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Tanked Episode 322 for Tues May 5, 2015



- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Weekend Catchup

- Michigan gets a 4.2 earthquake? Sat around noon

- I wasn’t far off with the voice of Gambit Credit Card Clip


A Craft Brewer sues Miller-Coors for Blue Moon Labeling (play video)


submitted by Sir Patrick of the Tundric North (i don’t remember his ranking)



Fart Tracker app allows you to count your farts


The Kickstarted "CH4" is a portable device designed to keep track of your personal exhaust fumes with the sole goal of helping you find the meals that make you toot the least, for the sake of everyone who spends long stretches of time with you in cramped or poorly ventilated spaces.


After you place the small CH4 clip-on sensor on the rear of your belt or inside your back pocket (warning: not an euphemism), it will start keeping a daily log of your flatulences. The sensor communicates via Bluetooth with a companion iPhone app (an Android version is in the works) that helps you log your food intake, categorized by food type, and correlates it with the number of times you’ve broken wind for the day. For the sake of user friendliness, your daily "magic number" is displayed along a handy color-coded dial.


With time, the numbers will correlate to the different food types. By then, you’ll be able to tell which foods are office-safe and which ones you should definitely avoid on a first date.

You can pledge US$120 for your very own CH4, or $500 for a "limited edition" version encased in steel. Sadly, at the time of writing, the CH4 has only managed to collect less than US$2,700 out of its original $180,000 funding goal





The Worlds First Gay Doll


First launched back in 1977 by Harvey Rosenberg, Gay Bob was the first gay doll ever created. Bob was 13 inches tall, had blond hair, a pierced ear and wore a flanel shirt, tight jeans and cowboy boots. Gay Bob was anatomically correct and was created as a cross between Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

Bob’s box was shaped like a closet and it came with a catalog from where you could order additional clothing for your gay doll. It created quite a lot of controversy in a time when homosexuality was not as “popular” as it is today.


Click link to see the pictures of Gay Bob. lol




Let’s talk Avengers!

Pulling in $191M Avengers Age of Ultron making it 2nd largest opening ever behind… Any guesses?


Joss and the studio had some issues and those are starting to come to the surface now that the movie is out and he isn’t working with Marvel anymore!


Sounds like both sides aren’t happy with the end result. Joss didn’t want dream scenes and Marvel didn’t want the Farm scenes. More than once the threat of we will lose your farm scene was used on Joss.


Star Wars anthology film loses it’s director.

Josh Trank who just directed the new FF film is now out as the director of Star Wars 2nd anthology film. A movie not in the original universe. Biggest issue sounds as if it has to do with the issues FF has faced. They were doing re-shoot just last week. For a movie that is to open in August this is way way way too late to be doing re-shoots.

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Venezuelan president gets hit in the head by a mango



Submitted by Just Tim (Sir)


73-year-old man punches bear in the face


Nobody scares this man's little dog and gets away with it — especially not a bear.

Carl Moore, a 73-year-old ex-Marine, claims he punched a bear in the face when he caught it on his property, threatening his precious little Chihuahua, Lacy.



75 old Woman chokes rabid raccoon

Thats right A 75-year-old Virginia woman choked to death a rabid racoon after it bit her on the leg.






95-Year-Old WWII Vet Thwarts Robbery With Cane

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Police say a 95-year-old World War II veteran used his cane to fight off a would-be robber in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Arthur Kamberis was leaving a pharmacy on Saturday when a man approached and reached for his wallet, which was in a zippered pocket. Kamberis started to fight him off and hit him several times with his cane. A passer-by helped Kamberis, and the attacker fled.

Kamberis wasn't hurt, and the good Samaritan drove him home.

Kamberis told WMUR-TV ( "I had my credit card, my license, my grandchildren's pictures in there and all sorts of stuff it would have been wicked for me to replace."

Police are still searching for the man and are circulating a surveillance photo.


Pizza Delivery Man Gets Stabbed, Makes Delivery Anyway


A pizza delivery man in Louisville, Kentucky, completed a Sunday afternoon delivery after getting robbed, stabbed and carjacked.

Josh Lewis, 25, was making a delivery from Spinelli’s Pizzeria to the Norton Hospital emergency room at around 2:45 p.m., WLKY reports. When Lewis got out of his car with the pizzas, an unidentified person stabbed him in the back, jumped into his vehicle and drove away.

According to Willow Rouben, the regional manager of Spinelli's, Lewis made it into the emergency room, pizza in hand, before collapsing.

"I can't believe he just walked in there, said 'Hi, I'm from Spinelli's. I have a pizza delivery,' and then just collapsed. That's dedication," Rouben told The Courier-Journal.

Rouben said Lewis is “an amazing kid” and a great employee.

“He's just a sweetheart. He's a sweet kid and we're just so sad that this happened to him," Rouben told WLKY.

Lewis suffered a collapsed lung but was in stable condition Monday. He is expected to recover, according to Wave 3.

The suspect was described as a black man in his 40s. He fled the scene in Lewis’ vehicle, a black Jeep Cherokee with gold racing stripes, light blue trim and a Michigan license plate with the number CDY6122. Anyone with information is asked to call the police at 502-574-LMPD (5673).


Man Sues Florida Hospital For Tossing His Right Leg In The Trash


By David Adams


MIAMI (Reuters) - A south Florida man is suing a hospital for emotional distress, saying his leg was amputated and thrown in the garbage with his name tag still on it.


John Timiriasieff, 56, had his right leg amputated below the knee in October at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables.


"Rather than properly disposing of the plaintiff's limb as expected and as required by Florida law, Doctors Hospital threw the Plaintiff's amputated limb into the garbage, with tags indicating it belonged to the Plaintiff," according to the lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court.


A month later, Timiriasieff said his family was contacted by homicide detectives investigating if he had been the victim of foul play.


When the family went back to the hospital to find out what happened, they were told it would "provide no explanation for what had occurred," the lawsuit said.


Doctors Hospital Inc, part of the Baptist Health South Florida Inc, said it could not discuss the incident in detail because of patient privacy considerations.


"However, we can say when Doctors Hospital was notified of this situation, hospital leaders took immediate and appropriate measures to address it," it added in an emailed statement. "Proper procedures have been reinforced at the hospital to prevent similar situations from happening in the future."


Normally, amputated limbs are incinerated by hospitals, said Clay Roberts, a lawyer for Timiriasieff.


Roberts said he wrote to the hospital in January but got no response.


In the lawsuit, Timiriasieff described the hospital's conduct as "outrageous and beyond the bounds of human decency as to be regarded as odious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community."


The leg was discovered at a waste management facility and reported to police.


Roberts said his client is upset by the hospital's unwillingness to accept responsibility for the severe emotional distress he endured as a result of its negligence, and failing to protect his private medical information.


"I have heard of people having the wrong limb removed but hospitals aren't supposed to throw them away," he said.

The case is John Timiriasieff vs. Doctors Hospital Inc, #2015-009583-CA-01.