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Tanked Ep.43 for Wednesday Mar. 4 2009

-No Cussing Week to be Launched in Los Angeles Area
- Beers


Nehalem comes to Mac Pros you cocksuckers


The much hyped Nehalem processors made their way into the latest quad & octo-core Mac Pros

that were unveiled on Tuesday. The new Apple processors speed up cache access with a single die

and tower architecture limit memory bottlenecks with integrated memory controller which claims a 40% reduction in latency. Tower accessibility keeps getting better as the Mac Pro progresses.
The new speed and functionality won't come cheap with 2.66GHz quad core starting at $2,499 and the 2.26GHz double-quad at $3,299. The real question is anyone willing to pony up $6,100 to max these guys out at 32GB of DDR3 RAM?
New iMacs, Mac Minis, Airport Extreme, Time Capsule, Safari4 beta and smaller keyboard released as well. apple

Researchers develop flying WiFi robots

for disaster relief

A group of academics is attempting to use flying "quadcopter" robots as a
means of deploying self-assembling ad-hoc wireless networks.

The group, led by Professor Andreas Mitschele of the Ilmenau University

of Technology, claims that they could be used in the event of disasters, when

standard infrastructure is destroyed.

he robots create a network of radios that provide both mobile-phone and standard

wireless network access that allow people in distress to call for help. And it's all

achieved using off-the-shelf parts.

The quadcopter comes in a kit costing only 300 euros, but the batteries are very

expensive [around 1,000 euros] and last only about 20 minutes of actual flight time.

Once it lands on a building the flying wifi copter can operate for several hours.


Taints be praised! A Boy And His Blob returns for Wii Nintendo Power (the longstanding magazine for Nintendo propaganda) gave it's readers a tease on an upcoming re-imagining of A Boy And His Blob. The classic NES game had a boy feeding his pet blob an array of jelly beans that would transform the blob into all sorts of crazy things. While a good premise the game kinda' sucked. Enter Contra 4 developers Wayforward to bring an update of the series for the Nintendo Wii. The series remains 2D with pleasantly cartoony graphics and the boy (not content with just changing his blob into ladders, trampolines, etc.) can fashion his blob into weapons. Wonder if Wayward will bring spread shot from Contra 4. nintedo power
Nintendo Releases Details on the
upcoming Excitebot: Trick Racing

Nintendo details Excitebots: Trick Racing

Unlike its predecessor Excite Truck, which featured normal trucks to race, Excitebots

will see players riding in vehicles modeled after insects and animals. This includes

robotic racer versions of turtles, frogs, ladybugs, grasshoppers, and more. You can

even collect power-ups that will allow you to run around on two/four legs.

Aside from the new look, it appears that the game will play much like Excite Truck.

Tilts controls will make a return, as will ground deformation. Once again, whether

or not you win a competition will depend on a combination of the tricks you pull

off and where you finish in the actual race.

Excitebots: Trick Racing will be hitting the Nintendo Wii on April 20.

Ars Technica


Holy shit, Earth almost hit by fucking asteroid! Graphic
Tuesday morning at 12:40am an asteroid passed the Earth 60,000 kilometers above the south- west Pacific. Scientists guess that the asteroid was 30x50 meters and passed the Earth approx seven times closer than the moon (that's roughly 2 times the altitude of our orbiting satellites). Rob McNaught of the Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran (wherever the hell that is) claimed that the asteroid became so bright as it approached Earth that he "could actually observe it though the cloud. sydney morning herald
Sir Nate The Homie Gets Freaked Out By 2012


Ford reopens auto plant to shit out new goddamn engines

In a move that mirrors GM's recent production woes, Ford has reopened one of it's Cleveland Engine Plant to produce the 3.5L EcoBoost V6. The advanced V6 engine is to be used in the Lincoln MKS & MKT, Ford Flex and 2010 Taurus SHO. The auto maker has invested $55 billion into the 58-year-old plant and is staffing it with 250 existing employees to build the new engines. autoblog


Saginaw man gets sucked at the motherfucking car wash
Jason L. Savage pleaded no contest to indecent exposure for being involved with a lewd sexual act at a car wash in Saginaw, MI. Turns out that Savage was using a vacuum tube to arouse himself. Savage, 29, was spotted by a resident doing "something suspicious." The resident then alerted the Saginaw police who caught him in the act.


No Cussing Week to be Launched
in Los Angeles Area
The Los Angeles County will launch "No Cussing Week" later this week in
recognition of a high school sophomore's campaign against profanity.

McKay Hatch, who founded the No Cussing Club two years ago

as a middle school student in Pasadena, will receive a "scroll" honoring his


Hatch's No Cussing Club has gained media attention and made him the

target of profane and threatening e-mails.

Apparently he has written a book titled "The No Cussing Club:

How I Fought Peer Pressure and How You Can Too."

"It's not about forcing anyone to stop, just to bring awareness,"

he said. "If you can do a week without cussing, maybe you can do

two weeks. And then maybe a month."

"No Cussing Week" is scheduled to officially begin Tuesday,

according to city officials.


Man uses debit card to buy drink in alleged holdup

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Would-be robbers take note:

Don't use your debit card during a holdup. A West Virginia man

who police say attempted to rob a convenience store instead

ended up buying a soft drink with his debit card —

ultimately leading to his arrest.

Shawn Thomas Lester, 33, told the store clerk Monday he had a gun

and wanted all the money in the register, police said.

But the suspect got flustered when a customer walked in

and the clerk told him to pay for the soft drink.

Lester handed over his debit card, then signed the receipt "John Doe"

and left without any cash.

Police traced the debit card and found Lester, of Charleston.

He told police he was only joking when he said he had a gun and demanded money.

He was charged with armed robbery in Kanawha County, according to a criminal complaint.

It was not clear whether Lester had an attorney. His phone number was unlisted.



Man trying to save spot for wife gets run over

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. – Authorities said a man intentionally

ran over another man who was trying to save a parking spot

at a gas station on Monday. The Lee County Sheriff's Office

reported that the victim was standing in a spot to reserve it for his wife

at the Murphy USA gas station.

The man saving the spot told deputies that he held up his hands

when another man pulled up to the line, but the man drove forward and hit him in the knees.

When the victim yelled at the man to stop,

authorities said the suspect pulled forward and hit the man again,

causing bruising and swelling. Other witnesses backed up the victim's story.

The suspect was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery.