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Tanked Episode 320 for Tues Mar 14, 2015

Just another day in the D

Some volunteers set out to remove Detroit eyesores and instead stumble onto a potentially explosive situation.


While battling blight in the city, members of Motor City Blight Busters discovered a live mortar round.

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Whiskey Scented Clothing


It used to be so time-consuming to come home smelling like stale whiskey. You’d have to go to a bar, hang around a while (which means spending money on drinks), and wait for some other drunken patron to spill their drink on your shirt. Now, however, Johnnie Walker has teamed up with Harris Tweed Hebrides to make a fabric that continuously exudes the smell of Johnnie Walker Black Label so you can avoid all the hassle.

The company claims the fabric will give off the “subtle scent” of Black Label that will reflect the “key notes of the nose of the liquid,” which will include “rich malt, golden vanilla, red fruit, and dark chocolate tones.” And while the whiskey connoisseur may recognize all the variants to the scent, it should be fun to get pulled over in the shirt and see if the police officer can pick out the golden vanilla and red fruit when you roll down the car window and the reek of whiskey wafts out.


And—lucky day!—if the smell of whiskey isn’t quite enough for your clothes, Johnnie Walker is also teaming up with Oliver Sweeney to design a shoe that can hide a small bottle of Red Label in the heel. What more could any whisky lover ask for? These are the perfect gifts for anyone who always wants to smell like booze and can’t be without a bottle on them at all times—which really fits the description of someone you want to drop $489 on a pair of shoes for.


For the Whiskey folks out there

Move over, Scotland. Japanese whisky reigns supreme. The coveted title of World Whisky of the Year for 2015 goes to The Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry 2013, according to Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, which is indeed the bible of the whiskey world. It’s the first time this honor has been bestowed upon Japan.

Whatever the reason, experts agree on their love for this single malt. Only 18,000 bottles of the winning whisky were produced. It’ll cost you a pretty penny to enjoy this rare bottle—they go for an average of about $1500 on ebay.




Robbery $uspect Actually Put Loot In Dollar $ign Bag

Sometimes, real life imitates cartoons.

A Washington state robbery suspect told Subway restaurant employees not to "do anything funny" before he stuffed a sack marked "$" with cash and stolen property, police say.


David Lingafelter, 22, was arrested Wednesday in Olympia when authorities discovered him hiding behind a dumpster near a grocery store. Lingafelter was on the run after he held up the Subway, authorities said.


According to the City of Olympia:

The suspect told the employee not to “do anything funny” and reached into his pocket as if he had a weapon. He ordered the employee to open the cash register and put her hands on her head. He took the cash and fled the store, taking a blue shopping cart with him. After calling 911, the employee realized her phone was also missing.


Police said that money bag was tied to the front of the suspect's pants.

Lingafelter was arrested and booked for robbery and obstructing.



Activision announces Guitar Hero Live, Coming this Fall

Activision has announced Guitar Hero Live, the latest installment in the popular franchise, will be released in autumn 2015.

Developed by FreeStyleGames, whose previous credits include DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2, Guitar Hero Live costs $99.99 and is currently planned for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Additionally, select mobile devices will support the game. It's currently up for pre-order on Amazon.


A new controller has been revealed with two rows of three buttons, while artists confirmed to join the tracklist include The Black Keys, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Gary Clark, Jr., Green Day, Ed Sheeran, The War on Drugs, The Killers, Skrillex, The Rolling Stones, The Lumineers, Pierce the Veil and Blitz Kids.


The biggest change for gameplay is the switch to a first-person perspective, which places you on stage looking out at the crowd who'll react in real time to how well you play. Alongside this, the new GHTV mutliplayer mode enables you to challenge friends or random players.



DareDevil hits Netflix and is a huge success! Seems like everyplace I look on the net all anyone is talking about is the man without fear!


The Avengers AOU was screened by the critics and all the early word is solid. Most calling it dark and very different from Joss’s 1st go around with earth Mightiest Heroes. Opens May 1st


Star Wars on Digital Download! Anyone care? You can buy them AGAIN for 89$ on itunes.

Celeberty Death match is coming back



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NJ Man Stole Pal's Car To Avoid Missing Court Date

RIVERDALE, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey man has been accused of stealing a friend's car to avoid missing a court hearing on drug charges.

Twenty-one-year-old Jorge Ramirez-Sierra, of Riverdale, has been charged with unlawful taking of a means of conveyance and driving while suspended, among other counts.

Police tell ( the new charges came after a man reported his car missing Friday morning. Police say the man told officers Ramirez-Sierra had said the night before that he didn't know how he would get to Paterson for the court hearing.

While officers were talking with the owner, Ramirez-Sierra called to say he was returning with the vehicle. He was taken into custody after arriving. reports that Ramirez-Sierra had been arrested on drug charges in March.

Ramirez-Sierra's telephone number couldn't be located Monday.


Man accused of hitting bus driver with Snickers bar


According to St. Johns County police, a man took a Snickers bar and threw it at the head of a driver for the Sunshine Bus Company on Wednesday morning.

An argument between a passenger and a driver of a Sunshine Bus turned violent, according to deputies.

Officials said Joel Parker was riding the bus, and as he was about to get off on A1A, he asked the driver if he wanted a Snickers bar.

Police said the driver said no, and that’s when Parker took it and threw it at the drivers head, hitting him.

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Woman Arrested For Battering Live-In Boyfriend With Bowl Of Eggs Following Breakfast Beef


A dispute over the preparation of breakfast ended yesterday morning with a Florida woman under arrest for battering her live-in boyfriend with a bowl of raw eggs, police report.


Destini Oliver, 22, and Lorenzo Dixon, 23, quarreled Sunday in their Palmetto home over Oliver not wanting to cook breakfast, according to a police report.

The dispute turned physical when Oliver, seen above, allegedly “threw a bowl of raw eggs” at Dixon, striking him in the back. Cops on the scene reported spotting egg splatter on Dixon, as well as on a wall and a couch.


Oliver, pictured above, was arrested for misdemeanor battery and booked into the county jail, where she remains locked up in lieu of $500 bond.

Dixon, a salesman at a Ford dealership in Sarasota, was not injured in the egg attack.



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an Explosion Launched a Manhole Cover a Hundred Feet in the Air

An underground electrical issue in Buffalo, New York caused a lot of pressure to build up in the sewage system on Sunday.

And while a guy was being interview by the local news, an explosion behind him launched a manhole cover about a HUNDRED FEET in the air.  Luckily it didn't hit anyone when it came down.






Minnesota Thieves Steal $70,000 Worth Of Bull Semen

A farmer in Leroy, Minnesota, is probably having a cow after some ballsy thieves stole $70,000 worth of bull semen.

Here's the gist: a frozen canister about the size of a milk jug was stolen from an unlocked barn belonging to Daniel Weness sometime last week. Wenuss and the Bull Jizz. The Giz Story

The canister contained a bunch of vials of bull semen valued between $300 to $1500 each, KAAL TV reports.

The canister was worth $500 by itself,according to the Associated Press.

Weness isn't sure which day the load was stolen, but said the only time he and his hired hand were away from the farm was on Easter Sunday, according to

Mark May, chief deputy of the Mower County Sheriff's Office, says animal semen can be big business -- no bull.

"There is a market for this, a lot of people bid on it or purchase it instead of transporting their animals to and from site," he told Valley News Live. "They can purchase this vial of bull semen and inseminate their cow and I guess it's just a more reliable way to do it."

So far, there are no suspects.