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Tanked Episode 258 for Wed Jul. 10, 2013



- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Weekend Catchup

- every year there is a fireworks display mishap and this year it was simi valley california's turn. Youtube

- Soccer game gone wrong Ref Stabs a player, but it gets worse, much worse Link

Soccer sucks. there i said it.

- Dino hack!




New Tampon Flasks

If you haven’t heard, the NFL has just upped their security measures to ban all purses and bags from their games. So sneaking in that bottle of Jack may be a little bit tricky. There is something though that they will never be able to ban and will most likely not be given a second glance when entering the game, tampons. The Tampon Flask is an ingenious invention that allows you to conceal up to 1 oz of booze per tampon, luckily they come in a pack of 5.



Want to find more ways to smuggle booze into your favorite event? Check out this list 13 ways to smuggle your booze.



GTA V Actual gameplay trailer released on tuesday




Ric’s Review of Pacific Rim

Stars Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy and Ron Perlman, Idris Alba and Charlie Day.


Box Office over Holiday weekend.

Despicable Me 2 wins with $142M

Lone Ranger $48M

Coming in 8th is Kevin Hart’s Let me Explain raking in $17M for a stand up comedy Doc that opened on 879 screens averaging 11K per screen.


Trivia question: What movie has the best 5 day open ever?


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Motorcyclist Saves Cup








Death Valley cracks down on sidewalk egg-frying


The 'Sink-Urinal' Saves Water, Encourages Men To Wash Hands

A Latvian designer named Kaspars Jursons is trying to help solve European water shortages by redesigning the men's restroom. His new urinal design includes .

The tap is hands-free and sensor-activated, and having the sink right over the urinal gives it another feature: an in-your-face reminder to wash your hands

The design, called Stand, sells for about $590 per unit. They're getting manufactured on a small production line and have already sold to buyers in Norway, Germany, Russia, Poland and Latvia. 


Cops called on farter



Police were called to a suspected domestic violence incident which turned out to be nothing more than the screams of a woman smelling a fart.

The Huffington Post reports that support was dispatched to a house in Clawson, Michigan after a neighbour heard the screams, with a loud noise between the woman's outbursts.

Police Chief Harry Anderson told CBS Detroit: "One of the neighbours had heard somebody yelling - a female yelling. She was possibly being hit - yelling 'Stop! No!'"

When the police knocked, the woman answered the door and admitted she'd been shouting, but said it was because "her boyfriend had continued to pass gas, and she was yelling at him to stop," Anderson said.


The incident reportedly happened earlier this month.

It comes two months after Deborah Ann Burns, 37, allegedly knifed Willie Butler, 53, in their Immokalee, Fla. apartment after he farted in her face during an argument.


Read more:


Thieves took $10,000 worth of appliances, front door

FLINT, Mich., July 10 (UPI) --


Police in Michigan said thieves removed a patio door

in order to enter a home and steal $10,000 worth of

major appliances and the house's front door.


The Flint Police Department said a Flint homeowner

discovered July 8 their patio door had been dismantled

and the thieves had taken appliances including a stove,

refrigerator and hot water tank from the home,

The Flint Journal reported Wednesday.

The thieves also took the front door from the victim's home,

police said.

Alleged Florida thief filled out job application


OCALA, Fla., July 10 (UPI) --

Police in Florida said they arrested a suspect accused

of taking cash from a store after writing his real name

down on a job application.

The Ocala Police Department said employees at Martin Oil

in Ocala told officers Dwayne Thomas, 33, a regular customer,

had grabbed money out of the cash register Tuesday and

fled the store after writing his name down on a job application.


Thomas was located a few blocks from the store,

and allegedly resisted the officer who attempted to arrest him

and fled on foot before being subdued.

The missing cash was found in his pocket, police said.

Thomas was charged with burglary, petty theft

retail and resisting with violence.


School district's reading list has more than 30 spelling errors


HEMPSTEAD, N.Y., July 10 (UPI) --

New York state officials criticized a school board

whose summer reading list misspells titles including

"The Great Gatsby" and names including George Orwell.


The Hempstead Public Schools summer reading list has

more than 30 spelling errors, including misspelling

"The Great Gatsby" as "The Great Gypsy"

and misspelling the names of authors including

George Orwell, Emily Bronte, David McCullough and

Frederick Douglass,


Newsday, Melville, N.Y., reported Wednesday.


Hempstead Superintendent Susan Johnson did not

immediately return calls for comment, Newsday said.

Roger Tilles, a member of the New York State Department

of Education's Board of Regents, blamed the district's leadership

for the spelling errors.

"It indicates again that a stable administration is absolutely essential

for kids to get the kind of education they need," he said.

"Hempstead has not had a stable administration for a long time

and the kids are suffering."


Nude swimmer distracted burglary victim

CROSSVILLE, Tenn., July 10 (UPI) --

Police in Tennessee said a homeowner reported he was

distracted by a nude female swimmer while a male

accomplice burglarized his home.


Crossville police said a 54-year-old resident of the Camelot

neighborhood told officers he was speaking to a

couple who live nearby around 3 p.m. Saturday

when the man left to retrieve cigarettes and the woman asked

for permission to take a nude swim in his pool,

the Crossville (Tenn.) Chronicle reported Wednesday.


The homeowner told police he watched the woman swim

in his backyard pool for about 20 minutes and went back

in his home after the woman left and discovered a handgun,

jewelry and prescription medication had been stolen.


The total value of the stolen items was estimated at $1,195.

The victim identified the suspects to officers,

but they have not yet been located for questioning, police said.