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Tanked Episode 245 for Wed Apr. 10, 2013



Can you survive on just beer?








Batman Arkham Begins


Arkham begins 10:25:2013. We get more Batman in the Arkham series. I can’t wait!

7 or 9 I can’t remember are all after batman at one time. All on Christmas eve. Should have make for some fun winter game play.



Roger Ebert dies at 70 from cancer RIP (do shot)


Elysium Trailer (thoughts?) is this supposed to be the beginnings of halo?



Short Film



Two guns


Teen mom Sexy tape


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Dip Shits


An Auntie Anne's pretzel eatery in a Detroit-area mall was recently home to a vicious brawl. Two women returned to the kiosk after discovering that they'd been given the wrong dip and asked for the right one. After the 19-year-old and 22-year-old were reportedly told they'd have to purchase the new dip because they'd already consumed part of the incorrect dip, an employee allegedly threw dip at them. Cops say the suspects then tried to climb over the counter, and a fight ensued. Question: Is there anything more American than a fight at a snack food kiosk in a Detroit mall, incited by an incorrectly distributed dip? Answer: No, no there is not. [Source]




"Goo Goo GaJoob," indeed. Those inscrutable Beatles lyrics from I Am The Walrus about eggmen and a million other things might just apply to the latest stab at the electromobility market by Hyundai. The South Korean automaker recently unveiled its, yes, egg-shaped, one-seat electric vehicle at the Seoul Motor Show.


Hyundai's E4U (the four E's are Egg, Evolution, Electricity and Eco-friendliness) has a rotating front "sphere" allowing the 180-pound vehicle to go in any direction. Meanwhile, the vehicle, which includes a helmet that apparently doubles as the top of the "egg," has 500-watt motor that delivers a top speed of about 18 miles per hour. It's sort of like a Segway with a shell.


No word on if or when this vehicle will ever see the light of a production day. If you're curious for more, you can check out Hyundai's press release below.



True facts about the naked mole rat







Apollo 10 astronauts had poop problem


WASHINGTON, April 10 (UPI) --

A declassified NASA transcript from the Apollo 10 mission

in 1969 revealed astronauts had trouble with a floating

piece of feces.


The 500-page transcript from the around-the-moon mission

details a conversation among astronauts

Tom Stafford, John Young and Gene Cernan

about one of the more unsanitary pitfalls of

the zero-gravity environment,

the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.


"Give me a napkin, quick," Stafford said.

"There's a turd floating through the air."

"I didn't do it," Young said. "It ain't one of mine."

"I don't think it's one of mine," Cernan said.

"Mine was a little more sticky than that," Stafford said.

"Throw that away."


The poop talk eventually subsided until a second piece

of waste was found.

"Here's another [expletive] turd.

What's the matter with you guys?" Cernan demanded.

Aggressive ducks attack in Florida

MIAMI SPRINGS, Fla., April 10 (UPI) --

Residents of a Florida city are complaining to officials

about unprovoked and unexpected attacks from

aggressive ducks.


Rosie Buckner of Miami Springs told police and city

officials she was accosted by a duck "suddenly and without warning"

while walking near a bike path, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday.


"It was a vicious, aggressive duck that came after us

from across the street," Buckner said.

"I fought the duck off, but not before I was bitten by it."


Police said they have received several reports from around

the city about attacks from overly aggressive Muscovy ducks,

which were originally brought to the area from South America.

City Manager Ron Gorland said the birds are likely

protecting their territories.

"They are typically guarding nests," Gorland said.

"They're not new to Miami Springs."

Gorland said officials "are looking into what our

options are" for dealing with the ducks.