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Tanked Episode 278 for Nov 26, 2013



- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Weekend Catchup

- Winners of the Florida Stories. Who’s the Top 4?

- Thanksgiving. Is it a bogitive Holiday?




A Kickstarter Project we can get behind!


Booze and nostalgia go hand in hand. That is why we flipped when we saw this kickstarter project for liquor flasks made from old school NES game cartridges. Do you miss looking at your game case to see your awesome collection of amazing games? Well now you can rebuild that collection but with games a little more adult. These flasks even feature new boozy labels like Drunk Hunt, Super Bar-Hop Bros, Castlevodka, and Legend of Drink.


Good news!
1,344 Backers
$39,905 pledged of $12,000 goal


What are other alcohol-themed parody game lables can we think of?

Donkey Bong, 6Pac-Man, Mike Tyson’s “Pass Out”, Booze of Steel, ect.



Suspected beer thieves arrested after scaling down side of hotel

Nov. 26 (UPI) -- Two suspected beer thieves were

arrested and booked for burglary in Orange County

after they were caught trying to evade police by scaling down

from the 10th floor of their Santa Ana, Calif., hotel.


Gabriel Sauceda, 22, and Chad Walker, 20, are

accused of stealing four cases of beer from a Mobil gas station.

The men supposedly first stole beer at 5:20 p.m. Saturday

and then came back for two more cases an hour later.


After the second alleged theft at 6:20 p.m., a clerk followed the

men and saw them enter a nearby Embassy Suites. He promptly

alerted authorities.


Officers were able to track the two men to a party on the 10th floor.

When Sauceda and Walker realized they’d been found out,

they start scaling down the side of the hotel,

going from balcony to balcony.


Sauceda fell, broke his leg in several places and had to be

rescued by firefighters. Both men were taken into custody

and brought to Orange County Jail.



Well Microsoft’s XBOX ONE sold 1Mil units in it’s first 24 hours as well. But that was spread across 13 countries where PS4 did the same number in north america alone. But both consoles have had great first day sales! With the good comes that bad...There was a small glitch with some Xbone units throwing an error code designating a bad disc drive. no word how small the problem is. insiders are guessing that it’s probably around the same number of defective PS4’s. less than 1%


Microsoft likely could have sold all one million consoles that it produced for Friday's launch in North America alone. Similarly, Sony probably could have sold two million units on its North American launch day if it had the production capacity. We'll never know for sure which console would have seen more concrete demand given functionally limitless launch-day supplies, but considering the massive retailer waiting lists and auction house markups, it's safe to say both console makers weren't able to satisfy everyone who wanted a system on day one. Any consoles that Microsoft and Sony put on store shelves through Christmas don't seem likely to stay there long.



Scott and Ric Tandem Review Catching Fire


Family Guy kills off Brian

So is Brian really dead? If so will the backlash be big enough to force the favorite Griffin pet to be brought back from the dead? Remember this is a once cancelled show that the fan base loved so much it was able to bring the show back from the dead.


Magento killed JFK?

The X-men Viral campaign is a fun little twist on history.

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Ric’s YouTube page


Knighting Ceremony Speakith.

Step up *NAME FROM STATE* We hereby decree you Sir/Dame NAME. Knight/Dame of the keg table of Tanked for finding us a food beating article! Where you are rewarded with Rape Vans, Honey Ham Mead, Huckleberry Huskies, Piss dungeons, One Year old Twinkies, Skunkapes, Bottle Caps, Beer Wenches and Pool Boys



Crickets slowed down sounds like angels choir.




an old video that we all missed

i need a






Woman named Happy Thanksgiving gets two holidays in one



A Minneapolis doctor preparing to celebrate her birthday

on Thanksgiving Day said her parents, "hippies," named her

Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds.


Reynolds, 43, a family physician, said her parents gave her

the unusual name when she was born on Thanksgiving

when the holiday fell on the same date 43 years ago,


the St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press reported Monday.


"I was the child of hippies," Reynolds said.

She said they decided the universe was helping them

name their newborn.

"It was total universe magic time for them,"

Reynolds said.


Reynolds said she has learned to love her name,

which she described as an "unintentional gift."

She said she has gotten job interviews just because

employers were curious to meet someone named Happy Thanksgiving.


"I'm someone you're not going to forget based on the name," she said.

Welsh bar's 'divorce' sign now says 'keeping the dog'

UPLANDS, Wales, Nov. 26 (UPI) --

A Welsh bar that posted a sign on behalf of a woman

who wanted to tell her husband she was divorcing him

changed the sign again to say she is "keeping the dog."


Noah's Yard in Uplands, which has a history of changing its

sign to give special messages, put up the words

"Paul... I am divorcing you" on the exterior of the building

during the weekend and the sign was changed Tuesday

to read "BTW I am keeping the dog,"


using the "BTW" text-speak for "by the way," the South Wales Evening Post reported Tuesday.


The woman, who asked to remain anonymous,

said she asked Noah's Yard to change the sign during

the weekend to publicly shame her husband for his

alleged infidelity.


"I was angry and upset so wanted a sign to go up for

everyone to see," she said. "When I found out I went through

a mixture of emotions but felt angry and wanted him to pay.

I had a drink in the bar on Tuesday and decided to get my own back.


We have been married for years and it is so sad it has come to this.

I am absolutely devastated and going through a really tough

time at the moment. A lot of my friends and family have seen it and

have been supporting me. I did feel a bit better once the sign went up.

I wanted to name and shame him."


It was not certain Tuesday that the dog-themed sign

was a request from the same woman, the Evening Post said.

Robbery suspect busted returning borrowed cash at another store

MIDDLEBURG, Fla., Nov. 26 (UPI) --

Police in Florida said a man accused of robbing a store

was arrested when he returned to make good on a $3 debt

at another store.


Larry's Giant Subs was robbed around 8:20 p.m. Saturday,

and a sheriff's office supervisor who stopped in at Flash Foods

in Middleburg about 4 a.m. Sunday learned a man matching the

suspect's description had just been in the store,


WJXT-TV, Jacksonville, Fla., reported Tuesday.

The clerk at Flash Foods said she had allowed a man driving

an old truck to borrow $3 for gas about 3:30 a.m. and he had

left his wallet behind to prove he was intending to return

with the money he owed, the Clay County Sheriff's Office said.


The wallet contained identification for Brian Jeffers, 43,

who was seen returning to Flash Foods around 5:15 a.m.

He was arrested as he was returning the $3 to the clerk.


Sheriff's Capt. Barry Ambarowitz said Jeffers confessed to the

robbery and was arrested.


"Bottom line is the guy committed a robbery and he got caught

and in Clay County you get caught for committing violent crimes,"

Ambarowitz said.


Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Mary Justino said it was a "strange" case.

"The suspect had the integrity to return the borrowed $3, but 8 hours

before was robbing a business," Justino said. "Strange but true."