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Tanked Episode 298 for Tues May 13, 2014



- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Weekend Catchup



Whiskey Shortage is real.


No, seriously. There is. Not some kind of manufactured, doing-it-for-the-clicks viral/social faux-shortage, but an actual, honest-to-John-Jameson real shortage of good whiskey. Outposts of serious journalism (like Smithsonian Magazine and Esquire) and no less a force than the PR department at Buffalo Trace have come forth and said, with no equivocation, that we, the brown-liquor-loving masses, are drinking whiskey faster than it can be produced and, as a result, a crippling shortage in whiskey is coming. Also, as of this moment, there is very little we can do about it.



Skee-Ball skirmish brews over use of game name

CHALFONT, Pa. (AP) — A legal battle is brewing over the classic arcade game Skee-Ball.The suburban Philadelphia company that owns the trademark is at odds with the New York creators of Brewskee-Ball.

Participants in Brewskee-Ball drink beer while competing for high scores in the bowling-style game. The league is based at the Brooklyn bar Full Circle.

League founder Eric Pavony tells The Intelligencer ( ) the CEO of Skee-Ball Inc. gave the outfit his blessing in 2005.

But Skee-Ball Inc. sued Full Circle for trademark infringement. Full Circle countersued, claiming Skee-Ball's trademark is generic and should be canceled.

The lawsuits have been joined and the case is pending in federal court in New York.Brewskee-Ball supporters set up a crowd-funding site this week to help with legal fees.


New smart glasses warn when you're fatigued


JINS MEME smart glasses


Many people know that they should take breaks when they're fatigued, but actually recognizing that worn-down state is tricky; it's all too easy to push past the breaking point. If JINS' upcoming Meme smart glasses live up to their billing, though, you'll always know when it's time to relax. The Bluetooth wearable includes both eye and motion sensors that can tell when you're close to nodding off. If it gets to that point, a companion smartphone app will give you a heads-up. The eyewear is useful even when you're fully alert, as it can handle basic fitness duties like step counting and calorie tracking.


    While the Meme glasses won't ship until spring 2015, JINS will offer a programming kit this fall so that third-party apps can make use of its head tracking skills. Pricing also hasn't been nailed down, but the company plans to release three styles (including the sunglasses you see above) in its native Japan for somewhere between ¥70,000 to ¥100,000, or $685 to $979. There's no word on a US launch, unfortunately, but we're hoping they'll be available for import -- they'd be perfect for dealing with that mid-day slump.        



Xbox One Price drop

and no more gold membership to access certain apps.


Microsoft announced that a new $399 Xbox One (£350 in UK) is coming June 9 that does not include the Kinect peripheral. Additionally, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 will no longer require a Live Gold subscription to access streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and HBO Go. A Live Gold subscription will also not be needed for some premium services on the Xbox One, such as OneGuide, Internet Explorer, and Skype.


There will still be some services that are exclusive to Live Gold subscribers, including the "Games with Gold" program, cloud game saves, and Game DVR. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Games with Gold, Live Gold subscribers will receive an additional free Xbox 360 game in June. Additionally, Microsoft announced that both "Games with Gold" and "Deals with Gold" will come to the Xbox One in June.


The cheaper Xbox One model will allow Microsoft to match the $399 PS4 on price, along with removing the nearly required $60 yearly fee that raised the Xbox One's total cost of ownership. The subscription fee was an anomaly among living room devices, with other devices, such as the Google Chromecast, Roku boxes, and, most importantly, the PS4, having no comparable charges to access streaming services.



U.S. Air Force confirms it could take out Godzilla

OKINAWA, Japan, May 12 (UPI) --During an interview with theSmithsonian's Air and Space magazine, members of the United States Air Force confirmed that there is a contingency plan for taking out Godzilla -- if the fire-breathing sea creature ever does attack.

Master Sgt. Jason Edwards of Kadena Air Base said the Air Force would deploy "4,000 Segways and slingshots" and would need help from certain people.

"Well I could go with Chuck Norris, but that would be the obvious one," Edwards said. "As I understand it, the Power Rangers are probably a good choice in this type of scenario...Bruce Lee, The Incredible Hulk - the CGI one, not the Lou Ferrigno one - and George W. Bush."

There are more than 50 F-15 fighter jets available at Kadena, so those planes would likely be utilized as well.

"We are quickly able to respond to any threat in the region... to include Godzilla, should he come to Japan. Which, I guess, is a thing," Edwards said.


The new Godzilla film will open in theaters on May 16.


Gothem is Here!


Well the trailer is. Oh k it was here last week but we were off. No way I don’t bring this show up. Starting in the fall Fox will bring us Gothem a look at the dark city before Bruce wayne donned the cape and cowl. We will see how Batmans big bads became big bads! The show will focus on Gordon in his early years. We will also see Bruce as a child. I am so excited for this show.


Other shows this fall that look awesome and have trailers include Constitine. Yes it was a movie staring Scott’s favroit One Keanu Reeves. It was all based on a comic book before then. Well NBC has dumped a ton of money into this one based on the trailer. Another show I can’t wait for.


CW will join ranks of adding Comic book movies to their fall line up. Including The Flash and Izombie.


So TV is catching up to what hollywood has been onto for a few years now. TV gonna get fun!


Here is Batman!

Ben in the suit and the batmobile

Can anyone say Frank Miller Batman Returns?????????

Short ears, hard gray and black.

I think Batman is going to kick Supermans ass!!

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Ric’s YouTube page


Pope Francis says he would baptize aliens

VATICAN CITY, May 13 (UPI) --During a homily, Pope Francis said that he would be open to baptizing "green" aliens if they came to the Vatican seeking to convert to Christianity.

The topic came up while Francis was speaking about acceptance, inclusion and converting non-believers into Christians, according to Vatican Radio reports.

Francis brought up a Bible story in which Peter sees a group of non-Christians receiving the Holy Spirit and is later criticized for associating with them.

Then aliens came up...

"That was unthinkable. If -- for example -- tomorrow an expedition of Martians came, and some of them came to us, here... Martians, right? Green, with that long nose and big ears, just like children paint them... And one says, 'But I want to be baptized!' What would happen?"

He referenced the story and the extra-terrestrials in order to remind people that the Catholic Church is supposed to have open doors.

"Who are we to close doors? In the early Church, even today, there is the ministry of the ostiary [usher]. And what did the ostiary do? He opened the door, received the people, allowed them to pass. But it was never the ministry of the closed door, never."



MSC magnifica plays seven nation army during Hamburg's "harbour-birthday" celebration on May 9th 2014







Man with no pants arrested at Waffle House after starting conversation about his private parts

ROCK HILL , N.C., May 12 (UPI) --A North Carolina man was arrested over the weekend after allegedly sitting in a Rock Hill Waffle House with no pants on and striking up a conversation about his genitals.

A police officer reportedly saw Ryan Smallwood sitting in a booth "flipping the bird" early on Saturday morning while his pants were around his ankles.

The officer told Smallwood, who did have his boxers on, to pull up his pants and he complied.

A short while later, the officer heard Smallwood "talking about his privates to two other people sitting at the bar," the Rock Hill Herald reported.

Smallwood was told he had to leave the restaurant or he would be placed under arrest. After he argued with the officer and failed to leave, Smallwood was arrested and charged with public disorderly conduct.


Woman calls 911 to complain about her 'Flatizza' pizza from Subway

GASTONIA , N.C., May 13 (UPI) --A North Carolina woman was arrested and charged with misuse of the 911 system after she allegedly called emergency dispatchers because she was given a flatbread pizza that was made with marinara sauce instead of pizza sauce.

Bevalente Hall allegedly called 911 after Subway employees wouldn't refund the money she paid for a "flatizza" pizza that was sauced incorrectly.

"It's terrible, and I got my receipt," the 37-year-old says in the call. "And I told them I can't eat that kind of sauce."

In the 911 call, Hall says she wants report the incident to investigators with Channel 9.

"They made my mom another sandwich without a problem, but say they won't make me a sandwich," Hall said, the Gaston Gazette reported.

Hall's husband told Channel 9 that his wife called 911 after being yelled at by an officer.

Dracula's castle is on the market


BRASOV, Romania, May 12 (UPI) --The castle that inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula, formally known as Bran Castle, is up for sale.

Bram Stoker never actually went inside the castle while writing the 18th century horror novel, but it's the setting he chose as the home of the mythical Count Dracula. Dracula was loosely based on Vlad "The Impaler" Tepes, who lived in the region during the 15th century and was infamously known for drinking the blood of his victims. Tepes never lived in the manor, but it is said that he may have been imprisoned there for a few months.

The castle is currently owned by the Habsburg royals, Dominic, Maria Magdalena and Elizabeth. Due to their advanced age, the family said they feel they can't run the property any longer. Mark Meyer, the lawyer for the estate, told the Telegraph that serious offers will be considered.

"If someone comes in with a reasonable offer, we will look at who they are, what they are proposing, and will seriously entertain the idea," assured Meyer.

Potential buyers need to be ready to make some 21st century updates. The horrific home has 57 rooms, but no bathrooms. Meyer refused to name a price, but the home has previously been on the market for as much as $135 million. It is currently Eastern Europe's biggest tourist destination, it sees around 560,000 tourists a year. The Habsburgs would like it to remain a tourist destination, but brought into the 21st century.

"Archduke Dominic and his family care very much for the castle, and it's in far better shape now than it was when run by the government," said Meyer. "The aim, though, is to take the whole thing a stage further, re-route the road and make Bran a destination, the kind of place people will stay for two or three days."


Elderly driver hits 11 parked cars while trying to exit a parking structure

An unidentified woman in her mid 80’s apparently had extreme difficulty exiting a parking structure in Erfurt, Germany last week. Thüringer Allgemeine reports that fortunately, there were no people injured in the catastrophe.

As reported by BBC News, the driver, with her husband in the passenger seat, was reversing out of her parking spot on Thursday afternoon, when she ran into two parked cars. The Local reports that she then drove the car forward, only to hit the two cars in front of her, an Audi A4 and a Mercedes B-Class. The destruction continued as the woman reversed again right into a concrete pillar and a Mercedes-Vito.

 When police assessed the situation, they determined that the driver left the parking structure in a panic and swiped a wall, a trash can and several other cars. Before she came to a stand still, the woman had hit 11 cars. All told, authorities estimated that she caused €60,000 (over $82,500) of damage.Thüringer Allgemeine has video of the aftermath you can watch here (in German).

Some of the cars were so wrecked that they needed to be towed out of the structure. However, the tow trucks couldn’t get into the parking garage because of their height, so those vehicles had to be pushed out on special rollers.

The Local notes that the woman’s driver’s license was confiscated.

A ‘serial pooper’ on the loose in Houston was caught on camera


The neighborhood of Woodland Heights in Houston, Texas has an unwelcome visitor who has repeatedly defecated in the yards, and more often driveways, of several residents. The ‘serial pooper,’ as some have described the man, has even targeted one particular house six times.

KPRC Local 2 reports, Precinct One Constable’s Office Deputies are on the hunt for this unidentified man. He was caught on surveillance video by one of his victims, and authorities are using that footage to track down the suspect. The man leaving his personal waste in the neighborhood is described as an older, balding man with a mustache, who was wearing shorts at the time the video was captured. Deputies say that the man will likely face a charge of criminal mischief or one of indecent exposure.

Officers believe he is striking between 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. and when Sergeant J.C. Mosier spoke to radio station KRLD 1080, he said revenge is a possible motive. The sergeant recalled, “I do remember many years ago here in Houston, this was going on and it turned out to be a neighbor who was just mad at people for letting their dogs come in his yard and not cleaning up after them. So he decided to get his own little bit of revenge.”

While some residents, and neighbors (who likely haven’t been hit), are getting a slight chuckle out of the strange situation, the victims are hoping the offender is nabbed quickly. Patrick Reese, a nearby resident said, "It's definitely not a nice thing to do to people. Going bathroom in their driveway is not nice. That's definitely not something that's suppose to go on in polite society." Fellow neighbor Aimee Parsons told KPRC, "This is our neighborhood. Whatever people might think should go on around here, pooping is not okay. We don't want dogs pooping in our yards why would we want a human? It is very strange."

After the surveillance footage aired on local TV, authorities received calls from people who think they know who the suspect is. Mosier believes that with their increased patrols, authorities will likely find the suspect in the next few days and he will be arrested. Even though he said the crime is more of a nuisance than dangerous, Sgt. Mosier added, “Who knows? You don’t know who the person is. You have to worry about anybody that would go to this extreme to do something, no matter what the reason. So, you don’t know what a person like that is capable of.”