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Tanked Episode 266 for Tues Sep. 3, 2013




- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Weekend Catch up

- Ric Threw his back out sitting!


Spreadable Beer!


Try to contain your excitement over the existence of Omid Spreadable Beer. This ingenious creation is a chocolate spread infused with the delicious flavor of a dark ale. The spread was created via a collaboration between an Italian chocolatier and an Italian brewery. The spread is made with 40 percent beer and is another one of the many sweet treats to have been recently infused with booze.


Omid Spreadable Beer is likely to bring up memories of Whipped Lightning, the alcoholic whipped cream. The spread is a bit more accessible than the whipped cream and is hopefully less alcoholic. After all, Nutella is put on a lot more things than whipped cream, and you can eat it for breakfast as well! The boozy spread is available now and is selling for $12.                                                              




Acer Liquid S2 is a 6-inch Galaxy Note rival that brings both 4G and 4K


When does 4 and 4 equal 2? When 4K and 4G add up to the Acer Liquid S2, a new phablet rival to the Samsung Galaxy Note that shoots ultra-high-definition video.

Revealed at technology industry shindig IFA in Berlin this week, the 6-inch S2 shoots dizzyingly detailed 4K video, the next generation of ultra-high-definition video, as well as plain old 1080p video.

The S2 sports a 6-inch Gorilla Glass screen displaying 368 pixels per inch. So shooting 4K is one thing, but actually watching it is quite another: you can't see the extra detail on the phone itself, and unless you have a cinema in your den or you've forked out around four grand for a UHD TV, you can't see the extra detail packed into each frame.

Pictures and video

The S2 shoots 1080p full high-definition video, recorded at up to 60 frames per second. It'll play back at four times slow motion for slo-mo action.

The 13-megapixel f2.2 camera fires up from the lock screen for quick snapping, and you can set up to five profiles that each remember various settings, so you can quickly switch among different setups without having to alter each setting individually. Say your phone is set up for taking well-lit pictures in a well-lit, sun-dappled garden when you walk indoors to a darkened room; you don't need to change every setting, just switch to a different profile, where everything is set up for a low-light situation.

If one photo won't do justice to a particularly expansive landscape, an unusually large group of friends or just a particularly massive sandwich, you can capture an extra-wide 27-megapixel panorama.


Apple’s big day next Tuesday


The emails have been send out. Next Tuesday Apple will show the world it’s new phone. There have already been a few leaks here and there. Mainly a new interior body design and a gold case. These leaks have been on a few hacking youtube pages. One showing that the inside of the case is designed a big different. Looking as if there is more room for a larger processor and battery. Never a bad thing. We all know this will come with IOS7 and look for that to be available to older iphones around release day of the next iphone if not a few days before.



Huge Casting Rumor for Star Wars


Duncan Cumberbatch who was just in JJ’s Star Trek is rumored to be getting a roll in the next Star Wars flick. He had just recently dropped out of the Del Toro flick. I think star wars is a good reason to bolt.

Avengers 2 Age of Ultron names it’s big bad

Well casting anyways. We knew Ultron was the big bad. However we didn’t know who would play the Super Robot. James Spader will play…. Voice Ultron??? Joss has said Ultron’s origin will be a bit different then the comic books. What that means we won’t know for about a year and a half.


Dakota Johnson, Charlie Hunnam to Star in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Dakota Johnson, the 23-year-old daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, has landed the steamy lead role of Anastasia Steele

Charlie Hunnam, was cast as the male lead Christian Grey.


This is usually not a movie we would talk about. However this is huge casting news. Rumors have been going around for freaking months on this flick and well the casting has been announced. Johnson was in the Social Network and 21 Jump street. Not major gigs. Charlie on the other hand we know as Jax on FX’s The Sons of Anarchy.

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not really a food beating from Sir Mad Billy



Diana Nyad's jellyfish-proof face mask

Diana Nyad

Abe Sapein

You Be The Judge!


A customized silicone mask, fitted over the face, head and mouth of endurance swimmer Diana Nyad, was a key difference-maker in helping the 64-year-old complete the grueling, 100-mile swim from Cuba to Key West, Florida, on her fifth try.


Nyad needed the mask for protection against box jellyfish, deadly creatures common to tropical waters and whose venomous sting cut short her fourth attempt to swim from Cuba last summer. Because the mask is cumbersome, she only wore it Saturday night when her support team feared jellyfish were nearby.


"I was grateful for it. I knew I wasn't going to be stung at all. I felt 100 percent prepared for the jellyfish," Nyad told reporters Tuesday morning after her record swim.


But the design of the mask, with its narrow mouth opening, was not perfect. For 13 hours Saturday night and early Sunday, it caused her to swallow "tremendous volumes" of seawater, which in turn led to bouts of vomiting. Nyad grew dehydrated, weakened and discouraged.


"That night was hell on Earth, it really was," she said.

The jellyfish dispersed by Sunday afternoon, however, and Nyad did not wear the mask again during the crossing.





London skyscraper accused of melting car



Some love it, others hate it.

London’s newest skyscraper has divided opinion,

but now it’s really heating things up — literally.


Developers of the unfinished “Walkie-Talkie” building —

so called because of its shape —

said Tuesday they are investigating the way the building

reflects sunlight, after claims that the intense glare melted

parts of a luxury car parked nearby and caused a

small fire outside a shop.


Businessman Martin Lindsay told the BBC that his Jaguar’s mirror,

panels and badge had all melted from the concentrated heat

of sunlight reflected from the building.

“It was parked for a couple hours in the city …

and it’s completely warped,” he said. “It’s absolutely ruined.”


A barber shop owner also claimed that the glare burned

a hole in his company doormat.

“We were working and just saw the smoke coming

out of the carpet,” said Ali Akay.

“This is a health and safety issue. They should have looked

into this before they built it.”


The half-finished 37-story tower is one of the most distinctively

shaped skyscrapers in London’s financial district.

The building is expected to be completed in 2014.

In a joint statement, developers Land Securities and

Canary Wharf said they are investigating and taking the matter seriously.


“The phenomenon is caused by the current elevation

of the sun in the sky,” they explained, adding that the problem lasts

about two hours a day and is expected to continue for

another two to three weeks.

The companies are evaluating long-term solutions to solve the problem,

and in the meantime have asked authorities to suspend parking

in three spaces in the area that may be affected, the statement said.


Police: Patrol car thief 'just wanted to drive around'


NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Sept. 3 (UPI) --

A Florida man accused of stealing a patrol cruiser

from a police parking lot told officers he

"just wanted to drive around,"

North Miami Beach police said.

North Miami Beach police said the door

of the marked patrol car "may have been unlocked"

when Stalyn Enrique Hernandez, 28, found a key inside

the vehicle around 5 p.m. Sunday and drove off,

The Miami Herald reported Tuesday.


"Upon discovering that the vehicle was not where

it had been left I began contacting my co-workers

to see if any of them may have taken the vehicle for

some reason," North Miami Beach Officer Felipe Hernandez,

who police said is not related to the suspect,

wrote in his report.


Officer Hernandez and another officer found the car in

motion near West Dixie Highway and pulled the vehicle over.

"Hernandez then immediately rolled down the window and stated,

'I just wanted to drive around for a little bit,'"

the report said.

Stalyn Hernandez was arrested on a charge of grand theft

and taken to the Miami-Dade County jail.

Man ordered to hold 'idiot' sign apologizing for threatening police



Judge Pinkey Carr, She Be The Judge!


A Cleveland man complied with a judge's order by

holding an "idiot" sign at the side of a road to apologize

for threatening police.

Richard Dameron, 58, held a sign Monday outside

the Second District police station in Cleveland apologizing

for making 911 calls threatening police officers, WKYC-TV,

Cleveland, reported Tuesday.

"I was being an idiot and it will never happen again,"

the sign reads.

Dameron was ordered to hold the sign by

Municipal Court Judge Pinkey Carr after he failed to show

up for a court appearance on the charge of making

threatening 911 calls.

Dameron told the judge he missed his court appearance

because he didn't have a ride.