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Tanked Ep.27 for Monday Nov. 10 2008

MPAA already nudging up to Obama

Well that didn't take long. Barack Obama has only been the president elect for a few days now and already the Motion Picture Association of America is cozying up to him. Turns out that MPAA Chairman Dan Glickman says that the movie biz "stands ready to work constructively with the Obama administration and the new Congress to revitalize our economy and American's place in the world." With Obama already making statements on his administrative goal of reforming intellectual property laws and Bush's late-term executive powered digital rightsgestapoaddition I'm sure that we haven't heard the last of the demon lawyers from Hollywood.

iPhone 2.2 Getting Direct Podcast Downloading

A couple of months ago Alex Sokirynsky created a nifty little app that allows you to download or stream
your favorite podcasts on the go. Apple yanked alex's Podcaster app because it violated Apple's policy of not duplicating functionality, though in Podcaster's case, that functionality was future over present. Now conveniently enough Apple's iPhone 2.2 update will allow direct downloading of podcasts to your iPhone or iPod Touch. That explains why the Podcaster app was rejected from the App Store a few months back.
*Side Note* there are other apps on the App Store that duplicate functionality or instance, there are many calculators that duplicate the functionality of Calculator. Twitterrific has a small browser built in, duplicating the functionality of Safari.NetNewsWire duplicates some RSS reading functionality in Mail for Mac OS X.

Alex has set up a website, where you can sign up to get an Ad Hoc distribution of Podcaster. You'll need to "donate" $9.99 to Alex via PayPal to get the app. and Jailbreak you iphone. I think this is a great way for smaller developers to get their apps out there, particularly when Apple decides to shut 'em down. Bullshit!
Links: Cnet Tuaw

Good thing Apple doesn't have an Ocarina in Leopard



Yes for $.99 now you can play those notes that reminds us of Hyrule.
The App consists of 4 buttons to change key and you blow in to the mic
to make your very own digital Ocarina.
Now this is an innovative app for the iphone.
video on Vimeo

California votes yes on high-speed rail

After votes on Prop 1A came back with a resounding Yes, California is on it's way to developing a high-speed rail. The bullet train line is proposed to link every major city in CA from San Diego to Sacramento (LA & San Fran as well) and operate at speeds above 220mph. $45 billion is all that tax payers are going to have to fork over but Gov. Schwarzenegger claims that budget and financial situations can't be an excuse for the project that claims to create 320,000 permanent jobs by 2030. The Las Vegas maglev has no excuse now.

Cage of Death = Cage of $$$ Big fucking crocodiles face to face. Adventuresome tourists heading to Darwin, Australia can cough up£35to see just that. The attraction puts the thrill-seeker at hand into a 9 foot transparent acrylic cage which is then submerged into a large aquatic cage with Choppa, a gargatuan saltwater crocodile. The effect is said to be amazing due to the cages lack of bars or other visual distractions. The immensely popular attraction at Crocosaurus Cove house the saltwater crocodile, a species which growsup to 19' 6" in length.

Man sets fire to home with blowtorch

Pesky cobwebs got you down? Torch 'em. In an effort to remove cobwebs from the eaves of his home with a blowtorch, Georgia resident Galen Winchell set his house aflame. Winchell was said to notice the arson when he saw smoke pouring out of his attic. Although nobody was hurt and only part of the home was burned, the entire home had smoke and water damage. WTG. CBS News

Role Model movie review

Although reluctant to view, Hiller eventual gives in to Role Model.

Bad ass Custom Opel GT Bat mobile sells for a measly $9k

This one-of-a-kind Bat mobile based on a '73 Opel GT and stuffed to the gills with early '90s electronics.

Check out some of the stuff that was inside:

1. SONY Digital Navigation System #NVX-F160

2. SONY Magic Link System with pager. This is the original vehicle PDA system before there were PDAs.

3. SONY Magic Link SkyTel Card

4. SONY Hi-8 VCR

5. Pioneer CD player DEH-85 in the dash....comes with the batman theme on cd!

6. Alpine Bat Phone #91530

7.Super Nintendo NES Game system with Batman Forever game.......yes, a game system that plays batman!

8.Alpine 80-80 Remote Commander RMX 38 (something to do with the alarm I think)

9.Alpine Alarm 8401 with paging system, unlocks and opens doors, windows...It will take you a full day just to learn the alarm system.

1973 Opel GT [eBay via Jalopnik]