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Tanked Ep.59 for Tuesday June 23 2009


- Beers
- We are outside today
- RSS Feed Messed Up - Re-DL Ep. 58 if you experienced problems
- Mention that we are doing a Live Ustream
- Our Life with Bing. Anymore Eels?
- Congrats to Chris and Yael.

Tonight' sidekick Ed McMahon dies in LA at 86

Tue Jun 23, 6:00 AM PDT

Ed McMahon, the loyal "Tonight Show" sidekick who bolstered boss Johnny Carson with guffaws and a resounding "H-e-e-e-e-e-ere's Johnny!" for 30 years, died early Tuesday. He was 86.

McMahon died shortly after midnight at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center surrounded by his wife, Pam, and other family members, said his publicist, Howard Bragman.

Bragman didn't give a cause of death, saying only that McMahon had a "multitude of health problems the last few months."

McMahon had bone cancer, among other illnesses, according to a person close to the entertainer, and had been hospitalized for several weeks.

McMahon and Carson had worked together for nearly five years on the game show "Who Do You Trust?" when Carson took over NBC's late-night show from Jack Paar in October 1962. McMahon played second banana on "Tonight" until Carson retired in 1992.

"You can't imagine hooking up with a guy like Carson," McMahon said an interview with The Associated Press in 1993. "There's the old phrase, hook your wagon to a star. I hitched my wagon to a great star."

McMahon, who never failed to laugh at his Carson's quips, kept his supporting role in perspective.

"It's like a pitcher who has a favorite catcher," he said. "The pitcher gets a little help from the catcher, but the pitcher's got to throw the ball. Well, Johnny Carson had to throw the ball, but I could give him a little help."

Tue Jun 23, 6:00 AM PDT


Steve Jobs returns to Apple



Apple CEO Steve Jobs apparently returned to Apple on Monday.

Jobs was seen at the Cupertino, Calif., headquarters by a Reuters reporter and by

employees, who confirmed seeing Jobs to CNBC.

Of course, there is no way to know whether Jobs started working again or merely

stopped by the campus before his scheduled return next week.

Over the weekend, speculation on Jobs' health escalated as a Wall Street Journal

report surfaced of a liver transplant in Tennessee two months ago. Apple continued

its normal terse response on his health, telling the Journal that Jobs "continues to

look forward to returning at the end of June, and there's nothing further to say."

iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update

When you get the new iPhone 3.0 Software Update for iPod touch, you get new features that make watching video, playing games, and listening to music even more fun.

Ok, I forked over the $10 and updated and the jury is still out. I can tell you that the Shake Shuffle feature is a huge pain in the ass. I have no need to cut and past on my ipod... I use it for games, and music... maybe a little web browsing, not a whole lot else, so a lot of these features are really great for iPhone users, but as for a touch user, I don't see the need for things like Cut, Copy and Paste and the landscrape keyboard. The neat features that I really like, you can buy movies and videos like you could by apps before, peer to peer gaming... maybe cool, stereo bluetooth (if I had a bluetooth stereo setup). Other features that people might be interested in...Auto Wifi Login, Parental Controls, Faster Safari, the ability to get over 40 different languages and keyboard setups, and spotlight allows you to search through your entire ipod (contacts, music, movies, emials, all of it).

Apple Updates


Microsoft looks to give MSN fresh wings


Although most of the discussion of Microsoft's online business has been around Bing, its new search engine, Microsoft is also working on a fall revamp for MSN, its decade-old portal site. Though often overlooked by Microsoft watchers, the MSN portal remains critically important to Microsoft's online business. Its home page is the crown jewel of its display ad business and MSN is also responsible for about half of the company's Internet search traffic. And, despite the notion that portals are passe, Microsoft says its research shows that 37 percent of Internet users still rely on a portal as an important source of information.

One of the areas that Microsoft continues to tinker with is just how much to personalize the site. MSN is relying on Microsoft's software algorithms and machine learning to do "clustering" of content based on a user's demographics. As well as trying to use software, rather than humans, to help choose which stories get placed where on MSN. Instead of having its editors update the pages four times a day, the revamped MSN will see things shifting nearly constantly based on the data the company is getting back on which stories are clicking with users.

At the end of the day, MSN Vice president Erik Jorgensen hopes to create a site that has more software know-how than Yahoo and is more human than Google. Some of the MSN changes are already being tested in various parts of the world. In France, for example, the software maker is testing the new user interface with fewer channels and more prominent video (see image at top of post). In Brazil, a far more radical remake of MSN features a social media bar where people can drag videos to share them with their circle of friends (see image at bottom of post).



Selene's Final Approach Before Crashing Into the Moon


The Selene lunar probe has captured amazing footage of the surface of the moon, but on June 11th it finally crashed into the surface. This is a reconstruction of its final approach, based on flight data. [JAXA via Pink Tentacle]



Interview: Transformers' Shia LaBeouf on games he loves

I am a huge transformers fan and in light of the release of Revenge of the Fallen, or The movie that shall not be named, I saw this interview that Big DL did with him on the 18th. He is a big gamer and it was interesting to hear his thoughts on Comparing NBA Jam to Madden and his true feelings on the Wii... I thought it was interesting and should def. be checked out. Besides he talks about Megan Fox as a gamer and that is really hot!

Big Download
Transformers 2 opens at midnight. I already have my tickets and I'll be there. As in T1 the effects look amazing. However will the story line be as disaponting? I hope they did it right and all we get is Big Alien robots kicking the living shit out of 1 another. Thats what I want.
First Pic of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter from Tim Burtons "Alice in Wonderland" creepy much?



Retired police officer puts suspect in sleeper hold to stop bank heist at Calif. grocery store



MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (AP) -- Cyndi Orel worked as a police officer for 25 years and never caught a bank robber. She was apparently saving that hobby for retirement. The retired Long Beach police officer foiled a bank robbery at a grocery store Saturday when she put a 220-pound bank robber in a chokehold until he passed out. Orel is about 5 feet 7 inches and 128 pounds

"I never caught a bank robber," Orel said Monday at press conference held by the Orange County sheriff's office. "This was pretty exciting just because of the nature. You don't have time to think about it. You just react."

Orel was at the Mission Viejo Albertsons store when a bank employee shouted that a man with a gun was trying to rob the branch. As another shopper scuffled with the robber, Orel put a sleeper hold on him, blocking blood to his brain and making him pass out twice. Later, they discovered the man did not have a gun.

Orel credited the man who helped subdue the robber, but sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said she was "being modest because if it wasn't for the control hold that she placed on him he would not have been rendered unconscious."

Orel said she learned the move at the police academy 28 years earlier, and only used it a few times during her years on patrol. She retired in 2006 but said she keeps active by running laps and lifting small weights.

Milwaukee man accused of driving drunk on a highway in a golf cart

RICHFIELD, Wis. (AP) -- A South Milwaukee man was accused of driving drunk after trying to use a golf cart to drive home nearly 40 miles away from the golf course where he had been drinking beer. The Washington County Sheriff's Department said in a release Monday that the 47-year-old man told deputies his relatives had left him behind at the Kettle Hills Golf Course in Richfield Saturday.

So, he got in a golf cart and headed for home on Highway 167.

Someone called the sheriff's department to report an intoxicated man on a golf cart driving on the highway. Deputies caught up with the man about a mile from the golf course.

He told investigators he had consumed 10 beers, but didn't think he was intoxicated.