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Tanked Episode 273 for Tues. Oct. 22, 2013



- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Weekend Catchup

- Casey my faithful gentle giant lab passes. shots


Yet another way to chill a beer really fast

A new Kickstarter project by Trevor Abbott and Ty Parker is seeking funding for a new invention that promises to chill a warm can of beer or soda in under a minute. Using a basic drill and a device called a Chill Bit,  the unique spin-to-chill process uses convection to increase the rate of heat transfer, cooling the beverage on ice at least 20 times faster, or about 30 to 60 seconds for a can of beer or soda, according to the Spin Chill Kickstarter website.


The Chill Bit is a power drill attachment that snaps on to the top of a can or bottle. The Beerouette, the team's newest invention, is a stand-alone, motorized device that can be placed right in the ice while spinning your beverage. Components for both products were designed in engineering software and printed in 3D to ensure they adhere tightly to cans and bottles.


The Spin Chill products can also respin and rechill an open can.

And then there's the question of foaming. Surely we've all had a can of beer or soda explode on us after it's been shaken up a bit. Well, according to Abbott and Parker (and science), this will never happen with Spin Chill.


"When a beverage is shaken, the air pocket is broken up into millions of small pockets dispersed throughout the beverage. ... When the container is opened ... it fizzes over," the duo wrote on their site. "When a beverage is rotated, the air pocket stays intact and knocks all the small bubbles off the side of the container, making one larger air pocket. ... The usual slow decarbonation takes place at the infrequent irregularities and at the surface."


Is it too late to recall this year's Nobel Prize for physics?


by the way the team has reached it’s goal raising
over 1,063
pledged of $10,000 goal




Oct 22 Apple Announcement (“we have a lot to cover”) details:


  • OS X Mavericks is free - updates work all the way back to 2007 devices and can be downloaded from the App Store

  • New iPad is called the iPad Air - M7 and A7 chip onboard, 20 per cent lighter than previous generation - prices start from $499 and it'll hit stores on November 1st.

  • iPad mini adds Retina display with $399 price tag also launching on November 1st; the original iPad mini will stay in the lineup with the price dropping down to $299.

  • MacBook Pros with Haswell chips on sale from today - 13'' model starts at $1299. $1999 for the 15''

  • Mac Pro prices starts at $2999 though no shipping date

  • Updates coming to iLife and iWork software - all for free and downloadable from today



Beetlejuice is back!


A sequel to Tim Burton's Beetlejuice has been in development for awhile. The script for the movie was written by Seth Grahame-Smith, author of the book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and the screenplay for Dark Shadows. The last we heard, the project was a top priority for Warner Bros. and Burton. Michael Keaton was even excited about reprising his role!


Now according to a source at Schmoes Know, Keaton will return as Beetlejuice and Burton is looking to direct it, which has kind of been the case all along. We always assumed Burton would direct the sequel anyway.


I guess the biggest news here is that the movie is still moving forward with the two major players we want involved with the film. I loved Keaton as Beetlejuice, and it will be amazing to see him back in the role! I'm also happy to hear that Burton was willing to make any schedule adjustments he could to bring us this long-awaited sequel.

Batman VS. Superman already has been doing some shooting. Here is a link to the shoot.

Gotham City vs. Metropolis


Weekend numbers


1 Gravity wins for a 3rd week with $30M

3 carrie with $16M

8 The fifth estate making a whopping less then $1.7M opened in 1,769 theaters.

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Woman slapped sleeping man with fish


NYKOPING, Sweden, Oct. 21 (UPI) --

Police in Sweden said they are investigating a man's

allegations a woman stole from his apartment and

slapped him with a fish while he was sleeping.


Investigators said the Nykoping man, who is in his 60s,

called authorities to report he was awakened from a nap

by a slap across the face from a woman wielding a mackerel,

The reported Monday.


The man also alleged the woman stole $310 from him

and took food from his refrigerator.

The woman, who is also in her 60s, is known to the man,


police said.


"They might live together sometimes,"

Mikael Larsson of the Nykoping police told the Sodermanlands

Nyheter newspaper.

The incident is being investigated as an assault, police said.




Batman vs. Superman

This is one of the funniest YouTube parodies i have ever seen. We are going to play the whole damn thing! All 5:37 of it. It’s that good.







Article Submission from BBJFT

Killer clowns

Sandwich throw

Woman stabbed boyfriend because dog ate marijuana


DANIA BEACH, Fla., Oct. 22 (UPI) --

A Florida woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend

when his dog ate her marijuana told police the man

repeatedly walked into her knife.


The Broward Sheriff's Office said Shadae Scott, 26,

allegedly attacked boyfriend Kevin Wiggins with a knife Sunday

at her Dania Beach apartment because his dog had eaten her supply

of marijuana, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Tuesday.


Wiggins suffered small knife cuts to his face and head.

He had one large gash across his hand, deputies said.

The arrest report said Scott told deputies Wiggins had walked

into her knife repeatedly during their argument.

Scott was arrested on a domestic battery charge

and jailed in lieu of $2,500 bond.

Rare Kentucky Bourbon Latest in Odd Food Heists

$25,000 in Kentucky Bourbon

Cops believe the theft of more than $25,000 worth

of a rare Kentucky bourbon was an inside job.

Some 65 cases of 20-year-old Pappy Van Winkle

were stolen from the


Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfort, Ky., on Oct.15.

Just 6,000 cases of the hooch are distilled a year.

A bottle retails for about $130, but can sell for four

times that on the secondary market.


Buffalo Trace recently warned customers that production

could not keep pace with demand, sending prices

and interest in the brand soaring.

No suspects have been named in the theft.




Link to VM In box

Email from Adam W.

Hello gentlemen,


I slipped over a video named "Living with Jigsaw" I thought was funny as hell and might be appropriate for a pre-Halloween show.  And yes, Aaron, I'm using the phrase "slipping over" any chance I can now.


I've been listening for the past few months since exclusively switching to podcasts on my daily 45-minute commute (one way).  You know what?  Fuck Ric's 8 minute drive.  Does his vehicle even have time to heat up to operating temperature?  I hope his gas mileage sucks! :)  But I digress.


Tanked Radio is the only podcast to supplant Dan Carlin's Mongols series on my playlist.  So keep up the entertaining work while I continue to resist the urge to Google "food beatings."  It's not like I need to find another reason to be knighted.



Adam W

Package from BBJFT arrived in the mail last Tuesday. Scott is dumb.