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Tanked Episode 253 for Wed Jun. 5, 2013



Bars Switch Top-Shelf Liquor with Well Brands                   

So you may be getting duped with those top-shelf cocktails you’ve been ordering. The New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control conducted an enforcement action known as Operation Swill. Law enforcement raided bars and restaurants that have been suspected of allegedly replacing top-shelf liquor with cheaper well brands. They found 29 establishments guilty of the substituting alcohol.


“Specifically, the ABC investigation indicates that these 29 establishments were allegedly engaging in a practice of filling premium brand bottles with non-premium brands in an effort to fool the customer and increase their profits,” the press release stated. “The customer paid for the premium brand, but was instead, unbeknownst to the customer, poured the non-premium brand.”


A press conference was held Thursday May 23rd,  where more information was given on the year-long investigation known as Operation Swill. Among the reports, one bar allegedly mixed rubbing alcohol with caramel food coloring and served it as scotch, whereas another was accused of passing off dirty water as liquor.


Out of the 29 establishments, 13 of  these were TGI Fridays. The names of the locations were not given



Check it out, Ass-wipe!

You guys have heard about Dollar Shave club right? give brief description of cheap replacement blades for your shaver handles.


Now in an effort to “own the bathroom,” DSC is launching a new product, but this one, folks, is for your butt.


Business Insider reports that today DSC announced a new product called “One Wipe Charlies,” which are quite literally the wet wipes that you use to clean up an infant, but for the butts of grown men. Apparently toilet paper is a $9 billion industry, and DSC is hoping to tap into that market. “Great things happen when your ass feels fantastic,” DSC’s CEO Michael Dubin told Business Insider. “We want to service your face, ass and everything in between.”


DSC surveyed a group of men and found that 51 percent of them use butt wipes on the reg.

Do you use baby wipes? does this make you want to Man up and get some manly Butt Wipes?



Atari dig aims to uncover infamous E.T. game cartridges

It's a place of legend, an ancient burial ground. Supposedly, a stretch of land near Alamogordo, N.M., is the final resting place for one of the most infamous disasters in gaming history: the Atari E.T. game.


According to a New York Times report from 1983, Atari dumped 14 truckloads of unsold game cartridges and other detritus into a landfill. "Guards kept reporters and spectators away from the area yesterday as workers poured concrete over the dumped merchandise," it reads.

The E.T. game earned its status as one of gaming's biggest bombs by pretty much stinking up the entire video game industry at the time. Critics and gamers alike hated the plot, the way it looked, and just about everything else about it. That's why Atari got stuck with several million unsold copies.

Alamogordo has agreed to let Canadian film production company Fuel Industries take a stab at locating the dump site, breaking through the concrete, and excavating the E.T.s out of the ground while making a documentary about the effort. There may even be more than just cartridges down there. Old consoles and computers may have been mixed in with the batch.


While this may lead to mental images of gamers bathing in piles of retro gaming madness, the reality is the cartridges were reportedly crushed before burial. Still, it will be fascinating for this piece of gaming history to be exhumed, assuming they can find it, and that the New Mexico desert hasn't just turned it into a big, lumpy hot mess.



Listen to how bad the ET game was


Players immediately began denouncing E.T. as confusing and frustrating. Gameplay was inscrutable, and nothing that appeared on-screen made intuitive sense. Vague symbols would occasionally pop up at the top of the screen, but they made no sense unless you dove deep into the manual to ferret out their meaning. Walking to the edge of the screen would jump you to an entirely new map with no clear objective to pursue. And occasionally characters would appear and, without giving any indication of their purpose or intent, summarily carry E.T. off to yet another screen.

The graphics were bad, even by the standards of early ’80s game design. And E.T. was tragically susceptible to falling into any of the multitude of “wells”—diamonds, circles, and arrows—that dotted the gamescape like burrows in a vast prairie-dog metropolis, whenever even a single pixel of his sprite collided with one of those shapes. Tumbling into these pointless holes, and then laboriously climbing back out, time and time again, made for seriously annoying and monotonous gameplay.



Superman is an origin story! With way more time on Krypton then we have seen before. Michael Shannon was on GMA this week talking about the roll of Zod and how shocked he was to get the actual roll. He talked about how physical the roll was and how much action we can expect to see. Early reviews are solid! We find out next week.


Box Office results


Fast 6 $35M

Now you See me $29M Ric Review

After Earth $27M Being called the worste reviewed movie of the year. $150M Budget! + $50M in promotions = $200M Smith and son just dropped a big fat bomb!


Del Toro to play big bad in Guardian’s of the galaxy


This weekend

The Purge

The Internship

Much Ado About Nothing


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A Restaurant in Philly Created a Sandwich With Two Pieces of Lasagna as the Bun!


The only possible way that this burger would make nutritional sense is if you were about to run a marathon. Maybe two. For this is carb-loading taken to the extreme.

Famed Philadelphia restaurant PYT have announced a new 'burger of the week', and it's truly calorific.

The bun is comprised of two thick slices of deep-fried mozzarella & ricotta lasagna. Yes, you read that right. Sandwiched between them is a meatball-seasoned juicy beef patty, with the whole thing topped with provolone and house made marinara. Just in case you were running low on carbs, it's served with Italian-Parm fries.



the setup selling shrimp when another man driving a pickup truck pulled over and picked up his sign.

When the man in the truck went to pull off with the sign, the man selling the shrimp jumped on the hood of the pickup.

The man in the truck then drove to the police station off Coursey Blvd. with the man on his hood. In a viewer submitted video the shrimp salesman yells for people in ongoing traffic to call the police.

No one was charged over the incident.


Call the police baby

Stump Grindernsfw





50 shades of grey burning party


No Balls



Domino’s carries out world’s first pizza drone delivery

TacoCopter turned out to be a fake. So did the Burrito Bomber.

But now, the skies, at least in the U.K., have finally opened up to fast food: Domino's Pizza has carried out a delivery order by drone helicopter.

Video of the DomiCopter—developed by Aerosight—was posted by T + Biscuits, the creative agency brought in by the pizza chain's U.K. headquarters. The copter reportedly can deliver up to two large pizzas over a four-mile radius in 10 minutes or less.

“If anything, it went quicker than a pizza boy," T + Biscuits founder Tom Hatton told Fox News. "We were amazed at how easy it was going to be.”

Of course, there are a few caveats about the drone delivery.

First, it was not technically a drone mission. While Domino's said GPS coordinates could potentially be used in future delivery flights, this inaugural mission was controlled by an experienced drone copter pilot who had the benefit of several cameras to help guide the flight.

Second, drone flights come with several restrictions in the U.S. For example, commercial drone flights are illegal in the U.S. until 2015. Even then, in most states, drones can fly up to around 400 feet but must have the permission of landowners before entering private property.

That could easily be handled by a one-click legal agreement with each online drone delivery order. But for now, the politics and science of drone food delivery remain complicated.


In the meantime, Domino's U.K. says it will conduct further tests, including whether the drone can handle a larger payload to incorporate items such as 2-liter bottles of soda into future deliveries.

Drunk Driver Crashed While Having Sex Behind the Wheel . . . and Left the Woman Behind So He Could Hide Naked Behind a Cactus


A drunken driver was having sex when he lost control of his car Monday night and crashed the vehicle, ejecting his naked female companion onto a New Mexico roadway, police report.

With a bloodied Carroll lying in the road, Briones got back into his vehicle and attempted to flee the accident scene,witnesses told Albuquerque Police Department officers. After one witness confiscated his keys, Briones “then jumped into a bush, landing and attempting to hide in a cactus.”