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Tanked Episode 280 for Dec. 10, 2013



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Video Game Scam


Walmart stores in Bay City, Saginaw and Hastings have filed complaints with the Michigan State Police, claiming someone is defrauding the stores with phony video game returns.Troopers from the Michigan State Police Tri-City Post are investigating the scam


Individuals are bringing back resealed video game packages with counterfeited  or blank game discs inside of them


According to police, the culprit or culprits bring the resealed package and a receipt with them to the store.

"The suspect explains to the service desk clerk that the receipt had been vomited on and is not perfectly clear to review," the release states. "The service clerk does not wish to touch a possible contaminated receipt. Service clerk acquires the prices on the games being returned via store records. Service desk clerk returns the full price to the suspects and the suspect signs a receipt."

The same four counterfeit game discs were returned to both the Bay City and Saginaw stores: EA Sports "Masters Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14," EA Sports "NCAA Football 14," "Injustice - Gods Among Us" and "Remember Me."


According to police, the man was refunded $264.83 at each of the two stores, for a total loss of $529.66. The incident at the Hastings Walmart is being invested by the Barry County sheriff's office, according to the state police.


Article was submitted by Back Baron, Sir Jason From Texas. (BBSJFT)



Trailer and Clip Released For THE IMAGE REVOLUTION

If you grew up with Image comics, but never knew the whole story behind it, there’s a great new documentary out called The Image Revolution. Check out the trailer and a clip:




20 years ago, a group of artists left Marvel Comics to create their own company, a company that continues to influence mainstream comics and culture to this day. Image Comics began as more than just a publisher — it was a response to years of creator mistreatment, and it changed comics forever.

The Image Revolution will tell the story of Image Comics, from its founders’ work at Marvel, through Image’s early days, the ups and downs of the ’90s, and the publisher’s new generation of properties like The Walking Dead. We will tell the company’s story through new interviews with the people who made it happen. And what better time than during Image’s 20th anniversary to make this documentary?


Wiki Link for info on Image Comics

The Image Revolution Preorder

All downloads packages are expected to be available in January 2014. In the meantime, basic downloads are currently being provided to all download purchasers. DVDs are expected to ship in early 2014.


The new trailer for Godzila has arrived!

Staring Arron Johnson (Kick ass), Brian Cranston (Breaking Bad) Elizabeth Olson.

This is a much darker looking movie then the last time we say the oversized Jananies Monster on the big screen. I am actually really excited to see this! I hope this is an Imax flick!


The Amazing Spider Man 2 hits the web too!

This movie looks to be an action packed summer run! Now the question is will all the big bads screw up like Spider man 3? 3 big bads can be way too much. We have Electro, Rhino, and Green Goblin all rolled into one. To bad that Emma Stone should be killed in this one. We will see. Trailer does have a lot going on.


Jason Momoa May Join ‘Batman vs. Superman’

The question is who would he play? Doomsday? Martian Manhunter? With the addition of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman this movie is getting really crowded. Still no official word on Lex Luther (Rumors are heating up that DC/WB now wants Denzel Washington or Idris Elba.

(Screen Rant)


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Heated Meat Dispute

This week’s Mexican food-related altercation comes from Indiana, where cops were summoned late last night to a residence in response to a domestic disturbance touched off when a man “took too much taco meat.”

As reported by police, Nianna Williams, 20, was visiting Micheal Love, 28, at his Indianapolis home when they “began to argue because Mr. Love took too much taco meat and didn’t leave much for her.”

Love apparently did not appreciate being chided for his meat consumption, so he “told Ms. Williams to get out,” according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report. As the pair continued to argue, Love threw Williams’s belongings outside the residence.

Williams told cops that Love then took her plate of tacos and pushed the grub into her face. “Ms. Williams complained of her eyes burning due to the taco sauce,” noted Officer Johnathan Burger. Williams, a community college student, was treated outside the home by medics, who flushed her eyes.

Cops sought to interview Love, but “numerous attempts” to get him to open the door and speak with officers “were unsuccessful. No one would answer.”

A police spokesman said that the disorderly conduct case remains open.


Fry in the Eye


JUNE 26--A Massachusetts man is facing a felony assault with a dangerous weapon charge after allegedly tossing a batch of “hot and oily” McDonald’s french fries at his stepdaughter during an disputelast Friday in the family car, police report.

According to cops, James Hackett, 26, got into an argument about money with his wife after the couple--and the woman’s 11-year-old daughter--picked up food at the drive-thru window of a McDonald’s in Lowell.

As the couple argued, the girl “began to interject into the argument in an attempt to get the two to stop fighting.” This allegedly upset Hackett, who “picked up the container of French fries he had just purchased, which were hot and oily, and threw it at [the girl], striking her in the face and chest area.”

While the child was not injured, “the heat of the oil could cause burning to skin and eyes,” a Lowell Police Department report notes.

Hackett was subsequently arrested after his wife called police to report the incident. When Officer Richard Cesarz collared Hackett, he informed him that “he was being charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon to wit french fry.”

Free on bail, Hackett yesterday appeared in District Court and pleaded not guilty to the assault and battery count (he was also ordered to have no contact with his stepdaughter). Hackett is scheduled for an August 10 pretrial conference.


You’d think after Duchess, Mad Stacy from California’s Food Beating article submission bonanza last week that these came in from someone else. You’d be wrong!


Email from DMSFC


Good evening boys,


Here are a few of more nuggets to add to my reign.... -- not sure if this one counts.  A "bowl of food" was thrown but it does seem a little vague. “BUNK”-SC - this seems to have the most potential for real injury out of the 3.


Really enjoy the show.  Keep warm up there.  It's been in the 20s at night here and it might snow tonight. (That is a big deal for the Bay Area.  I know that's just a regular Friday night in December for you guys.)


Stacy  - Duchess of California


Mad Stacy from California shall henceforth be known as MAD STACY, LORDESS OF CALIFORNIA


Tanked Peerage




Great New Gaming Console for Women, Finally! Shii (start at 20second mark)





Go Fuck a Goat (Play soundboard quote)


The victim of a sexual assault showed up to court to face her attacker. She was a goat.

Katana Gona, a 28-year-old man from Kenya, was sentenced to 10 years in jail after admitting he had sex with a goat.

The goat was present in the courtroom, brought there by prosecutors as evidence in the case.


The neighbor told prosecutors he went to urinate behind a bush, when he noticed clothes hanging on a tree. He investigated and found Gona, naked, having sex with the goat. The victim was tied up to graze, according to The Star.

The owner of the goat was alerted, along with other villagers who caught Gona engaging in the abuse. Police quickly took him into custody.

A report from the district's veterinary officer noted that blood was found coming from its vulva, further evidence of sexual abuse.


Though Gona asked for a pardon in court, saying he had a disabled wife who depended on him, Magistrate Mrs. Muthoni Nzibe gave him the 10-year sentence -- a record sentence in that court for bestiality.

Gona isn't the only busted goat abuser to make the news in recent months.

In August, U.K. man Robert Newman served a six-week sentence after admitting he had sex with a goat. He also had to register as a sex offender.


Article Submitted by: Baron MAD BILLY of CALIFORNIA (what ever the knights and dames want to submitt we will cover)


He Was Just Airing Penis Out


William Gibson, 50, allegedly exposed himself outside a Goodwill store in Jensen Beach, Fla., earlier this month, then claimed he was "airing out" his penis, T.C. Palm reported Friday.

Gibson allegedly first stuck his hand down his pants and smelled his fingers before dropping his drawers. Then, according to a witness statement obtained by T.C. Palm, "All of a sudden [Gibson] just pulled down the front of his underware [sic], to expose his genitals, fluffing them."

A witness called sheriff's deputies, who say Gibson stated he was arrested merely for "airing out" his penis.

He was charged with lewd or lascivious exhibition in the presence of the elderly.

This isn't the most outlandish excuse alleged flashers have given. In February, police officers said a man caught masturbating behind a convenience store told them he was only exposed because his pants had shrunk.

And last year, a man accused of masturbating in public decided to prove he was really just scratching a rash by whipping out his testicles to show the rash to cops. The craziest thing about this excuse was that it actually worked!


Article Submitted by: Baron MAD BILLY of CALIFORNIA

Man’s Best Thief!


Dogs are usually considered man’s best friend. But, as WHNS Fox Carolina 21 reports, sometimes they can go bad and turn to a life of crime.


A Dollar General store in Clinton, South Carolina was dismayed when they discovered that they had been robbed. Manager Anastasia Polson told WHNS that they noticed that pig ears, beef bones, dog food and treats were missing. The store has security cameras, so Polson went to see who had done the deed. Turns out, it wasn’t a person, “Well, we had a shoplifting dog.”


Yes, that’s right, the thief was none other than Cato, a husky. The loveable fella was taking his stolen merchandise to a nearby car wash and burying the food in holes he dug up. So how did this happen? He slipped off the leash of his owner, Holly Darden.


Darden told WHNS, “Police kept telling me this is the best arrest ever. I was like, ‘Thanks. Thanks a lot.’” Yes, that’s right the police were involved and even wrote up a report, which reads in part, “…spoke with the manager who stated the dog would sit outside and wait for someone to open the door and then he would take off inside steal a pack of dog bones and then run out and bury the items behind the store…the manager stated at this time they didn’t want to pursue any type of report or action against anyone.”


This pooch isn’t a first-time offender, according to Ms. Darden, “He's gotten into Ingles. He's gotten into BI-LO. He goes to Pizza Hut. And he goes up to Yo Cup which is downtown too.” Before he was returned home, Cato spent a few hours in the pound. WHNS says its unclear if any fines will be levied. We here at Odd News hope that Cato can be reformed and stop his crime spree of Clinton businesses.

More info: WHNS