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Tanked Ep.25 for Monday Oct. 27 2008

Tanked will take you through a romp of tech news, offbeat news, video games,
movie reviews and anything else we wanna talk about.

-Ric is leaving to Dallas for work, didn't have time to come on the show before he left
-Fall to Pieces Movie got picked up for distribution
-We may get interrupted in middle of show because Erika may go into labor
-We may not have a show next week due to Zoe being born
-The Company that shall not be named contest is over and will tell you the results

Little Big Planet Recalled Planetwide

So little big planet was recalled right before the game was suppost to hit shevles this week.
Apparently there was a singing song in the safari level of the game that had two expressions found in Islam's central holy text, the Qur'an. Cached pages on the official PlayStation forum claim that the two phrases are (literally translated from the original Arabic): "Every soul shall have the taste of death" and "All that is on earth will perish." Did Sony make the right desision?
The game is set to re-release Nov.3

Think Firefox 3 is fast? Try Firefox Minefield
The latest from the boys over at firefox has been unleashed on the internet for all that are brave enough to try it out apparently the new pre-alpha release,people are claiming that it has the fastest javascript engine on the planet, which mean it leaves Google's Chrome browser in the dust and according to Matt Asay of CNET, he confirms this claim. Matt also said that Ars Technica Pegs Minefield as 10 percent faster than chrome
Check it out at the projects page at

Apple users rage over missing FireWire

Apple customers unhappy that the company dropped FireWire from its newest notebooks are venting their frustrations on the
company's support forum in several hundred messages.
Within minutes of Apple CEO Steve Jobs wrapping up a launch event in
California, users started several threads on the company's support forum blasting the omission of a FireWire port on the new
MacBook laptop.
Link to page for all the details

Netflix Comes To Samsung Blu-Ray Players

Samsung is offering the capability of movie streaming to users of its BD-P2500 and BD-P2550 Blu-ray players. The link-up comes courtesy of Netflix, who has struck a deal with the Blu-ray manufacturer to allow users access to the movie rental site. All you need is an account with Netflix. Oh, and to live in the US,

Zombies!!!! Zombies!!!! Zombies!!!!

Blizzard unleashed a horde of infected vermin into the World of Warcraft world in a promotion that ramps up to the release of Revenge of the Lich King. Any characters that get nipped by one of these beasts experience zombification within a minute. Not to be outdone by this, Rockstar Games unleased their own barrage of undead minions onto the Grand Theft Auto IV world for...well, just for the hell of it :D Some of them are outfitted in tiny golden bikinis and some are totally incognito. What a way go get into the Halloweenspirit. Don't get bit out there.

Drunk Man Tries to Hijack Plane
Read all of this
You know you're hammered when you feel the urge to do stuff you've seen in action movies despite lacking the
necessary training, experience and clarity of mind. Of course, there's also the fact that movies aren't real.
That oversight is what we suspect happened with a drunk Uzbeki passenger on a Turkish Airlines flight this week who was so trashed that he declared that he had a bomb strapped to his body. The plane was traveling from the Turkish resort of Antalya to St. Petersburg, Russia, and had 164 people on board.
Moments after demanding the plane be rerouted to France, fellow passengers sprung to action and overpowered the man. No explosives were found, but we assume his breath was kickin'.
In addition to being detained in St. Petersburg, there's little doubt the incident resulted in a hangover of epic proportions.

Histories Greatest Tales Told By Drunk People
We've all been at a party where some wasted dude starts ranting about his particular take on a historical event. When it's a know-it-all pontificating, you usually say you need to take a leak and bail, but when it's someone who's seriously, perhaps even charismatically sh*t-faced, it's well worth your time.
That seems to be the inspiration for the series, "Drunk History." Here we've got the newest episode about George Washington's runaway slave, Ona Judge, as told by intoxicated comedian Jen Kirkman.
There's also video with Jack Black playing Ben Franklin

Bananas in undies not ok

AAP | Saturday, 25 October 2008

Bananas in pyjamas may be OK but in undies they're a definite no-no, as a woman discovered at Sydney Airport.

Customs officers stopped the 56-year-old from the Czech Republic when she arrived from Samoa. An officer frisked her and found she was concealing three live banana plants in her underwear. Quarantine officers have seized the plants and the woman is likely to be issued a court attendance notice when investigations are complete. Customs say the plants are a threat to Australia's banana industry because they can carry black sigatoka disease - fusarium wilt - or moko disease. Penalties for breaching quarantine laws can result in fines of more than 66 thousand dollars or 10 years' jail.

-Scott's Rant of the Week: Hates Fall

-Special Treat at end of show