk and digital signage connectivity - PortaBella combines up to four cellular data cards from multiple providers into a single high-speed shared connection. For example: utilize the full bandwidth of a Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile data cards (or any other carrier) fused together to access the Internet or stream video with low latency with four times the speed of a single cellular air-card.

PortaBella is now shipping and caters to markets demanding fast, reliable and secure portable Internet access such as:

  • News-gathering agencies (DNG / ENG crews, outside broadcasting trucks)
  • Mobile TV broadcasting
  • CCTV
  • Security and remote monitoring video cameras (business and consumer)
  • Transportation and specialty vehicles (buses, trains, taxis, limousines)
  • Maritime (commercial, private, and military)
  • Point of sale / information kiosks (Internet kiosks, banks, gas stations, digital signage)
  • Government agencies (FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, Office of National Capital Region Coordination – NCRC, and Department of Emergency Response)
  • Temporary Offices (construction trailers, portable tent offices, unconnected commercial offices)
  • Cellular backhaul to WIFI hotspots

Business Wire

Pirate Bay sold
Popular and relentlessly sued Swedish based torrent site The Pirate Bay is packing it in. Gaming company Global Gaming Factory X (snazzy streamlined name for a company) is aquiring TPB for $7.8m in efforts to launch (gasp) new business models to pay up to owners of content and copyright owners. GGFX is also picking up file sharing company Peerialism to deliver a Napster-esque blow to fun on the internet. Ownership is to change in August of 2009.



Invisibility Cloaks May Shield Buildings From Earthquakes


We all know that invisibility cloaks can protect Harry Potter from Filch and his cat Mrs. Norris, but now physicists in France and the UK say they may be used to hide buildings from the devastating effects of earthquakes as well. Sound like fiction? It’s not! Stefan Enoch and his team at the Fresnel Institute in Marseilles, France have been studying other applications for the physics behind invisibility cloaks. The result of their research is an “earthquake cloak” that could render objects “invisible” to shocks, storm waves or tsunamis. And they aren’t even Level 8 mages!

The conceptual cloak will be made up of several large, concentric plastic rings affixed to the Earth’s surface. In order for the destructive surface waves to pass smoothly into the plastic, the stiffness and elasticity of the rings must be very closely controlled. The waves that travel through the cloak are compressed into minuscule fluctuations in pressure and density and are able to travel along the fastest path available. The path can be molded into an arc that directs surface waves away from objects inside the cloak by tweaking the characteristics of the plastic. As soon as the waves exit the cloak, they return to their original, larger size.

Although the magical rings could render buildings “invisible” to earthquakes, it is possible to make the cloak itself invisible as well. Guenneau suggests that the structures could be built right into the foundation of the building itself. In terms of size, in order to protect a building 10 meters across, each ring would need to be about 1 to 10 meters in diameter and 10 centimeters thick.



Transformers 2: Revenge at the Box Office.

This weekend Robots ruled the box office as the highly-anticipated action sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen generated the second biggest opening in history with a gargantuan $201.2M in its first five days. The eye-popping figure included $112M over the traditional Friday-to-Sunday period plus an additional $89.2M since its Wednesday launch. Playing ultrawide in 4,234 theaters including 169 IMAX screens, the Paramount release averaged a stunning $26,453 over the Friday-to-Sunday period and a gigantic $47,531 over five days.

The only other film to ever gross more in its first five days was last summer's The Dark Knight which hauled in a slightly better $203.8M from 4,366 venues. The first Transformers bowed to $155.4M in 6.5 days and needed 12.5 days to break the double-century mark on its way to a $319.2M finish.

Review and thoughs on the what I though was a bad Sequal.


College student tries to steal jail computer

Associated Press

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (AP) -- Western Michigan University student

William K. Bradley was sentenced for larceny in a building.

He stole a computer. From the Kalamazoo County jail.

Where he already was serving a sentence in a different case.

Kalamazoo County Circuit Judge Gary Giguere Jr. sentenced Bradley on Monday,

telling the Kalamazoo resident his jailhouse theft was

"the dumbest crime I've heard today" and "may be in the top half-dozen in my career."

Bradley, who has racked up six felonies and four misdemeanors by the age of 25,

agreed with the judge, saying, "I'm not the best criminal."

Bradley asked for home arrest, but Giguere instead ordered him back to jail for six months.

Western spokeswoman Cheryl Roland tells the Kalamazoo Gazette Bradley is a sophomore at the university.






Man allegedly drenches wife with hose for smoking

Associated Press


JENSEN BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- Authorities said a man has been charged

with domestic battery after he drenched his wife with a garden hose

and elbowed her for smoking in the house.

An arrest report shows that the 51-year-old husband was charged Saturday.

Police said the couple began arguing when the wife began smoking a cigarette in their home.

When the victim picked up the phone and began calling a friend,

authorities said the husband believed she was trying to call police

and elbowed her in the mouth during a struggle to grab the phone.

The woman was soaked with water when deputies arrived.

The husband told deputies he had been watering the grass and did not intend to spray her.

The man was taken to the Martin County Jail and released after posting bond.


Boy, 2, has pack-a-day habit


TIANJIN, China, June 30 (UPI) --

The parents of a 2-year-old in China

who smokes at least a pack of cigarettes a day

say they are seeking advice to help the toddler quit.


Toddler Tong Liangliang of Tianjin, China,

was allowed to begin smoking by his father

more than a year ago to help control pain from a hernia

with which he was born, but his parents say the toddler's habit

has gotten out of control, China Radio International reported Tuesday.

The boy's father said he made the decision because the toddler

is too young to have an operation to correct the hernia.

However, the parents told the Bohai Morning Post

Liangliang's habit has gotten out of control

and they are seeking methods of helping the toddler quit.