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Tanked Episode 323 for Tues Aug 11, 2015



- We Quit

- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Weekend Catchup


Follow up on the dude sueing miller/coors for the misleading labeling on blue moon


Get a whiff of this shit!


LONDON (AP) — Britons are buzzing over a temporary entry in the capital's already saturated drinking scene: breathable booze.


The pop-up bar, Alcoholic Architecture, uses a humidifier to pump a gin and tonic vapor into an enclosed space. Patrons absorb their alcohol from the "Cloud" by breathing in the vapors and by soaking it in through the skin and eyes.


The concept isn't new. Douglass Miller, a beverage expert at the Culinary Institute of America, recalls seeing the idea in action back in 1998.

Descending into a basement on the south bank of the Thames, customers are handed plastic ponchos to prevent the smell from permeating their hair and clothes, then are led into a corner of the bar sheathed in plastic strips.

They walk in. And breathe. Deeply.


"I think the last time I did something like this was where we accidentally spilled lots of vodka into the sauna," said Tom Foreman, 28, who works in marketing.

Sam Bompas, one of the project's designers, says the alcohol "goes straight into the blood stream, bypassing the liver." Patrons are limited to one hour in the Cloud so they don't get too inebriated.


Medical experts don't share his excitement. Dr. William Shanahan, a consultant psychiatrist at Nightingale Hospital, which specializes in addictions and mental disorders, called the method "a gimmick."

"The alcohol avoids first pass metabolism in the liver and goes directly to the brain, which makes it much more intoxicating and the intoxication is very rapid," he said. "This has the potential to cause serious side effects as well as brain damage in the developing young brain."


Dr. Niall Campbell, an alcohol addiction specialist at the Priory Hospital in Roehampton, was even more blunt. "The last thing this country needs is another way of ingesting alcohol."



Deal Of The Day




Ric Gets a PS4


All I play is Batman! Why? Because I am Batman!



FF4 flame of flames!


Fantastic 4 Burned out so bad this could actually their run at Fox. I just don’t see them being able to ever release another FF film. Movie with a budget of over 150$ and only makes $25M opening weekend. Not good. What didn’t help. 1 movie sucked! 2 awful reviews across the board. How bad? 9% on RT. Officially making it the lowest rated Super hero flick, yes lower than Batman and Robin. 3 The director tweeting out days before the movie's release saying the movie I made a year ago would have gotten great review. So Josh Trank actually light his future career in  hollywood on fire in 1 tweet! Impressive. He  was burning harder and faster then Johnny Storm!


Deadpool Rules!


Deadpool’s trailer was so bad ass FOX didn’t even fight the leaked version at Comic Con. It’s getting so much early love that the FF 4 sequel that was to be relased in 2017 is getting pumped in place of DP 2!

Talk Ant-Man

Who saw it? Let’s talk about it!

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Enter a huge butthole in japan


If you’re in greater Tokyo and are looking for something to do, may I suggest walking through a giant anus? It’s for science!

TV Tokyo, a large, proper television network, is holding a life-science type exhibit called Karada no Fushigi Daibouken 2015 (からだのふしぎ大冒険2015) or “The Mysterious Great Adventure of the Body 2015.”

The event, which has been held in the past and is aimed at kids, shows why the human body makes gross things like doo-doo. Perhaps you have always wondered why. Now, all your questions can be answered. Finally!




Speech Jammer Story Time



The most hardcore GoPro video ever shot



Odd German ad. Complete with wide-eyed, skipping girl. it’s eerie and we have questions. funny parts start at 1:05



Jack Septic Eye

Game: Sex Ed, How do you do it

funny part at 3:29




33-Year-Old Florida Man Arrested 32 Times

DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. (AP) -- A 33-year-old man has logged his 32nd arrest in Florida after deputies found drugs in his vehicle during a traffic stop.

The Northwest Florida Daily News ( ) reports Willie Goldsmith was stopped Sunday.

Walton County Sheriff's deputies say he was driving with a suspended driver's license. According to an arrest report, deputies searched the vehicle after a positive alert from a police dog and found a Red Bull can under the center console. Inside, they found 4.6 grams of ICE, a form of methamphetamine, 5.3 grams of marijuana, a spoon and several baggies.

He was arrested for possession of methamphetamines and intent to sell or distribute marijuana.

Goldsmith remained in the Walton County Jail on Tuesday. Records don't list an attorney.

Florida Man Arrested Twice In 2 Weeks For Joyriding On Jail Lawn

These aren't the types of doughnuts officers like.

A Florida man is behind bars for the second time in the past two weeks over the same crime: driving a vehicle on the lawn of the Hernando County Detention Center.

Michael Lee Roberts, 32, of Brooksville, was arrested on Sunday after he drove an SUV into the jail's retaining wall, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Police said that Roberts' jail lawn joy ride caused a 2-inch natural gas line to rupture, prompting the evacuation of nearby businesses.

Then, when deputies checked the SUV, they found a “suspicious device” and called in the Citrus County Bomb Squad for an assist. The device turned out to be nothing, Land O' Lakes Patch reports.

Roberts was taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries from the crash.

He was then arrested on numerous charges, including an active felony warrant related to the illegal discharge of a firearm from a vehicle, three counts of threatening to harm a public servant and two counts of felony criminal mischief.

Roberts is currently in jail on $70,000 bond.

If the Hernando County Detention Center seems familiar to Roberts, there's good reason.

On July 27, one day before his 31st birthday, Roberts took a similar joy ride on the same lawn after officers told him he couldn't park his SUV on the sidewalk at the Detention Center entrance, according to WTSP.

Cops told him to move the vehicle and he refused, though he eventually complied by backing the SUV down a walkway, hitting a bench, speeding around the lawn and almost hitting a patrol car in the process.

Roberts' wild ride came to an end when he hit a flag pole.

Officers charged him with criminal mischief and resisting an officer without violence.

Bra Saves German Cyclist Shot In Boar Hunting Accident


A German woman may owe her life to her bra after she unknowingly rode her bicycle through a boar hunt and the underwire deflected a hunter's bullet.

Police said the 41-year-old vacationer, who they didn't name, was on a bike ride with her husband in the town of Gadebusch, about 45 miles northeast of Hamburg, on Aug. 2. The cyclists heard rifle fire, then the woman felt a sharp pain in her chest, police spokesman André Falke told local newspaper Gadebusch-Rehnaer Zeitung.

The bra's metal underwire appeared to have stopped the bullet, leaving the woman with a nasty bruise instead of a gunshot wound.

Police found a dead boar in the line of fire, and believe that the bullet may have struck the woman after ricocheting off of the animal.

The hunters called off their hunt after the woman's husband spotted them in a neighboring field and told them what had happened.

Gadebusch Criminal Commission is investigating the incident on suspicion of negligent injury. Authorities are also looking into whether there were appropriate signs warning passersby about the hunt, according to the Telegraph.