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Tanked Episode 296 for Tues Apr 22, 2014



- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Weekend Catchup

- Scott finally orders new cell phone. guess what it is!

- our beers

- 300 is coming up. twinkie.



Humans have been enjoying alcohol for thousands of years in a variety of forms, but one aspect has always remained constant: it was liquid. Inventor Mark Phillips has created a product that could revolutionize what we think about cocktails and gives a whole new meaning to ‘dry martini’: powdered alcohol. The product, called Palcohol, has just gained approval from the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). (See update at the bottom)

To turn Palcohol into your favorite adult beverage, you just add the powdered alcohol (which comes in a package sort of like a sugar packet) to five ounces of water. It currently comes in six varieties: rum, vodka, cosmopolitan, mojito, margarita, and lemon drop. Swapping out the water for a different mixer (such as soda or juice) can personalize the drink to suit an individual’s taste preference.

Many are excited because Palcohol could be discretely brought in to places where liquor is not available or exorbitantly priced, such as sporting events, concerts, movie theaters, airplanes, cruise ships, and the like. However, it is for this precise reason that many are opposing its availability.

One of the first questions to be brought up regarding the product was if it could be snorted. The short answer is yes, but it’s a terrible idea. The Palcohol website says this about snorting: “We have seen comments about goofballs wanting to snort it. Don't do it! It is not a responsible or smart way to use the product. To take precautions against this action, we've added volume to the powder so it would take more than a half of a cup of powder to get the equivalent of one drink up your nose. You would feel a lot of pain for very little gain. Just use it the right way.”

Despite approval from the TTB, there are many obstacles Palcohol faces before it shows up on store shelves, as each state must also approve the sale of powdered alcohol. Even if it is perfectly legal, retailers and wholesalers will also need to support its sale. It is almost certain that those who oppose it will be putting considerable pressure on them to oppose it, so there’s no telling how everything will play out. Despite the legal uncertainty, the minds behind Palcohol are still planning for a fall availability. There are no current predictions on how much the product will cost.

Update 4/21/2014 5:45 PDT: It has now come to light that Palcohol received approval for their label, not the product. A representative for the federal bureau said that the approval was made in error, though details were not provided about how the error occurred. Palcohol creator Mark Phillips was not available for comment, but agreed to surrender the approvals this afternoon. Phillips will likely re-evaluate the situation and try for approval on his labels again.

 TECH should be in sic


Nintendo Game Boy 25th

Gameboy is now a GameMan.

You've almost certainly played a game on your phone today. Some beautiful, high-res game with a rainbow of colors and fluid animation. You've got a lot of power in your pocket these days, but portable gaming owes a lot to the chunky old Game Boy, which is 25 years old today.

Released in Japan on April 21st 1989—it made its way to the States that August—the original Game Boy was the first in a long line of smaller, slimmer models one of which you've almost certainly owned. Still, that original was well worth its bulk and appetite for AA batteries for the magical ability to play Tetris on the school bus.

In light of today's cellular pocket monsters, the original Game Boy's specs are adorably meager.

  • An 8-bit, 4.19 MHz CPU

  • 8 kB of video RAM

  • 2-bit color pallette with four (magnificent) shades of gray

  • A wonderful 160 × 144 pixel LCD display

All that said, you're bound to have fonder memories of your very first Game Boy than any of the touchscreen beasts that followed in its wake. There's just something about a gray monolith with purple buttons that can really work its way into your heart.

Happy birthday, little dude.


The Game Boy (ゲームボーイ Gēmu Bōi ?) line is a line of battery-powered handheld game console sold by Nintendo from 1989 to 2006 . It is one of the world's best-selling game system lines with a combined 200+ million units sold worldwide.[2][3]

The original Game Boy and Game Boy Color combined[4] sold 118.69 million units worldwide.[2] As of September 30, 2010, all versions of the Game Boy Advance combined have sold 81.51 million units.[2] All Game Boy systems combined have sold 200.20 million units worldwide.


Original Gameboy commercial YouTube

Game boy commercial has special message at the end YouTube



Amazing Spider Man 2 Huge over seas


We still have a few weeks before the new Spider man hits the big screen. However he has raked in huge dollars overseas. How much you ask? Only about $47M to start! So this movie should really pull in big dollars!


Terminator 5


T5 has started filming. This one is called Genesis. Hummmm, I don’t … well… I have nothing for this…


Goonies 2 has been written


According to multiple sources and it’s been trending on FB. The rumor is that Steven Spielberg has already written the script. Thoughts?


1st set pic of RDJ on set of Avengers 2


A pic Iron Man tweeted out. “You asked for it! My first tweet from the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron with exec producer @jlatcham.”

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Ric’s YouTube page


22 Degree Halo

On the afternoon of April 16, 2014 a phenomenon known as a "22 Degree Halo" occurred in the skies over Tampa, Florida to create a brilliant effect that could be seen over much of West Central Florida, At least one woman though she'd best alert the authorities!






A 49-year-old New York man has died after his parachute failed to open during a skydiving jump.

Authorities say Arkady Shenker from Brooklyn landed in the backyard of a home after a skydiving accident in southern New Jersey.

The Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office says it’s unclear whether the specialized parachute that Shenker was wearing during the jump around 2 p.m. Sunday opened properly.


Officials say Shenker was an experienced skydiver with more than 350 jumps.

He was wearing a 'wing suit,' which allows a skydiver to move forward while descending.

A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office says that federal authorities will investigate.


Shenker was skydiving in a plane operated by Freefall Adventures in Monroe along with 15 others.

According to ABC Action News, the Dye family was in the middle of an Easter egg hunt in their backyard in Washington Township when they saw a skydiver fall into a nearby backyard.

'I saw the jumpers. Then I noticed one and he kind of looked like he wasn't conscious, he was just spinning,' Annie Marie Dye said.


The Dyes and other neighbors rushed to help Shenker, who at that stage, they say, was unconscious but still breathing.

One neighbor told NBC that Shenker was clearly seriously injured.

'He put a dent in the ground that deep,' he said, indicating about a foot with his hands.

Emergency responders found Shenker in a yard in the 100 block of Tuckahoe Road.

He was taken to Kennedy Hospital but pronounced dead just after 3:30pm.

The Federal Aviation Administration has will investigate the cause of the accident.


In 2011, Scott Shields, the popular Mayor of Rutledge, Delaware County, died while parachuting from the same Gloucester County company; Shields was also an experienced skydiver.

Freefall Adventures continued to take skydivers up to jump just hours after the tragedy.


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KKK Forms Neighborhood Watch Group In Pennsylvania


In response to a string of recent break-ins, the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan has given a local Pennsylvania chapter the go-ahead to form a neighborhood watch group.

“You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake!” read fliers promoting the neighborhood watch group in Fairview Township. The leaflets appeared on the doorsteps of homes along Ridge Road on April 18, PennLive reports.

(Story continues below.)

kkk neighborhood watch

The KKK's neighborhood watch flier for Fairview Township.

“It’s just like any neighborhood watch program. It’s not targeting any specific ethnicity. We would report anything we see to law enforcement,” Frank Ancona, the organization’s imperial wizard and president, told PennLive. “We don’t hate people. We are an organization who looks out for our race. We believe in racial separation. God created each species after its kind and saw that it was good.”

According to its website, the organization -- headquartered in Park Hills, Mo., with local chapters in every state but Hawaii -- is a "non-violent" and "law abiding group" composed entirely of white Christians. The group claims to have “been misunderstood for years.”

From the website's Who We Are section:

The Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a White Patriotic Christian organization that bases its roots back to the Ku Klux Klan of the early 20th century. We are a non-violent organization that believes in the preservation of the White race and the United States Constitution as it was originally written and will stand to protect those rights against all foreign invaders. We believe in the right to bear arms against all that threaten our home and family.

A call to the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan was not immediately returned.

Similar fliers promoting KKK neighborhood watch programs appeared in other states across the country this past year year. In July 2013, recruitment fliers with the same slogan as the Pennsylvania leaflets appeared on doorsteps in Springfield, Mo. In January 2014, the same flyer was spotted in driveways in Virginia.

"We picked ours up out of our driveway and threw it in the trash," Virginia resident Sarah Peachee told NBC 12. "We weren't interested in even reading about it."


Jengo Unchained KKK mask scene. YouTube @17sec

Portland church plans to spread Gospel to strippers by brining them baked goods


PORTLAND, Ore., April 22 (UPI) --

Members of a church in Oregon are hoping to spread

the Gospel to exotic dancers in Portland by bringing the

ladies bushels of baked goods.


Dancers at the Sunset Strip Gentlemen’s Club will be visited by

members of the Cedar Hills Baptist Church congregation on Saturday.


“We want to deliver a message of love, hope and transformation,

” Cedar Hills pastor Curtis Buthe told KGW. “It’s just a simple way of saying,

‘We care about you.’”


The DMV and the fire department are also expected to receive tasty treats.


Sunset Strip manager Jim Harrison appreciates the church’s gesture,

but he’s not sure how much influence it will have.

“They are trying to reach out to help out their community,”

Harrison. “Not everyone wants to work at McDonald's or the DMV.”

Cedar Hills congregation members were well received at the Sunset Strip in the past.


“Two years ago, we did this and we had some of our older ladies

deliver the goodies,” Buthe said. “They let them come in,

let them into the dressing room.”