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Tanked Episode 312 for Tues Jan 20, 2015





Icelandic brewery creates a beer with whale testicles


A year after outraging conservationists with a whale-meat beer, an Icelandic microbrewery is back with another outrageous marine mammal brew — this one flavored with smoked whale testicles.

For the annual month-long winter celebration of Thorri, honoring the Norse god Thor, Stedji Brewery is whipping up Hvalur 2, the sequel to last year's popular holiday libation made with the endangered fin whale.


"We work the testicle by the old traditional way,"said the brewery co-owner Dabjartur Arilíusson. "We smoke it with dried sheep shit. This method gives it a unique smoked flavor, and we also get a bit of the meaty taste in the beer."


Mark your calendar: The release date is Jan. 23. International shipping available -- so long as you live in Japan or Norway, the only countries that don't recognize whale protections under a global treaty. Americans could be fined for importing the whale suds.


The Stedji brewery angered conservationists in 2014 by making a beer which contained other whale parts, including bones and intestines. At the time, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation group described it as "immoral and outrageous" to use whale meat to make beer. The product was temporarily banned by public health authorities, but later sold out in alcohol shops. This time around, all the permissions are already in place, the brewery says.


Not your cup of tea? There are other traditional Icelandic delicacies to enjoy during the month of celebrations: putrefied shark, ram's testicles, sheep's heads and blood pudding.





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Selma cast not being nominated for anything past best pic?


Why must Streep be nominated every year????


Dick Poop Clip



Conon gets in on the poop. Start clip at 0:39sec mark.


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Rear Gear




If you’re bothered by your pooch’s poop chute, it’s probably a “you” problem and not your dog’s problem.

As humans, we’re lucky enough to have to wear pants. But dogs have to let it all hang out there. The dogs don’t care. But, some owners do… which is why an inventor came up with Rear Gear, a decorative covering that you hang on your dog’s tail so you never, ever have to see that unsightly turd tunnel ever again.





Buritto Van

warning extreamly catchy song