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Tanked Ep.54 for Tuesday May 19 2009



- Jason is on the show and talks with us about how to make OSX run on a WinTel.

- Beers

- Hiller bachelor party recap (Guys, oh Jesus...)

- One thing Scott didn't like about Star Trek. Forgot to mention it last week.

- We should make the "apartently" word a sin word... Take one Drink or one Shot

- Word on the street is that Windows 7 is going to have higher prices than vista. WTF

- Fuck Facebook.

- Fringe Season Finale. *Discuss







Judge orders a stop to auto warranty robo-calls

If you're like me then nothing irritates you more in life than solicitors calling you, especially auto dialing solicitors

with no regard for what time of day they reach you at. So it is my pleasure to inform you that on Friday, federal

judge John F. Grady issued temporary restraining orders against Transcontinental Warranty Inc. and Voice Touch Inc.

in efforts to disconnect the people responsible for the recent surge of robo-dialing auto warranty calls you may have

been receiving as of late. Officials say that Americans have received 1 billion random prerecorded phone calls from

these companies and Grady's orders have also effectively freeze their assets as well. Thank you very much Mr. Grady.



Napster Relaunching, Again: $5 per Month

Streaming Plus Five Free Downloads

Starting Monday night, Napster will unleash its new $5 per month deal that gives subscribers

unlimited, on-demand streaming access to Napster's full library of music stuffed with 7

million tracks from major and independent publishers. To sweeten the deal,

Best Buy's music service will even let you keep up to five unrestricted "CD quality"

MP3 tracks each month.


Napster users can now:
• Get five MP3s each month to download, with their choice of songs from the Napster MP3 library that covers all types of music from all the major labels and includes the largest catalog of independent artists available.
• Listen to any track, as often as they like, in CD quality from Napster's catalog of more than seven million songs.
• Choose from more than 60 commercial-free radio stations and more than 1,400 expertly programmed playlists.
• Discover new music and artists through personalized recommendation tools.
• Enjoy the top hits from more than 50 years of Billboard charts. Want to know what was popular when you graduated high school? Now you can.
• Play MP3s on any MP3 player, including iPod®, iPhone® and music-enabled MP3 mobile phones.


Jason Talks About His Hackintosh MacinGate Pro
This whole thing is Scott's fault. If he hadn't done it first on his Mac, the idea would never have entered my mind!
Well it was that, and my growing disgust with Microsoft and all the bullshit that goes along with their products.
I started here: this is the wiki home for the knowledge base that is OSx86.
I checked out my hardware to see if there any known compadibility issues. Unfortunately there are no documented cases of OS X being put
on my exact model. SO I had to search out my individual hardware pieces. I gave that up after about 5 minutes.
Next we torrented iAtkos v1i as well as iAtkos v5i and created the DVDs.

My first install was with v1i. It just wrecked my partitions, didnt install, I got a grey apple screen and nothing else. When I tried to bring Vista back... it was gone.

So I reformatted and put vista back on and did a little more research. I spent most of my time going back and forth between: and (you have to register to use uphuck, I highly recomend it, there is an unbelievealbe amount of knowledge there and I have found more answers to my questions there than anywhere else) I have since joined both sites and use their forums extensivly throught this whole process.

While searching for more information I found out the v1 was a waste of my time and v4i and v5i are more intuitive, user friendly and just easier.
v1i Disk is now taking up space in a landfill somewhere!


Install #2 was my first shot with v5i. I did a little reading up at, and found some explination of a few of the different install options on the disk.
But again... went in pretty blind and just winged it. CRASH & Burn.... same result.

Reinstalled Vista and spent a little more time in the forums before trying again.
Install #3 was my first install with the "Mickey Mouse Guide to install iAtkos" this can be found on (after logging in OSx86 > iATKOS > Mickey Mouse Guide...)
This guide saved my life. I get a thorough detail of all the install options and really gave me an understanding of what I needed to know to make it work for my system.
Like an idiot however I just attempted an install. In hindsight I should have written down every option I tried. So no dice on install #3.

Reinstalled Vista and went tried another install this time I wrote down everything so that when it failed I could go back to the forums with my errors and find some more answers.
Install #4 gave me an AHCI error.

Install #5 was my first successful install of OSX. I was able to boot in and use OSX, however I didnt have sound or networking/ internet capabilities. But OSX worked.
HOwever I couldnt get back to Vista...

Install #6 was the search for the dual boot as well as how to install "drivers" on OSX... my dual boot guide that worked the best for me came from:
That seems to be the best way to go about making the dual boot work.
Now I went back to a working Vista and could switch between either partition after a restart. This was also my first install with a tri- partitioned system. Partition 1 being Vista, 2 being OSX and the third was a storage. (Eventually a Time Machine Disk)

Drivers on a mac or called kexts or kernel extensions. my specific sound device is the Sigmatel 9205... which is a little tricky... no one has a perfected working kext for this device.
I tried kexts from a bunch of different places but I found my answer from:

This is a post installer for Dell systems that I tried on a whim, and found that it worked. The internet problem was not as easy. My hardware (Intel PRO/Wireless 3945) was completely inconpatible. So I went online and found the Atheros AR5006X Wireless Adapter. Better range and compatible with both Vista and OSX for $40. Internet and Sound SOLVED!

At this point I found that I wanted to do more with my MAC side and less with my Vista side and hadn't really left my self much room to play. (All installations to this piont have been MAC partition 30GB and Windows the rest (the Storage drive that started in I6 was 40GB))
Install #7 saw the end of the storage drive, that became part of my MAC partition so I was now going with a 70GB Mac partition and the rest Windows. I purchased a 80GB drive for my Time Machine Backups.
After I7 I found the Update Software feature in OSX... I naturally upgraded and of course, lost sound... I also hadn't quite gotten the hang of TM yet, so I tried to restore from TM backup. Well, I ended up having to reinstall OSX all over and start fresh... this time avoiding the OSX upgrade. I did a little more reseachin the forums and figured out how to work TM as well as how to restore my machine after I screw it up.

Install #8 is what I have been working on this afternoon. I am only giving myself 60GB on Vista and the rest to my MAC drive. I want to use OSX as my OS and keep Vista around only for emergencies and for a little gaming.

Biggest Tips and Tricks:
1. Make sure that Vista is completely updated before you try to install a dual boot. Something about the dual boot pisses off a Service pack update install.
2. Read READ READ READ.... everything you can get your hands on BEFORE you attempt any install. If I would have spent a little more time I could have saved myself 3 if not 4 installs.
3. Don't be surprised if it takes you as many or more installs to get things right, there is no exact science to this. Just because it worked for me, doesn't mean it will work for you.
4. TM is your best friend, get another hard drive and configure TM to work as soon as you get OSX up and running. The backups and changes you make can be recalled quickly and easily if and WHEN you screw up.
5. Dont get frustrated... the absolute wors case secenario you have to live with Vista and Microsoft until you can afford a real Mac.
6. Not all of your hardware will work straight away... my internal mic and webcam still don't work.
If you have any questions you can email me via the and I will get back to you.







Namco's Muscle March for Wii redefines WTF

Namco, the gaming company that brought us such greats as Pac-Man and Soul Calibur, is now showing us the next

shift in interactive weirdness. Muscle March Madness is a Wii Ware game that has just released in Japan. The game

follows a group of scantily clad, muscle bound men (and a bear) running at breakneck speeds through a city in a

single file line. These men will smash through buildings and walls all while trying their best to flex into poses that

the leader of the group demands. Guys, watch the video. This game is totally FUBAR.




Video Game Characters that Look Like Sex Offenders

At one time or another we've all seen at least one video game character that perhaps had ulterior motives.

Destructoid calls out a few of them.







Will Ferrell returns to SNL Celebrity Jeopardy

Will Ferrell reprised his famous role as Alex Trebek on SNL on Saturday. Kathy Lee Gifford, Tom Hanks, Sean Connery

and one Burt Reynold (aka. Turd Ferguson) make up the panel.



New Sherlock Holmes Trailer Hits

the Inter-webs





'Extremely Bored' runaway juror faces jail time

HILLSBORO, Ore. – A man who left jury duty after lunch because he was

"extremely bored" will be back at the courthouse Tuesday

to be arraigned on a charge of contempt of court.

A police report said officers found the 25-year-old man near his home

earlier this month and asked why he skipped out. He said he was bored,

and "just couldn't take it" anymore.

Washington County Judge Gayle Nachtigal issued a warrant for his arrest.

Though she wouldn't discuss the specific case, the judge said the maximum

penalty for missing jury duty is six months in jail. Penalties, however,

are generally waived if the person agrees to perform their civic duty.



Iowa man charged after allegedly eating bag of pot

IOWA CITY, Iowa – A man has been arrested in the Iowa City

area after police say he tried to eat a bag of marijuana to avoid drug charges.

University Heights police said the man was pulled over early Sunday

for a traffic violation. Police said the officers noticed a marijuana odor on his breath,

and a green, leafy substance on his shirt.

Police Chief Ron Fort said the officers then discovered the man had

a partially eaten plastic bag in his mouth. Fort said the suspect eventually gagged,

and a medium sized bag came out of his mouth.The man was charged with

preventing apprehension and obstructing prosecution and third-offense drug possession.




Police: Sweet-talker uses fake coin for ice cream

LYKENS, Pa. – Pennsylvania State Police are looking for a man

they say sweet-talked a shop owner into accepting a fake $20 coin

as payment for ice cream. Police said the man told the proprietor of

Willow Tree Ice Cream on Friday evening that the coin

was something the government has just begun issuing.

The shop is located about 25 miles northeast of Harrisburg in Dauphin County.

The suspect drove away in a teal-colored Dodge Caravan with Pennsylvania tags.

He's described as short and stocky with curly black hair.



Reporter guilty of killing fish with shampoo


COPENHAGEN - A Danish TV reporter has been convicted of animal cruelty

for killing 12 aquarium fish with shampoo for a consumer affairs show.

The Glostrup City Court says Lisbeth Koelster poured 0.3 fluid ounces of a shampoo

containing an anti-dandruff substance into a fish tank for a TV program in 2004.

The show on public service broadcaster DR was aimed to expose the toxicity of

chemicals used in some hair products. Three days later, 12 of the 13 guppies in the tank had died.

A veterinarian reported her to the police two days after the show aired,

but the case apparently didn't get any priority treatment and was only brought to court last week.

Tuesday's ruling said Koelster knew the fish would die because the experiment

was based on a similar laboratory test. The court didn't fine her, however,

saying her rights to a speedy trial had been violated.