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Tanked Episode 303 for Tues Nov. 4, 2014


PBR bought by The Russians or was it???

Don’t fret PBR hipsters!

Panic broke out last month across America — from hipster bars in Brooklyn to living-room sofas in Denver — when it was revealed that Pabst has been purchased for more than $700 million by a firm called Oasis Beverages.

Scant info was available about Oasis in the announcement, but the company’s Web site notes that it operates breweries in Moscow, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

With little else to go on, news outlets ran with the connection: “Pabst Blue Ribbon is Defecting to Russia,” the Huffington Post warned, while the Daily Beast said Pabst “will now take orders from Russia.”

But Oasis, whose site indicates it is based in Cyprus, “will be strictly a passive investor with a minority stake” in Pabst, alongside minority holder TSG Consumer Partners, a New York private-equity firm, a source close to the situation said.

The more precise truth, according to people close to the deal, is that majority ownership and control of Pabst is going not to Oasis but to its chairman, an American beer entrepreneur named Eugene Kashper.

According to a written statement this week, Kashper will become CEO of Pabst, which will keep its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles.

PBR, Old Milwaukee, Schlitz, McSorley's, Colt45 motha’ fucker!



The Classics are at your fingertips!

The weekend's winding down, and sure, you could flip on your PlayStation or Xbox and play a few mindless rounds of Call of Duty, but why don't you spin up a real classicinstead? Thanks to the new Internet Arcade, an astounding 900 coin-operated arcade games from the ‘70s and ‘80s are free to play right in your browser. The software is hosted by the Internet Archive as part of its quest to preserve computer history, and it's a followup to last year's classic console emulator.

The Internet Arcade is the culmination of some impressive coding effort by Jason Scottand the enitre team behind the multi-platform JSMESS (JavaScript Mess) emulator. The result is something to behold — sure, not every game is easy to play with a keyboard, and bugs abound, but the breadth of the project is simply stunning.

There are no glossy instruction manuals, so you'll need to figure some things out on your own. The basics are simple. though: press "5" to insert a coin, and press "1" to choose a single player game. Your arrow keys will move you around and the ALT key is typically the action button. Now get out there and have some fun!

The Verge



Batman out Magneto in?

After learning that just yesteryday Christian Baile will no longer be Pllaying Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkins’ Jobs A new name has entered the frey.

No other then the master of metal himself Michael Fassbender . This has come as a shot to most since he wasn’t on Sony’s list at all.

Rumor was that Leo had turned down the roll in the past.

The biggest issue with Fassbender will be schedule. He has 3 major projects up coming. With X-Men: Apocalypse and maybe Prometheus 2 in 2016, plus he’s still onboard for Assassin’s Creed.

Will Marvels 1st female lead be Jessica Chastain

'Interstellar' star Jessica Chastain reveals that she's had discussions with Marvel about a role. Could it be Captain Marvel?

New Pee Wee movie?

Paul Reubin’s has been telling everyone he will be making a new Pee Wee movie at the 1st of the year. He was on both the tongiht show and Nerdist saying the movie has a director and will begin filming soon.

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Idaho Man, 52, Arrested For Battering Female Victim With A Burrito

There has been another burrito assault.

An Idaho man was arrested Sunday after allegedly throwing the tasty Mexican treat at a worker at an assistedliving home, police say.

Travis Micho, 52, tossed the burrito during a dispute with Claressa Tharp, according to a Kootenai County Sheriff's Office report. Micho, deputies reported, “grabbed his burrito from his dinner plate and threw it at Tharp as she was standing across the table from him."

Tharp, 40, who works at Harmony House Assisted Living in Hayden, was struck with “several pieces of the burrito.” The balance of the burrito “was on the wall,” investigators reported.

When questioned by a deputy, Micho (pictured above) copped to throwing the burrito at Tharp. He was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and booked into the county jail (from which he was released yesterday after posting $600 bond).

According to a sheriff’s spokesperson, Micho has been arrested 17 times in Kootenai County since 1991. His rap sheet includes multiple drunk driving arrests, as well as weapons, narcotics, battery, and probation violation charges.

Stories about prior burrito attacks can be found here and here.


Condiment Fight!

Two condiment-armed 19-year-olds squared off against each other last night in the Florida apartment they share, a confrontation that ended withthem drenched in ketchup and maple syrup, according to police.

Lorenzo Ramirez and his girlfriend Marisol Morales got into a verbal argument around 9:20 PM when “Marisol decided to drag the bed out into the living room to sleep separately from Lorenzo,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

When Ramirez refused to help move the furniture, Morales took a bottle of maple syrup from a nearby refrigerator and attempted topour it on the bed. But Ramirez allegedly grabbed the syrup from Morales and “poured it over her head.”

Morales responded by grabbing a ketchup bottle and began squirting the contents on her beau. “Both parties then trashed the house and Marisol contacted law enforcement,” a cop noted.

Upon arriving at the couple’s Bradenton home, a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy found the couple “covered with food condiments and Marisol was sobbing.” Ramirez was subsequently arrested after the deputy concluded that he hadinitiated the battery by pouring syrup on Morales, who was not injured during the food fight.

Seen in the adjacent mug shot, Ramirez was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and booked into the county jail, where bond has not been set.




Connecticut man charged with trying to eat his DWI results

paper eats.jpg

NEW YORK (Reuters) -

A Connecticut man accused of snatching his

DWI test results and attempting to eat them was charged

with obstruction and criminal tampering, police said.

New York State Police stopped 40-year-old Kenneth Desormes

on suspicion of speeding on Interstate 95, not far from the

Connecticut state line, early on Sunday morning, police said in a statement.

Desormes, who appeared drunk, was arrested and taken into a trooper

station in Tarrytown, New York, about 25 miles north of Manhattan, police said.

When troopers printed out the results of Desormes' breathalyzer results,

which showed a blood alcohol level of 0.13 percent -

above the New York state legal limit of 0.08 percent -

he grabbed the paper printout and attempted to eat it, police said.

Desormes was charged with driving while intoxicated, obstructing

governmental administration and criminal tampering, all misdemeanor

offenses, police said.

It was not immediately clear whether Desormes was in custody on

Tuesday or whether he had obtained a lawyer.

Dozens of bats invade Utah courthouse


ST. GEORGE, Utah (AP) — Order is being restored to the courthouse in St. George with the removal of dozens of bats from the building.

The Brazilian free-tailed bats were discovered when employees arrived for work Thursday at the 5th Judicial District Courthouse.

More than 50 bats were removed Thursday and Friday from the attic and other areas of the building, said Eric Palmer of Southwest Exterminators.

Zac Weiland, a Washington County deputy prosecutor, said he heard scratching noises when he walked into court Friday morning. Bats were in the ceiling, hallways, stairwells and even inside courtrooms.

"I don't like bats. I saw (one) crawling, and it's stuck in a little lamp, and I'm like, 'I'm done, I want out,' " he told KSL.

Court officials said while the bats caused minimal disruptions in court operations, some proceedings had to be moved from one courtroom to another.

Suspected entry points opened up during a recent renovation project were sealed to keep bats out of the building, said Nancy Volmer, Utah state courts spokeswoman.

"We are investigating to find all entries so we can prevent this from happening again," Volmer told The Spectrum of St. George. "There may be other ways they could have gotten in."

Because Brazilian free-tailed bats are a species of special concern in Utah, the state Division of Wildlife Resources took the lead in removing them with the help of Southwest Exterminators. The bats were being released back into the wild.

Officials hope to have all bats out of the building by the time court proceedings resume on Monday. It was unclear how many others remain.

"It's unusual, there's no doubt about that. This is a first, I think, for the courts," Volmer said.

Chewbacca Stops Mr Incredible Vs Batgirl Fight     53sec. in

Chewbacca and Freddy Krueger helped break up a brawl between Mr Incredible and Batgirl as the superheroes traded blows on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Wally, from the Where's Wally series of children's books, also joined attempts to separate the pair as the scuffle broke out in front of the TCL Chinese theatre.

As shocked tourists - and Queen Elsa of Arandelle - look on, Freddy Krueger can be seen trying to calm the situation as Chewbacca tries to hold back Mr Incredible.

But Batgirl then scratches Mr Incredible - apparently overcoming his famously heightened resistance to harm - enraging the red-suited character.

Presumably using his superhuman strength, he manages to break loose from Wally's grip to launch a fresh attack on Batgirl.

In footage captured by a passing production company, he is seen throwing a punch and kicking the female DC Comics character before throwing her to the ground.

Bystanders, no doubt tired of watching the failed attempts of fictional burned child killers and wookies to stop the fracas, finally step in to help bring the melee to a halt.

Those involved are among a large number of people who dress up in well-known costumes and charge tourists on the iconic sidewalk to have pictures taken with them.

A fellow Walk of Fame character, Batman, explained in the FilmOnfootage there were good guys and bad guys among his his superhero colleagues.

"The good ones, we're stationary, we stand against the kerb and people come to us," he said.

"The bad ones, they roam up and down, so they cross paths or they target the same people and then they get into each other."

It is not clear what caused the fight.

Swiss firefighters pull donkey from manhole


PRATTELN, Switzerland, Nov. 4 (UPI) --Swiss firefighters said they rescued a donkey found with its head and front legs sticking out the top of an uncovered manhole.

Basel Country firefighters said a passerby alerted emergency services Saturday when he spotted the 13-year-old donkey, Nilo, with its head and front legs sticking out of the top of an uncovered manhole at a playground in Pratteln.

Firefighters found the donkey's legs were stuck in the manhole's piping, but they were able to lift the animal out of its predicament without causing any serious injuries.

Police said the donkey incurred some "flesh wounds" but was able to rejoin its petting zoo.

Police spokesman Meinrad Stoeklin said the donkey was cooperative with rescuers.

"He was very cool," Stoeklin said.

Stoeklin said police are investigating why the manhole was uncovered.

Jumping beans prompt bomb scare


CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 4 (UPI) -- A California bomb squad investigating a package making a ticking sound said the parcel turned out to contain Mexican jumping beans.

Carlsbad police Lt. Greg Koran said a U.S. Postal Service worker in Carlsbad reported the ticking package Saturday and police evacuated several homes about 3:20 p.m.

The San Diego Sheriff's Bomb/Arson Unit opened the package at the end of a 3-hour investigation by placing it in a grassy area andblasting it with a bomb disposal robot's water cannon.

The squad discovered there was no bomb in the package and the reported ticking sound was from Mexican jumping beans.

Mexican jumping beans are actually pods containing small moth larva. The pods move when exposed to heat.