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A Beer That Can Make You Smarter?

Although some people may see beer drinking as a sport, for others it can be a useful tool, especially creative individuals who’re stuck with writer’s block or other artistic impediments. As Engadget reports, University of Illinois Professor Jennifer Wiley discovered that a blood alcohol level of 0.075 will make a person reach their creative peak because drinking a certain amount of booze lowers the chances that they over think what they’re doing.

Using that scientific information, a marketing agency in Denmark partnered with a local brewery to create a beer that lets users determine exactly how much they need to drink to reach that creative peak and to try to solve their creativity-related problems.

Called “The Problem Solver”,  the special creativity beer contains 7.1 percent alcohol, but its most important feature is a special scale (image below) that will help consumers determine exactly how much of a bottle they need to drink to reach that the perfect equilibrium.

“The Problem Solver is a handcrafted Indian Pale Ale brewed to tickle taste buds and brain cells,” the company writes on its site. “It has a refined bitterness with a refreshing finish. The indicator on the bottle makes it easy to find your creative peak. Drink the amount that fits your weight to make sure you hit the magical 0.075.”





PlayStation Now offers subscription service, available January 13


Sony announced this morning that PlayStation Now, its streaming game service, will be available January 13 in the US and Canada. The service will be offered in two varieties, one at $19.99/month and the other at $44.99 for three months, which would be about $15/month. Curiously, no yearly plan is offered. There will also be a seven-day trial period at launch granting access to all the games.


Renting games through the service has been available for a little while now, with prices structured around hourly and monthly options. For example, Vigil Games' Darksiders, was $3 for 4 hours, $6 for a week, $8 for 30 days and $15 for 90 days.


Those who download the free PS4 PlayStation Now theme that will be available early this month will be entered into a drawing to win a "one-year subscription to PlayStation Now." Well, that one year subscription is out there somewhere. Here's a list of the games on the service.


You can play nearly 2,400 classic MS-DOS games for free right now

From Wolfenstein 3D to Prince of Persia, all in your browser


The Internet Archive is turning into one hell of an arcade. After releasing emulators so that you could play hundreds of Atari and arcade games right in your browser, the site has made its gaming library even bigger: starting now you can play close to 2,400 MS-DOS games without paying a cent. The new browser-based emulator is still in beta, so you might see some bugs, but it includes a huge range of classics. That includes the likes of id Software's Commander Keen, the apocalyptic RPG Wasteland, the originalPrince of Persia, early FPS games like Wolfenstein 3D, and many more. There's evenMario Teaches Typing. As with past releases from the Archive, there are no instructions for how to play each game, so you'll need to do a bit of experimenting — but that's all part of the charm. Check out all of the games right here.


We all love to play video games. But have you ever stopped and really gave a thought to what actually is going on in the game? Not the goal of the game but rather what it takes to reach that goal of that game?

We give you (Somewhat) Honest Video Game Descriptions)

Link to the List

Good news for gamers: Video scholarships at Kentucky college


PIKEVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A private liberal arts college in Kentucky says it will make video games an official sport and start offering scholarships to gamers in the fall.

The move makes the University of Pikeville one of only a few schools in the nation to provide scholarships to those who play "League of Legends," a multiplayer online battle arena game, according to WYMT-TV (

"It's actually becoming a worldwide trend," said Bruce Parsons, Pikeville's new media director. "This game is five-on-five competitive play. It takes skill, practice and a lot of teamwork."

Parsons said the school is dedicated to providing different types of technology to its students.

"I think there are going to be a lot of students, both nationwide and international, who are going to look at our university who wouldn't have before," Parsons said of Pikeville, a small school.

Graduate Eric VanHoose said he is ready to coach the game, which he described as players competing "to try and get to the other person's base."

Pikeville plans will offer 20 scholarships when it begins "League of Legends" competition play in the fall.

"It will be a regime a lot like athletics," Parsons said. "They'll have to have a certain GPA. We'll look at them like student athletes. There will be practice time and video time when they have to study other teams for upcoming competitions."

At least one other school — Robert Morris University in Chicago — has made the game an official sport and offers scholarships.



Darth Vader Sixth Scale Figure is Gorgeous!

This highly-detailed and amazingly crafted Darth Vader sixth scale figure (35cm) comes from the folks over at Hot Toys and features an “intricately-constructed Darth Vader armor and helmet, specially tailored suit, built-in sound effect function with Darth Vader’s breathing sound, LED-lighted lightsaber and belt, a finely made Interrogator Droid, and a specially designed figure stand.” A must-have for Star Wars collectors!

Unfortunately, the figure isn’t available right now (Expected delivery date: September 2015) but for hose interested, you can pre-order it right now from for a mear single payment of $299 or $59 a month payment plan

Geeks are sexy




Ant-Man trailer hits!

Premiered durring Agent Carter.


Scarlett Johansen to star in Ghost in the Shell


Release Dates

Assasians Creed Dec 21 2016


Channing Tatum as the X-Men’s popular cajun energy manipulator Gambit, will be released October 7, 2016.


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Girl Scouts introduce 3 new cookies for 2015

Mental Floss



We are going to learn how to play drums on the keyboard keyboard.







Tiny House Gets Robbed


Finding out that someone has busted into your home and stolen your belongings is horrible. It is a violation on so many levels. Now, imagine if they just took the whole house. That’s exactly what’s happened to one San Antonio couple.

The couple had just finished spending two and a half years and $35,000 into their new home in an attempt to live a more “green lifestyle.”

When the couple returned home at the end of the day last Friday, they found that there was no home to return to, just the empty plot of land they had purchased and a damaged driveway.

The good news is that, after the story was reported on the local news, the tiny house was reported across town by neighbors who had seen it for several days, but didn’t know it was stolen.

Ironically, the couple has signed a lease on an apartment and are not sure they want to go back to Tiny House living.

In regards to how the house was taken, here’s what the owner had to say on his blog:

"I'll be completely honest – I didn't even know that a hitch lock was a 'thing' before our house was stolen. I only researched them after the house was gone. I am now WELL aware of multiple forms of security that I hope ALL tiny housers will implement on their own Tiny House builds.


"Black Jesus" Blamed For Handing Out Funny Money As Christmas Gift

Restaurant patrons caught trying to pay a bill with counterfeit currency told Florida police that they apparently had received the fake paper as a Christmas giftfrom “Black Jesus.”

After enjoying a January 1 seafood dinner at a Long John Silver’s in Bradenton, a customer sought to pay for his group’s meal with a counterfeit bill,according to a police report. However, an alert cashier recognized the phony currency and called cops.

When Deputy Sinclair Cason arrived at the eatery around 9:15 PM and questioned the customers, they were “cooperative and were unaware of the authenticity of the currency.”

During further questioning, they told Cason that “apparently the bill was given to them as a gift for Christmas from an individual” known to them as “Black Jesus.”

The phony bill was seized by Cason and booked into evidence. The Long John Silver’s customers--who denied knowing that the bill was fake--were not charged in connection with the counterfeit currency. The restaurant tab apparently was settled with legal tender.

The police report does not further describe the relationship between the diners and “Black Jesus,” or why “Black Jesus” was giving them cash for Christmas. Nor does it offer a physical description of “Black Jesus.” Though a beard seems likely.

Sex Fail


The Smoking Gun reports that 50-year-old Jennie Scott of Manatee County is accused of assaulting her boyfriend, 32-year-old Jilberto Deleon at his home on December 27.

According to a police report, Deleon failed to bring Scott to climax during a mutual oral sex session. Sheriff’s deputies were called to Deleon’s home by a witness who heard the couple arguing and saw Scott “punching and scratching” the man. Scott also allegedly hit Deleon with a stick and threatened to strike him with a wrench before the witness disarmed her.

Scott, who deputies described as “extremely intoxicated,” allegedly told police that she and Deleon “were giving each oral pleasure in the bedroom” when he “finished first and stopped pleasuring her.” Scott then “became upset and they began arguing,” the police report alleges.

Police also claim that Scott told them she was angry at Deleon because she “heard him having sex with another woman over the phone earlier in the day.”

Scott allegedly resisted deputies when they arrested her and kicked the window of a police cruiser until she was warned that she would be maced if she continued.

Just last month, 24-year-old Racquel Gonzalez, also of Manatee County, was arrested for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend for climaxing before she did during sex.

***Submitted by Grand Duke Mad Billy of California***