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Tanked Episode 249 for Wed May. 8, 2013



- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Aaron proved the quiz wrong. Still gets last place, but this makes him feel good.


Although the British did invade U.S. soil during the War of 1812, this was not the last time foreign powers would take military action on U.S. soil. During the Second World War, the Japanese captured and occupied Kiska, a small landmass in the Aleutian Island chain of Alaska. Japanese forces occupied Kiska for over a year. After a significant defeat on the island of Attu, the Japanese secretly retreated off of American soil. American and Canadian forces invaded Kiska two weeks later and suffered hundreds of casualties at the hands of Japanese booby traps. source:


- Weekend Catchup

- We will be getting a new site soon. Complete with a store. oh yeah fuck squarespace.



Spotify’s nightmare realized

A new Chrome extension lets Spotify users permanently download any song currently available from the streaming music service, a massive slip-up that could quickly upset record labels and music publishers. The Downloadify tool appears to take advantage of nonexistent encryption in Spotify's web player, which the company launched in beta back in November. By simply installing the extension — freely available in the Chrome Web Store — and starting to play a song, users will download a full, DRM-free MP3 file of the track.


As of tuesday night the chrome store and google play store yanked the chrome extention but it’s still out there in the ether.


i found the .crx file and installed it to see the exploit first hand (you know, for journalistic purposes) and and yes it works and yes i downloaded 3 songs just by selecting the song i wanted to listen to. I also deleted the files immediately. i’ve been a premium member for 2 years and a beta tester before that. hope they don’t kill my account for checking to see if it worked. yikes!


-this is going to piss of the record lables big time.

-Spotify needs to fix their html5 player and quick!

-anyone can record a song anyway bypassing drm altogether with a line out recorder or mixer or software has been able to do this for years. i should know.



Iron Man 3 wins Big! On a non Holiday weekend. IM3 pulled in $175.3M Making it the 2nd biggest weekend of all time. Behind? Well the Avengers. Worldwide Disney/Marvel took in $680.1M. Needless to day Disney made it’s money back. Will we see RDJ as Tony again? Who knows. We have talked about it before and I think we know where we all stand. Pay him! Get him back!


Iron Man 3 Reviews

The 12 reasons IM3 was bad ass

This is From Kat Hill of Action Chick


  1. Robert Downey, Jr. is always awesome and put on a fantastic performance balancing snarky, scared, and heroic at the same time.

  2. Sweet multiple Iron Man suits with different skills.

  3. Ben Kingsley’s performance as The Mandarin is so very nuanced, and so very scary.

  4. The post-credit gag.

  5. Tony Stark and Rhodes’ buddy cop vibe, adding humor and comradery in all the right places.

  6. Pepper gets the last word. You have to see the movie to understand, but I loved her participation in the end fight sequence.

  7. The Air Force One sequence.

  8. The story breaks down Tony Stark and builds him up again, in a good way.

  9. The movie is legitimately funny, with good writing and excellent delivery from the cast.

  10. The story is both personal and epic, and makes more sense than 90% of the other blockbuster flicks’ plots.

  11. Organic references to the events of The Avengers- You know what? An alien invasion would be a pretty damn big deal so of course people would refer back to it.

  12. The action hits all the right spots of being frequent, big, and purposeful.

RDJ’s Money!!

For comparison’s sake, RDJ movies vs. non-RDJ movies at the box office:


  • $585 million - Iron Man

  • $624 million – Iron Man 2

  • $1.512 Billion – The Avengers

  • $711 million – Iron Man 3 (in less than two weeks)


  • $263 million – The Incredible Hulk

  • $369 million – Captain America: The First Avengers

  • $449 million – Thor


Friday we get Baz Lurman’s Gatsbey then the week after we get another Blockbuster in Star Trek Into Darkness. Can JJ’s 2nd run at Star Trek beat IM3’s opening weekend?????


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Chilli Foils Robbery At Sydney Takeaway


A quick-thinking worker at a takeaway food store in

Sydney has foiled an attempted robbery by throwing a

bucket of chilli at a would-be thief.


Tyrone Holmwood, 24, ordered some food in the shop

but then allegedly argued with staff over payment and

walked behind the counter in a bid to open the cash register,

said New South Wales police.


Holmwood apparently struck Joanna Tarnoski, 27,

across the chest as she tried to stop him from getting

to the money before she threw the chilli in his face.

He was left with minor burns.


"I didn't think twice, I just wanted to protect myself.

I threw all the chilli on his face here and then he got crazy

because of that," Ms Tarnoski said.


"It appears that she's just fought back with whatever

was close at hand,"


Inspector Ralph Deans told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


"As you can imagine with a face full of chilli,

he's received some burns to his face,

and he was quite red-faced at the time police arrived

to arrest him."


Holmwood has been charged with assault with intent to rob.

    Outside the court, his father praised the employee

for defending herself.


"Good on them. I would have poured hot fat over his head.

You know, any right person can protect themselves if they're

getting robbed. He's lucky he only got chilli over his head," he said.


Staff at the Ole takeaway shop told local media the chilli

sauce is a secret recipe and a speciality at their store.



True Facts About The Tapir

Should be true story of a tapir





Girl Hit With Toilet On Way To School In Maine                                    


What a crappy morning.

A teenage girl in Thorndike, Maine was driving

to school Monday when her Jeep was hit by a portable toilet,

the Bangor Daily News reported.


The toilet, which was clean, had flown off a portable toilet

delivery truck that was pulling out of the school's parking lot,

Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton told the paper.

The driver, Ronnie Furrow, received a summons for having

an "unsecured load."

No one was hurt in the incident.

Usually toilets are the victims of humans,

not the other way around.

In April, a $3,000 toilet was stolen from a ladies'

room in a public park.

And in January, a suspect dubbed the

"Bathroom Bandit" is believed to have stolen around

$30,000 worth of automatic flush valves from urinals and

toilets at fast food restaurants throughout Milwaukee.


John Jacobson, Alleged Beer Thief, Arrested With Mouse In Pocket                                    

A man arrested for trying to steal a case of beer

had a very unusual accessory to the crime:

A mouse in his pocket.

John Jacobson, 20, allegedly attempted to swipe a case of beer

as it was being unloaded at a store in Cedar Hills, Oregon,

but was caught by the distributor who chased after him, reported.


Jacobson reportedly threw the beer at the distributor,

striking him in the face, before running onto the Nike campus

in Beaverton where he was apprehended

with the help of a K-9 crew and arrested, reported.


When Jacobson was taken into custody,

deputies allegedly found a live mouse in his pocket.

The suspect's father was then contacted to claim possession

of the mouse before his son was taken to jail and charged

with robbery and theft.

Bail is set at $20,000, according to

No charges have been filed against the mouse.

Scott Barron Allegedly Masturbates

At Sailboats, Claims He's Exercising   

Talk about raising the mast.

Scott Barron, 67, is accused of masturbating in front of passing sailboats at a boat ramp Saturday in Alva, Fla., NBC 2 reported.

An off-duty deputy says he spotted Barron -- penis in hand -- standing on a sailboat parked at the ramp.

When the officer told him to stop, Barron first allegedly swore at him, then said he was just exercising.

Apparently the officer doesn't care about forearm strength, because he slapped Barron with an indecent exposure charge.

Barron was released from jail Sunday on $1,000 bond, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Barron isn't the only one who allegedly can't handle himself in public. In April, the aptly-named Elijah Slocumb was arrested after allegedly masturbating in public with such animation that "his whole body was shaking."