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Tanked Episode 257 for Wed July. 3, 2013



- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- 4th of July plans? rocket garys

- I had a pretzel burger this week.

- Going on a brew tour again. this time with wife, so it should suck. ;-)



No more getting locked out of your house

A local startup has found the key to never getting locked out of your apartment again.

Ever stumble home from a bar late at night, only to learn that you’ve lost your keys and there’s no spare in site?


Long Island City-based KeyMe is looking to solve that problem with self-service kiosks that store a digital copy of your key. If your key gets lost, just head back to a KeyMe kiosk and get a new one, day or night.


These key-keepers are going up in five 7-Eleven stores across Manhattan this week, KeyMe’s 28-year-old founder and CEO Greg Marsh told the Daily News.


“Three million people get locked out annually in New York City,” Marsh said. “Most call an emergency locksmith and, on average, pay $150. I wanted to come up with a better solution.”

Storing a key with KeyMe is for free. The cost of creating a physical key when you’re locked out is $19.99.


The kiosks can also create on-the-spot duplicates of keys, charging $3.49 for basic brass keys and $5.99 for novelty keys.


Needless to say, none of this is great news for neighborhood locksmiths.


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Ric’s Review of Mavel’s Deadpool

1st off this game is not for kids. Heavy with F-bombs. Deadpool knows that he is a game and talks right to you. Lots of fun! Good story and decently length to the game. Camera sucks at times and can piss you off. For the most part I was able to deal with it. No needing to heal after all Deadpool regenerates much like Wolverine. You have to run around to heal. Lots of weapons to play with. All in all a fun ass game!




Lone Ranger hits theaters today. Just in time to plow up in the air with the rest of the fireworks. Ranger has a huge 25% on Rotten tomatoes out of 100% I’d say a real winner. Ranger had a balloning budget that had the movie on and off again. From what I have heard so far it should have stayed off!


Also Despicable Me 2 Hits with Steve Carroll returning as Gru. Back again are all those Minions! DM2 is getting great reviews and should win the weekend.


Jim Carry won’t do press for Kick ass 2.

Jim finished the movie before the shooting at Sandy Hook. He now says that the KA2 is to violent and he is refusing to do press to promote the film. Wonder is he cashed the check for the movie???

The tagline says it all, folks. The only thing we can add is that it's airing 9pm Thursday, July 11, on Syfy.

Trick or Treat by Billy Young


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Your Testicles Have Taste Receptors



True Facts about the Mantis Shrimp


Bonus video for those who actually look at the show notes.

The internet music video Official




 Darth Runner sets new record

*Cue Darth Vader Soundboard

*Play Video at Begining VOLUME AT 35%


The force was with him. It must have been, otherwise he’d be dead.

Heat runner Jonathan Rice tapped into his inner dark side and ran a mile in Death Valley on June 30th, a day when temperatures climbed to 129 degrees. He accomplished the feat in 6 minutes and 36 seconds.

He wore a Darth Vader costume because why not make this a little crazier than it already is?


Rice dragged out a representative of the Guinness Book of World Records to witness the event and verify whether or not this was the hottest verified run. (CORRECTION: No one from Guinness was there, but several independent witnesses were there to witness and time the event.) We’re still eagerly waiting to hear if Jonathan makes it in there. He certainly deserves it.

Say it five times fast: "Darth Vader-dressed dude dashes in Death Valley