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Tanked Episode 250 for Wed May. 15, 2013


-EPISODE 250 BITCHES!                            


- American Craft Beer Week May 13-19. Check out for all the event listings around the states.

- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- A special congrats to Nick from TRS for graduating broadcasting school!!!

- Weekend Catchup Mothers day / happy anniversary to my wife!

- we need to take two shots to say goodbye to each of Angelina's boobs. so sad. link



Oregon's non-profit pub gives proceeds to charities


PORTLAND, Ore., May 15 (UPI) --

An Oregon man said he has officially opened the doors of

what he is billing as the world's first non-profit pub.

Ryan Saari said it took nearly three years to get the Oregon Public House up and running in Portland, but it opened Friday without any debt with the help of volunteers and donors, KPTV, Portland, reported Wednesday.

"It has taken thousands of hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of volunteers to make this what it is," Saari said.

He said his unique business model allows customers to choose from one of eight local charities when they order their drinks and about $1 from each purchase will go to the chosen organization.

"Anytime you place an order, you get to choose where you would like your individual proceeds to go from a list of the charities we're partnered with," Saari said.

"We've been open for literally an hour or two," Saari said Friday. "We're figuring out our systems, and all our staff is here. So we're all getting trained together."

He said last Friday was a soft opening ahead of the planned grand opening this coming Friday. He said he hopes the project inspires others.

"Our long-term goal would be that this becomes something that is replicated all over," Saari said. "Where people say, 'That's a great idea. I want to do it, too. How can I be involved? How can I start one of these in my neighborhood or my city?'"



BBM now on IOS and Android. Strength or desperation?




Next week we will give our thoughts on the new xbox



Star Trek into Darkness opens tonight! As in 1st showings were at 8!


Talk about Carl Urban in Almost Human from JJ Abrams

A robot hating cop gets partnered with a robot/cyborg


Tom Crusie MI5 Does anyone care.


First look at ABC’s new marvel spin-off SHIELD 3 min trailer hits the web



Since the campaign kicked off in 2011 ISD has been busy at work getting RoboCop recreated to the finest detail. The Michigan news site MLive has revealed updates on the project, including images of RoboCop's current stage of construction-- all in one piece, but still waiting to be cast in bronze.


Follow Ric on


Ric’s YouTube page



A Facebook Update in real life





Supermarket 'Thief' Cooks Midnight Feast

A Kentucky man has enjoyed an illicit midnight feast in a

closed supermarket, according to police in Louisville.


Surveillance video from the store showed 30-year-old

Trevor Runyon cooked and ate six steaks, washed them down

with beer and then topped off his meal with shrimp and birthday cake.


The manager of the ValuMarket said he found 57 empty

whipped cream cans in the bin when he arrived early the following



Mr Runyon also changed into fresh clothes after soiling his own,

the store manager said.


WAVE-TV reported the man was charged after he was

found sleeping off his large late dinner inside the ceiling of the store.


Police said Mr Runyon from Shepherdsville had slipped into

the supermarket and hid while employees closed for the night.


He was charged with burglary and criminal mischief and

is currently being held at Bullitt County Detention Center

She Hulk at Large

Sometimes putting on a costume can inspire you to take on the personality of the character it portrays. That seems to be what happened last week in the UK when a woman dressed as She Hulk, beat the crap out of a teenage girl outside a McDonalds restaurant at 3 AM.

Police are still seeking the woman, which has been made even harder by the fact that she was wearing full body make up and a wig.

I guess somebody made her angry.


Porsche crashes into grocery store


CARDIGAN, Wales, May 15 (UPI) --

The manager of a Welsh grocery store said the owner

of a brand new Porsche accidentally crashed into a fire escape

when he thought the vehicle was in reverse.


Tom Jones, manager of the Aldi store in Cardigan,

said no one was injured when the car crashed into the store's

fire escape around 12:15 p.m. Sunday, The Mirror reported Wednesday.


"The chap who had the crash had just bought the car," Jones said.

"He thought it was in reverse and accelerated straight into the fire exit

in his brand new Porsche. Thankfully no one was injured.

The car had a few scratches. The door was damaged,

but I don't think it was too serious."


Man on honeymoon busted in prostitution sting

ORLANDO, Fla., May 15 (UPI) --


Authorities in Florida said a man on his honeymoon

was one of 92 people arrested during a four-day

undercover prostitution sting.


The Polk County Sheriff's Office said 92 arrests were made

May 8-11 by undercover detectives using websites where

men and women were known to make prostitution-related



Detectives said Mohammed Ahmed, 21, of Illinois

was one of those arrested after answering an ad placed

online by the undercover investigators. They said Ahmed,

who was visiting Orlando with his wife on their honeymoon,

was arrested and charged with one count of soliciting prostitution

and one count of possession of marijuana.


Ahmed's wife called authorities to report him missing after he

failed to return to their hotel room and she was informed of his arrest,

the sheriff's office said.

Air India pilot locked out of cockpit

BHOPAL, India, May 15 (UPI) --

Air India said a plane made an emergency landing

when the pilot accidentally became locked outside

of the cockpit during a bathroom trip.


The plane was traveling Tuesday from Delhi to Bangalore

and the co-pilot was able to successfully land the plane in

Bhopal, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.


"The commander of the flight had left the cockpit for a short

while to visit the toilet and on returning to the cockpit found

the door locked. The door had gotten jammed and all efforts

to open the door even from inside by the co-pilot failed,"

Air India said in a statement.

Fla. Siblings Charged With Stealing Frito-Lay Chips From Factory

Two Citra, Fla., siblings were arrested and charged with burglary

and grand theft after police caught the pair with a van full of

allegedly stolen Frito-Lay brand products.


Police said they spotted Darren Hagerman, 25,

and Jessica Huggard, 22, Thursday evening pulling away

from industrial area of Ocala, Fla., where many factories are located.


The siblings were pulled over when police noticed a

2-year-old jumping around in the backseat of their vehicle,

according to the the Marion County Sheriff's Office.


When an officer looked inside the car, he noticed it was packed

with hundreds of bags of Frito-Lay brand chips,

ABC Orlando affiliate WFTV reported.


"There were potato chips, and Cheetos, and pork rinds

all over the van," Marion County Sheriff's Office spokesman

Judge Cochran told WFTV.


Hagerman reportedly told the officer he and Huggard

took the chips from a dumpster behind the Frito-Lay

factory near where they were stopped as a way to make money,

the news release stated.


While factory workers told authorities that the security

gate was locked, police found that Hagerman had a master key

that worked on the gate lock at the Frito-Lay plant,

according to the news release.


Some Frito-Lay employees at the distribution center told

WFTV that they've been chasing Hagerman away

from the plant for years.


Both Hagerman and Huggard were booked at the Marion County

Jail just before 12:30 a.m. on Friday morning.

They were charged with burglary and grand theft,

and their bonds were set at $10,000 each.

While Huggard bonded out, Hagerman remained in custody.

The toddler in the vehicle was given to a relative, the sheriff's office said.