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Tanked Episode 293 for Apr. 1, 2014



Captian America: Winter Soldier Friday

Early reviews have been very solid! Being called a great political drama/action movie! 92% On rotten tomatoes.


I have been chatting w 2 people during the show on FB who just got out of it. They both said it’s amazing! 10/10 from one and Better then Avengers from another.


Excited anyone?


Paul Walker to be CG: in Next FF movie!


TNMT Trailer:

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 FOOD news 

There's a new weight-loss shake similar to Slim Fast . . . but instead of vanilla or chocolate, they taste like GRAVY and BACON.

Each shake is 120 calories and has 30 grams of protein . . . and the company says they have a, quote, "rich, smooth, and meaty taste." It costs $20 for a 20-pack.



Submitted by Sir Patrick of Toronto!

Tanked Peerage



Cosmos a space odyssey discussion.

Storm cloud over dallas. TX



A guy in Oklahoma goes bonkers while filming a storm






Las Vegas 'masseuse' stashes $35,000 stolen Rolex in her vagina

April 1 (UPI) --

A Las Vegas masseuse was so intent on keeping

a Rolex she allegedly stole from a client that she

stashed it in the one place she thought no one would look…

It didn’t work.

During a $300 “private” massage session with 66-year-old

Kenneth Herold, 25-year-old Christina Lafave asked him

to remove his $35,000 Rolex Presidential watch so she could

work on his arms.


After the massage was over, Herold called Wynn Las Vegas

security to his suite at the hotel. When they arrived,

Herold said Lafave had stolen his watch. She denied the

accusation and “said Herold was mad because she refused to

perform oral sex on him without a condom,”

according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.


Security officers cuffed Lafave and Metro officers were

called in to search the suite but the watch had vanished without a trace.


Lafave revealed that the watch was in her vagina and

she was taken to University Medical Center.

“Prior to medical staff assisting Lafave with the removal of

the watch she admitted to them that she had stolen a watch

and concealed the item in her vagina,” a police report said.


Lafave is facing felony counts of grand larceny and

possession of stolen property.

Defense lawyer Chris Rasmussen claims that Herold gave

Lafave the watch, and reported it stolen after their

consensual encounter did not go as he planned.


“We believe he gave her the watch and later he tried to

take it back when he wasn’t satisfied with her services,”

Rasmussen said. “Like any person who works in these

hotels, she believed she was going to be

compensated for her massage.”

'Darth Vader' runs for president of Ukraine


As Ukraine battles to stave off dark forces of its own, iconic movie villain Darth Vader announced he was running for president in a bid to restore all glory to the downtrodden nation.

The Sith Lord, or at least an unnamed protester dressed up as him who has often been seen on Kiev's Independence Square during the winter protests flanked by his loyal Stormtroopers, has been chosen as the official candidate of the Ukrainian Internet Party (UIP) which has become known for its theatrical public stunts.

"After winning intra-party primaries by a landslide, comrade Vader will be our party's candidate," said UIP leader Dmitry Golubov, who spent time in prison after being convicted of using the internet to run a credit card fraud scheme.

Encased in black armour, with a black mask and cape, the party's "Darth Vader" has been involved in several political actions in the country.

In November 2013 he was carried by his Stormtroopers -- the elite soldiers of the fictional galactic empire -- to Odessa city hall where he declared himself mayor.

According to local media reports he has also reportedly demanded a plot of land in the southwestern city to park his space ship.

"I alone can make an empire out of a republic, to restore former glory, to return lost territories and pride for this country," Vader said in a party statement.

The party said it had paid the required 2.5 million hryvnia ($225,000 / 165,000 euro) registration fee for their unusual candidate.

Ukraine is holding a snap presidential election on May 25 after parliament ousted pro-Moscow leader Viktor Yanukovych as a result of bloody street protests against his government.

The move prompted the Kremlin to back a referendum in the majority Russian-speaking Black Sea peninsula of Crimea which voted to split from Ukraine.

The UIP was registered in 2010 and aims to create an electronic government in Ukraine, transition to digital media and offer free computer courses to all citizens, amongst other things.

According to the party, Darth Vader scored three percent of the votes in 2012 parliamentary elections, which did not count because Ukrainian law does not recognise write-in candidates.


Ga. teen accused of spending cash after bank error

DANIELSVILLE, Ga. (AP) — Authorities say a Georgia teen is under arrest and accused of spending about $25,000 that a bank accidentally deposited into his account.

The Madison County Sheriff's Department says 18-year-old Steven Fields of Hull in northeastern, Ga., turned himself in Friday.

He faces a charge of theft by taking. A home phone number for Fields could not be located, and it was not immediately clear whether he had an attorney.

The department says a teller at a bank in Hull inadvertently deposited a check for approximately $31,000 into the wrong account. Authorities say the money was spent on purchases at a car dealership, various stores and a fast-food restaurant.

Authorities say there was an effort to come to an agreement between Fields and the bank and that Fields said he couldn't repay the money.