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Tanked Ep.40 for Wednesday Feb. 11 2009

-Episode 40 bitches!!!
-Listners send us a Tanked remix .mp3 we pick best one.
Winner gets my copy of the skunkape resurch field guide (arrg)


Psystar Wins Legal Round With Apple!!!
A federal judge last week ruled that Psystar Corp. can continue its countersuit against
Apple Inc., giving the Mac clone maker a rare win in its seven-month-old battle with Apple.

He also hinted that if Psystar proves its allegations, others may then be free to sell computers

with Mac OS X already installed.

In an order signed on Friday, U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup gave Psystar the go-ahead

to amend its lawsuit against Apple. According to Alsup, Psystar may change that countersuit,

which originally accused Apple of breaking antitrust laws, to instead ague that Apple has

stretched copyright laws by tying the Mac operating system to its hardware.

Psystar has a week to submit its altered counterclaims, after which Apple must answer within 20

days. Alsup also told the two parties to get to work. "Both sides should be taking discovery and

preparing themselves for trial and/or summary judgment," the judge concluded.

The case is currently scheduled to begin trial on Nov. 9.



Sony Has Introduced a New Piece of Shit...
According to The Onion.

The Sony INTw250 web tv high speed linkup
The Onion reminds us that not all personal electronic devices are worth buying.
This definatly plays on the comonality of the frustration of some gadgets.
if you have ever cursed at a gadget then you need to watch this video.
The Onion

LHC restart delayed again until September

CMS detectorend2007.jpg

LHC operations were suspended last September after a transformer malfunction in
its cooling system allowed a helium leak--just nine days after the controversial project
became operational. An investigation concluded that the malfunction was caused by a
faulty electrical connection between two of the accelerator's magnets.
The delay is the latest in a string of restart dates CERN has announced. CERN had originally
expected to have the LHC back online at the beginning of April, following CERN's annual
maintenance period. But that target was revised last November to June. Later that month,
CERN's head of communications, James Gillies, told ZDNet UK that the new plan was to
restart the LHC in late summer.
Now The Large Hadron Collider could be restarted at the end of September--a year after
the world's largest particle accelerator was knocked off line by an electrical malfunction.

Marvel Comics Coming to iTunes
Earlier this week at New York ComicCon, Marvel announced their intention to sell "In-Motion"
comic books through the iTunes Store. According to Marvel, the In-Motion comics go beyond
the paperback books with animated panels and voice-over work from popular actors. Sounds
like something that could be a lot of fun on an iPod touch or iPhone.


Street Fighter 3D contest & HD classic game wallpapers abound

In a feat that makes me want more from my current video game consoles, Game Artisans held a 3D bust contest showcasing the forum's Street Fighter sculpting skills. The gallery has some amazing stuff including remarkable 3D busts of Blanka & Adon along with a "this kicks the ass of the full renders from Resident Evil: Degeneration" full figure of Guile. kotaku


Hovering to the rescue:

The remote-controlled flying stretcher

How It Works.jpg

A remote-controlled 'flying stretcher' that can rescue accident victims and bring

them to hospital is being developed by scientists. The high-tech invention can

take off and land vertically, hover and climb to 10,000 feet. The beetle-shaped

vehicle also has four wheels to enable it to cross rough terrain.

Each 'stretcher' can hold up to four patients plus an on-board medic and has enough

power to stay airborne for up to three hours.


Conan has on-air meltdown over boron
After a faulty write up in the New York Times gave some incorrect info on Boron (our fifth element) it triggers an on-air meltdown from Conan O'brien wired via


Man runs out of gas after robbing gas station


CAPE HAZE, Fla. – Authorities said they arrested a man who apparently forgot to fill up when he was robbing a gas station. The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office said a 23-year-old man used a Bowie knife to rob a Cape Haze gas station early Sunday. Deputies said the man pulled the 12-inch blade and demanded money. But when he left, a customer followed him and called 911.

While deputies were looking for signs of the robber, a newspaper carrier told them that a man in a car matching the one from the robbery had run out of gas nearby.

The man was arrested several hours after the robbery and charged with robbery with a weapon and loitering/prowling. He was released Monday on $10,500 bail.


1 night stand carves name onto mans arm

Dominique Fisher

A drunken fling ended in disaster for a man who woke up to find his lover's name carved into his arm.

Dominique Fisher, 22, used a Stanley knife to write her name on Wayne Robinson's upper arm.

She inflicted the injuries on the 24-year-old at her home in Blackburn, Lancashire.


Mr Robinson woke to find his body decorated with a star on his back, 'Dominique' written on his upper right arm, and numerous slash marks on his left arm and shoulder.

He told police he had drunk vodka and taken Valium and was not awake during the incident on the night of June 14 last year.

Mr Robinson said he panicked when he woke up and took a taxi back to his home in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

He said: 'I went to her place for sex, not to be tattoed.