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Tanked Episode 246 for Wed Apr. 17, 2013



- Beer/Mixed Drinks

- Weekend Catchup Boston Marathon Bomb (wtf?)

- Scott learns to change a faucet (the hard way)

- Scott has been learning about Home draft beer systems.


I think we can make a diy, CO2 keg system for around $300. refridgerator conversion kit is $160, includes everything but the fridge and keg. Link at 5 cubic ft. Sanyo fridge found on sale at best buy for around $150 from time to time. link to Wallmart and if you have some extra moolah laying around you can spring for the Bottoms up draft despencer $925. fills your glass from the bottom up with special glasses made for it link to Bottoms up. link to a guy that ran the system in his lazyboy armrest Vid


Topless beer

(article sent to us from friend-of-the-show JFT)

Sly Fox Brewing Company, based in Phoenixville, Pa., had the brilliant idea to keep the classic beer can look, but to have it drink like a glass.

Sly Foxis offering up their Helles Golden Lager – a 4.9 percent ABV beer with the topless can. Instead of the little opening with your traditional American beer cans, Sly Fox blew the lid off of the can, literally.


The topless can is the first of its kind in the States. With the open top, the beer’s aroma comes out more appropriately, allowing any beer drinker to smell the balance of the malts and hops that the Helles Golden Lager offers up. In addition, it opens up the flavor.


*Beer in a can only the lid comes off like a can of fruit




Small in size, big on power: New microbatteries a boost for electronics


Todays LiIon Bats suck a fat ass!


This is how they did it:

They key to the group's novel 3-D structure is self-assembly. They begin by coating a surface with tiny spheres, packing them tightly together to form a lattice. Trying to create such a uniform lattice by other means is time-consuming and impractical, but the inexpensive spheres settle into place automatically. Then the researchers fill the space between and around the spheres with metal. The spheres are melted or dissolved, leaving a porous 3-D metal scaffolding, like a sponge. Next, a process called electropolishing uniformly etches away the surface of the scaffold to enlarge the pores and make an open framework. Finally, the researchers coat the frame with a thin film of the active material. The result is a bicontinuous electrode structure with small interconnects, so the lithium ions can move rapidly; a thin-film active material, so the diffusion kinetics are rapid; and a metal framework with good electrical conductivity. The group demonstrated both NiMH and Li-ion batteries, but the structure is general, so any battery material that can be deposited on the metal frame could be used. "We like that it's very universal, so if someone comes up with a better battery chemistry, this concept applies," said Braun, who is also affiliated with the Materials Research Laboratory and the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at Illinois. "This is not linked to one very specific kind of battery, but rather it's a new paradigm in thinking about a battery in three dimensions for enhancing properties."


Read more at:

the Actual published journal submission ,for peer review, to Nature Communications

about Nature Communicaions Wiki



for you ric! (you were going to put these in anyway)


Catching Fire Trailer


* I didn’t know Philip Seymore Hoff was in this


Jamie fox as electro (first photo)


First glimpse of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity freaked us the Hell out

New Man of Steel trailer (Full)


The Man of Steel aims to reinvent Superman as the ultimate cosmic outcast — but rest assured, he'll still fly and punch stuff and get in the middle of deadly conflagrations. This brand new trailer gives us the Super-brawls and explosions we've been craving.


Among the other new stuff in this trailer: a glimpse of the Fall of Krypton, and Jor-El sending his baby son into space; Lois Lane searching the globe for the elusive man who saves people but never sticks around to take credit; the moment where Superman gets his name; and some snippets of General Zod freaking out. Plus lots and lots of glimpses of action set pieces, which look suitably insane. Here's hoping there's enough action to counterbalance the angst in this film.

Does anyone care?


Trailer link YouTube


We actually have superman and batmans thoughts on the new trailer


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Ric’s YouTube page


Mars One will start recruiting volunteers in July for one-way trip to red planet



True Facts about the Tarsier



True Facts about the Star nosed Mole






Beavers Kill


Cock on Track



Suspect in wheelchair arrested, cherry tomatoes covering his privates


SEATTLE, April 17 (UPI) --

Seattle police said a man in a wheelchair with

multiple shoplifting arrests was busted at a store while

wearing nothing but cherry tomatoes on his crotch.


The Seattle Police Department said officers were called

to a store just after 6:20 a.m. Friday on a report of a man

causing a disturbance -- and they arrived to find the suspect

in the produce aisle with his pants on the floor

and a pile of cherry tomatoes over his genitals,


KOMO-TV, Seattle, reported Wednesday.


The man, who was arrested on suspicion of burglary,

was found to be concealing most of a still-frozen

Jimmy Dean sausage sandwich.


Police said the man has numerous previous arrests

for shoplifting and told officers he is not allowed inside

the supermarket, part of the QFC chain based in Bellevue, Wash.


Tardy kindergartener gets detention, parents give school bad grade

UNIVERSAL CITY, Texas, April 17 (UPI) --

The parents of a Texas 6-year-old say their daughter's

school should not be punishing kindergarteners for being tardy.


The parents of Brooke Loeffler, a kindergartener at

Olympia Elementary School in Universal City,

said they have a new baby at home and they are having

difficulty adjusting to a new schedule, KENS-TV,

San Antonio, reported Wednesday.


Brooke was forced to spend lunchtime in detention as a

result of her three tardies, the family said.


"It was my responsibility to get her ready and get

her to school," her father said. "I failed that responsibility

a couple of times. It makes me sad to see my daughter

upset for something she doesn't understand."


District officials said the policy has cut down on tardiness at the school.


"They have been able to cut down the number of

tardies way back -- as much as 90 [percent] to 95 percent

of the tardies," said Steve Linscomb of Judson Independent School District.

Loeffler's parents said they want the district to change

the policy, so parents are penalized instead of children.



Email from Jason From Texas


What is your worst food experience?


One morning I ate raisin bran and watched tv with lights out. During a bright commercial I saw there were black bugs crawling all over the cereal.

Lights now have to be on while eating, movie tavern is hard for me.