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Tanked Episode 283 for Jan. 14, 2014



- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Weekend Catchup

- Happy Birthday to my wife. I got the Flu from hell. Thats why last weeks show went up so late. Casino Bus Trip.

- Catch up with Ric

- We have quite the listener driven show this week.

- I never got to mention my Dad’s Giant Nutcracker.




Burritos from a vending machine


In Los Angeles, a city full of taquerias and Mexican restaurants, you'd think a vending machine selling burritos at a gas station would be met with eye rolls from foodies and the burrito bourgeois. However, Burrito Box appears to be one of those novelties that even the most jaded hipster can't help but try. After all, Burrito Box is on Instagram.

The self-proclaimed "world's first burrito kiosk" (located at Mobile Gas, 8380 Santa Monica Blvd.) sells five kinds of burritos: chorizo sausage with cage-free eggs and cheese; uncured bacon with egg and cheese; roasted potato with egg and cheese; free-range chicken with beans and rice; and shredded beef and cheese. Sour cream, hot sauce, and guacamole sell for extra cost. Burritos are $3 plus tax by credit card.

After ordering the burrito with the touch-screen menu, the machine plays a commercial or music video while it heats up your food at around a minute and 30 seconds.


Article was submitted by Black Baron Sir Mad Billy (BBSMB)



Transform Yourself into a Virtual Assassin

Dustcloud fits that bill.

Created by a designer named Howard Hunt, the game uses small, gun-shaped “Dusters” that have LEDs that register hits and damage taken. You can use your Duster in street to secretly hit other players and because it uses RF signals there you simply need to be in line of sight rather than aim directly at a small target. The guns use Bluetooth LE to communicate with your phone and notify you of hit statistics and the whereabouts of other players. You can play offline with friends or join in on a massive, world-wide networked game.

We tried the game at CES and found it to be quite fun. While it takes some set-up – Hunt himself initialized the guns up for us – he expects things to get easier with time.



The team, which includes Ota Fejfar and Hunt, is looking for $100,000. They've raised $17,000 on Kickstarter so far and offer a number of packages including a single gun kit for $55 or a dual gun kit for $90. The “aftermarket” proposition is actually kind of interesting: if you want to play online with players around the world (a prospect that would assume massive market saturation), you can buy bullets (called speks) for 5 cents each. You store your speks on your smartphone and when someone shoots you they gather up your speks. This would presumably encourage you not to die so much.


Dustcloud sits firmly in the tradition of laser games of yore and that, I think, is a good thing.


Submitted by Black Baron Sir Mad Billy (BBSMB)



Maybe fill in some of the winners in some categories from the golden globes


Best motion picture, drama

"12 Years a Slave" -- WINNER


Best actress in a motion picture, drama

Cate Blanchett, "Blue Jasmine" -- WINNER


Best actor in a motion picture, drama

• Matthew McConaughey, "Dallas Buyers Club" -- WINNER


Best motion picture, comedy or musical

• "American Hustle" -- WINNER


Best actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy

• Amy Adams, "American Hustle" -- WINNER


Best actor in a motion picture, musical or comedy

• Leonardo DiCaprio, "The Wolf of Wall Street" -- WINNER


Best animated feature film

• "Frozen" -- WINNER


Best supporting actress in a motion picture

• Jennifer Lawrence, "American Hustle" -- WINNER


Best supporting actor in a motion picture

• Jared Leto, "Dallas Buyers Club" -- WINNER

Oscars Nominations will be announced this Thursday the 16th

Chris Hemsworth, a.k.a. Thor, will announce the 2014 Oscar nominees on Jan. 16 with help from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Cheryl Boone Isaacs, this according to the official Oscars website.

We will be picking OUR own nominations over the weekend and announcing them on the next show.


go over the oscar shots game premise and rules.


and we plan on doing the show with a live video feed Sunday, February 24

Gothem tv show Will have Bruce Wayne

Gothem will have a young Bruce Wayne, with an origin story that leads to Batman putting on cape in final episode of series.


Tv guide Tweets:

#Gotham will also include origin stories for Riddler, Penguin, Joker and Cat Woman, says #Fox's Kevin Reilly #TCA14


The show will split time between Jim Gordon and a young Bruce Wayne. Look for the focus to still be on the city its self. Thoughts on this direction? Kevin Smith just did a podcast a few weeks back and this new show direction really sounds stolen from that podcast.

Michael Douglas Cast as Ant-Man! Not Paul Rudd

Michael Douglas has joined the cast of Marvel Studios' Ant-Man in the role of Hank Pym! Douglas will star opposite Paul Rudd (now confirmed to be playing Scott Lang) in the Edgar Wright film, set for release on July 31, 2015.

"The idea that we have for the adaptation is to actually involve both... Henry Pym and Scott Lang," Wright told SuperHeroHype some years ago in an interview that he confirmed this morning via Twitter is still accurate. "So you actually do a prologue where you see Pym as Ant-Man in action in the 60's, in sort of 'Tales to Astonish' mode basically, and then the contemporary, sort of flash-forward, is Scott Lang's story, and how he comes to acquire the suit, how he crosses paths with Henry Pym, and then, in an interesting sort of Machiavellian way, teams up with him."


DOOMED!: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's "The Fantastic Four,"

Doomed the Movie: Did any of you see the original Fantastic four? You know the one made my famed C movie producer Roger Corman? Almost no one has so…


A new documentary about a movie what was made and never released. Why?

All had to do with retaining rights to a franchise. Had the studio now made a movie they would have lost the rights to the characters. They found it more profitable to make it and not release it then to let it get out into the world. I have not seen it but I sure would love to.


Magic the Gathering coming to a theater near you?

20th Century Fox has closed a deal to acquire the screen rights to the hugely popular fantasy card game from Hasbro and will develop the property with an eye to launch a massive franchise on the scale of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

The studio has enlisted Simon Kinberg, the Fox-based writer-producer who is also helping shepherd the X-Men and Fantastic Four universes at the studio, to produce the adaptation. Kinberg will also act as the franchise's engineer -- or supreme sorcerer, if you will -- overseeing the development of the movie series in concert with Hasbro execs.




Zoe Saldana & Sam Worthington Confirmed for Three 'Avatar' Sequels'


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Man falls through roof of a Golf Store. (posted on our FB page)



Price is Right bitch!

If you haven't seen it yet, a guy proposed to his girlfriend on "The Price Is Right" on Friday.

Her name is Morgan Welge, and she said yes . . . then went on to win the Showcase Showdown, and a grand total of $36,000 in prizes.





Newspaper clipping sent in from Baron Sir Jason From Texas (BSJFT)

Atomic DEATH!


An Oklahoma man is in jail this week amid allegations that he killed his stepfather with an "atomic wedgie."

Brad Lee Davis, 33, was arrested Tuesday by Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Deputies and charged with murdering his 58-year-old stepfather Denver St. Clair during a fight on Dec. 21, reports Reuters.

According to the arrest affidavit Reuters obtained, Davis claimed that during the fight he knocked his father unconscious. Then Davis "grabbed St. Clair's underwear and gave him an 'atomic wedgie.' Davis allegedly pulled the elastic waistband of St. Clair's underwear over his head and around his neck."

So were undies really the murder weapon?

Indeed, this scenario appears to be consistent with the findings of the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's office, which reported asphyxiation and blunt force trauma as the causes of death, reports.

“I'd never seen this before, but when we first looked at our victim seeing the waistband of his underwear was around his neck,” Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth said, according to News OK.

Authorities believe Davis, a former Marine, may have tampered with the crime scene in an effort to make the alleged wedgie attack look like self defense, reports local news station KFOR.


“I can’t imagine how you do that to your stepfather, choke him with his underwear.” Shawnee resident Peggy Springer told KFOR. “People knew him. And then to be killed like that is just outrageous.”


Article submitted by Wendy from Windy ChiTown (WFWCT)


Sex Pistol (eww)


A domestic dispute over space aliens escalated Saturday morning when a lingerie-clad New Mexico woman allegedly pointed a silver handgun at her boyfriend, a weapon she retrieved from her vagina, where it had been placed while the accused was performing a sex act, police allege.

To make matters more strange, the arrested woman is the most recent ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Cormac McCarthy, author of “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men.”


McCarthy’s boyfriend told investigators that following the argument McCarthy departed her Aventura Road residence. Upon returning to the home, he told deputies, McCarthy went into her bedroom and later emerged “wearing lingerie and a silver handgun in her vagina.” She then proceeded to “have inner course with the gun,” according to the court filing.

While using the gat as a sex toy, McCarthy reportedly asked her boyfriend, “Who is crazy, you or me?” The probable cause statement, drafted by Deputy Chris Zook, does not indicate whether McCarthy’s boyfriend dared to answer that query.


After removing the gun from her vagina, McCarthy pointed it at her boyfriend’s head, investigators charge. Fearing that he could get shot, the man grabbed the weapon from McCarthy and put it in the toilet.

McCarthy’s boyfriend subsequently “took it out of the toilet and put it in the trash can outside.” Deputy Zook reported that he recovered “a silver Smith and Wesson in the outside trash can.”

McCarthy was arrested on a felony charge of aggravated assault on a household member. She was booked into the county jail, from which she was released Sunday after posting $5000 bond.


Article submitted by Wendy from Windy ChiTown (WFWCT)