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Tanked Episode 248 for Wed May. 1, 2013


- Happy Cinco De Mayo Tanked is 5 years old!

- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Weekend Catchup


Siva Cycle Atom bike-powered battery charger eyes-on


A pedal-powered battery charger that's currently taking Kickstarter by storm, healthily surpassing its $85,000 goal, with 21 days to spare. Lo and behold, the kinetic peripheral popped up on the Hardware Alley floor at TechCrunch Disrupt, here in NYC. Actually trying the thing out is a bit much to ask in the crowded Manhattan Center, but the company was nice enough to demo the device with a little good, old-fashioned hand power.

The system is pretty minimally invasive, from the looks of it. The removable battery pack sits next to the rear wheel axle, and there's also a USB port just below the seat for charging devices more directly. Get in early, and you'll be able to pick the system up for $85. Not convinced? Check out the company's plea in a video just after the break.


Xbox (infinity) invites have been sent out to the media

Microsoft has made it official: the next Xbox will be unveiled at a May 21 event in Redmond, Wash., just weeks before E3 opens its doors. This looks like the inevitable Xbox-PlayStation next-gen console war we've all been expecting.


New trailers for Grand Theft Auto V

Avalilble Sep 17




Scott saw Oblivion


Iron Man 3 week! Starting tomorrow Tony Stark is back. How big a weekend will The Marvel Golden boy take in? Over 200M overseas already. Could Iron Man 3 make more then The Avengers?


Marvel adding Quicksilver and Scarlet witch to Avengers 2. Joss earlier teased that the 2 new team members would be a Brother/Sister Duo. So some mutants on the team? Humm? Wonder how that works. I guess Marvel has the rights to those 2 characters and not like Fox.


Next Marvel character to hit the big screen be another team member of The Avengers?

Black Panther is being thrown around with 42 star Chadwick Boseman to play the title character. Along with Dr. Strange and Ant Man Marvel is really pushing to get their characters all on the big screen.


New to DVD


Silver Linings Playbook: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawerance, Robert Deniro

The Guilt Trip: Seth Rogen and Barbera Streisand

Broken City: Mark Walberg and Russell Crowe


Netflix Will Lose Almost 2000 Movies Tomorrow

As of May 1, 2013, Netflix will officially have 1794 fewer titles in its streaming repository. Now, before you freak out too much, this isn't as bad as the Great Netflix Starzageddon of 2012. After Netflix and Starz were unable to renew their streaming agreements with one another, more than a 1,000 films — including many of the newer films in Netflix's streaming catalog — disappeared from the service.


This time, most of the titles (you can see the full list here) are inconsequential and include titles such as Caged Fury, 1998's Deep Impact and Cruel Intentions.


So why are these titles leaving Netflix? Licensing. The titles belong to Warner Bros., MGM and Universal and will soon only be accessible through the Warner Archive Instant service. Yeah, I didn't know about that service either.


Earlier this month, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that he was considering letting a broad television deal with Viacom Networks lapse. That would mean that shows from Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1 and BET could all disappear from the service at the end of May.


Is this a sign of things to come? or is this just the eb and flow of Netlix?


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Weekly update listings for movie releases on Netflix

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Anti-Gravity may be likely




Completing our spotlight on Ze Frank’s True Fact series

True Facts about the Sea Pig (a type of sea cucumber)







New Zealand's banned names: Lucifer, Christ, Anal

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, May 1 (UPI) --

New Zealand officials released the country's list

of banned baby names, including Lucifer,

which has been requested six times since 2001.


The Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages,

which must approve all requests for baby names,

said the last 12 years have seen six failed requests for

the name Lucifer as well as 62 rejections for Justice,

31 failed requests for King, 28 rejected requests for princess,

27 failed requests for Price and 25 rejections for Royal,

CNN reported Wednesday.


Other names on the registrar's banned list include Duke,

Major, Bishop, Majesty, Knight, Lady, Messiah, Christ,

Lord and Rogue.


Officials said they also received one request for the name Anal,

which was rejected.


The registrar's list also bans the use of brackets around

middle names, which were requested four times,

and using a backslash between names,

which was requested eight times.

The agency said approved names must not be considered

offensive to a reasonable person, must not be unreasonably

long and must not resemble an official title or rank.

British National Trust updates list of things to do before 11 3/4

LONDON, May 1 (UPI) --

Britain's National Trust said it has updated its list

of "50 things to do before you are 11 3/4"

using recommendations from children.


The National Trust said it decided to update the list using

suggestions from children shared on its website

and social networking sites after discovering many children

had completed the list -- which includes activities such as

"climb a tree" and "track wild animals" --

well before the age of 11 3/4, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.


The 15 new activities added to the list include

"go on a really long bike ride," "make a trail with sticks,"

"make a daisy chain," "create some wild art" and

"play Pooh sticks," a game invented by children's character

"Winnie the Pooh" involving dropping sticks from a bridge.


Other new activities include "jump over waves,"

"go on a walk barefoot," "go star gazing," "explore a cave,"

"hold a scary beast," "catch a falling leaf,"

"make a home for a wild animal," "go bird watching,"

"try rock climbing" and "learn to ride a horse."

Victim Fights Back During New Orleans Robbery

An armed robber in New Orleans experienced what

it was like to come under attack when the man he was

trying to rob gave him a taste of his own medicine.


The victim was walking along the pavement when his

would-be assailant - an unknown black male - approached

him and pointed a shotgun at his face, saying:

"Give me your money."


It was at that point that the surprised victim grabbed

the gun and gave chase.


Moments later, the victim was approached by two black males

in a black four-door car, police said, with the driver saying:

"Give me my gun back and I'll give you your phone

that you dropped."


Instead, the victim used the shotgun to hit and break

the rear windshield of the car.

    The two alleged robbers then fled the scene.

    Police are appealing for witnesses in their search

for the men, said to be in their early twenties.