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Tanked Ep.26 for Monday Nov. 3 2008

-Zoe is born
-Aaron's Party

The Playstation Store Updated
-New firmware (only notable thing is Flash 9 support)
now you can watch hulu videos on PS3
-Mirrors Edge and EndWar are now available for Demo Download
-Little Big Planet Add ons
-New Rock Band songs and also Guitar Hero songs

Scott's Little Big Planet Review &
Mirrors Edge Demo preview
A demo for Mirror's Edge was released on PlayStation Network on October 30 and Xbox LIVE on October 31, 2008.
It consists of the training level and one of the opening levels.
People who have pre-ordered the game can enter the code they get to unlock the Time Trial mode.
The game comes out November 13th

Circuit City to shutter 155 stores

According to a slew of tips we've received, Circuit City will be closing down 155 of its retail locations, possibly even before Black Friday. Right now details are sketchy, but it seems that the company's traditional "holiday kickoff" meeting was actually a "holiday layoff" discussion
instead. Apparently, a full list of store locations getting the axe will be revealed.
This makes sense given the rumors we heard in October and the fact that the company's stock has been been essentially put on death watch
by the NYSE

Netflix opens 'Watch Instantly' to Mac owners who opt-in

Netflix 'Watch Now' on Mac

Mac owners who have been waiting for Netflix to open up the 'Watch Instantly' option just got a little something to light up their day -- the service is now available to the public; or at least members of the public who opt in via a web form. It's all based on Microsoft's Silverlight, so you'll need to download and install the plugin for your web browser, but please mind the six device limit if you've got a small cadre of 'Watch Instantly' devices in use. So if you can live with the fact that Microsoft tech is the lynchpin to your Mac streaming enjoyment, hustle on over and sign yourselves up for that
non-HD, but ample selection of streaming content.
MTV makes video library available online

MTV in a desperate attempt to reconnect it's since tarnished association with music rather than
reality shows about whiny teens has uploaded 16,000 videos from their archive online.
Exclusive content like the "Unplugged" performances are also up there with more videos being added by the day according to MTV's Splash Page blog. This move comes after Viacom's $1 billion lawsuit
against YouTube for copyright infringement. Just as long as YouTube can keep the Rick Roll.
The videos can be accessed straight off of MTV's homepage at

Peek E-Mail Device = TIME MAGAZINE'S


The Peek E-Mail Device (catchy name) rounded out such heavyweight devices like the Macbook, Eye Fi SD Card and T-Mobile G1 for Time Magazine's prestigious Gadget of the Year award. For those of you unfamiliar with Peek's sleek device it is a handheld smartphone without the phone or the smart. For $20 a month the E-Mail Device will get you email...just email. Even though the device is a 1/3rd the thickness of the iPhone it's still another clunky device to have on your belt. The folks at the polls on this one must still be rockin' StarTacs or something.

Brazilian creates tomb with television & megaphones Freud de Melo is an taphephobe, he's afraid of being buried alive. So naturally the 73 year old resort operator/politician created a tomb complete with air ventilation, television, pitcher of water, fruit pantry and megaphones to announce his (implied) mortality. Two plastic cones with lengthy tubes attached make up the makeshift megaphones. Let's hope there's a remote down there for that television.

I'm a PC, and I'm in front of your Apple store Much like a pop-up ad attacking you when you have your eye on something else, Microsoft has placed a video kiosk promoting their new "I'm a PC" campaign right in front of an Apple store. The kiosk is located DIRECTLY in front of the entrance to the Touchwood shopping center in Solihull, England. Although no word has been heard about similar kiosk placements or if the kiosk campaign is coming to the US but the video kiosks (which prompt you to record your own "I'm a PC" testimonials) definitely gives Apple employees in England something to do on their lunches.