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Tanked Episode 242 for Wed Mar. 20, 2013


American Drinking On The Rise

According to the study “Special Trends in Adult Beverage Report: 2013 State of the Industry” by research firm, Technomic, the adult beverage industry saw growth in 2012 despite economic decline. Different trends support the continuing theory that drinking is becoming more and more apart of American culture and often included with food and social activities. Total volume of adult beverages grew by 1 percent to 7.7 billion gallons and by 3.6% in dollars coming to just under $200 billion.

Technomic believes the number one driver of this increase has to do with the recent uprising of flavor among liquors. Flavored vodkas and whiskeys have become a viable strategy adopted by many major brands. Even beer brands have introduced new flavors to bring in returning customers and garner new ones. It is believed that the flavor war will continue on for 2013.

A few other reasons for the rise come from a growth in beer volume, a growth of on-premise sales (restaurants and bars),  a growth in spirits (primarily imported), and an influx of new wines throughout 2012.

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Finnish Brewery To Recreate 200 Year-Old-Shipwreck Beer

In 2010, a perfectly preserved bottle of beer was found in a 200 year-old-shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The beer was kept in ideal storage with the cool temperatures and darkness provided by the sea. Now Finnish brewery, Stallhagen, announced that they will recreate the recipes for the shipwreck beer and release it for mass production come next year.



Is it too little too late for best buy?

Customer Has Positive Experience At Best Buy, Is Shocked Enough To Write To Consumerist

We opened our mailbox earlier this week to find something that wasn’t quite right. An account of a shopping experience at Best Buy that ended…well? That can’t be. We thought that Dave must have been mistaken, but no: he was happy and the customer service he received was excellent. It even involved an open-box item.

You may find this hard to believe, but I’m actually writing to tell you that I had a good customer service experience with Best Buy. I know that my fellow Consumerist readers certainly won’t believe it, and I can already imagine the comments saying this is fake.

I admit it – I’m a Google fanboy, and I decided that I wanted a Samsung series 3 Chromebook to mess with. At $249 it’s pretty much at impulse buy levels, so why not? I went into the Myrtle Beach, SC Best Buy, and they had an open box Chromebook for $216.99. I asked the clerk if there was anything wrong with it, and I was assured that it was in like-new condition with no scratches. A half hour later I’m back at my office, and I open the box to find that my “like-new” Chromebook looks like it’s been dropped on the sidewalk repeatedly. This poor device had seen a fair bit of abuse, and I decided that I just could not accept it even at a discounted price.

After work I headed back to Best Buy fully prepared for the run around from their notorious customer service department. I calmly explained my situation to the person assisting me and finished with “All I really want is to exchange this for a new Chromebook and pay the difference.” The customer service rep surprised me with “Sure, go ahead.” Surprised that it was this easy, I quickly went to grab a new Chromebook before she changed her mind.

While ringing up my new Chromebook the customer service rep excused herself, and when she returned she told me that she’d spoken with the manager about what happened & that because the scratched up Chromebook was their fault, they were going to give me the new one for the price I paid for the open box Chromebook. I was shocked. No one has good customer service experiences at Best Buy – how was I this lucky?


- Is this what best buy has to do to turn it around?

- ½ the amount of goods in store, can’t find shit

- is best buy done blaming amazon for it’s downfall?

- Can best buy make a come back and what is it going to take???


*when we were in high school best buy used to be the shit

- Friends and discounts

Samsung confirms Smart Watch is definitely coming






Well we heard about if from last years Comic-con! Well it has hit the interwebs. Looks like Edger Wright is going to have so much fun with this project. What are the odds Simon Pegg plays the Ant-Man? Won’t happen, but would be awesome.

New Transformers 4 will begin shooting in Detroit soon. Scenes from the Original Transformers were shot in Downtown a few years back. Bay and his new cast will begin shooting a redone version of the Transformers franchise. Mark Walberg will be our lead actor. Even the robots will be redesigned according to Bay too. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime better be the same.

DVD Today

The Hobbit part 1

Zero Dark Thirty

Olympus has fallen Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman and Gerard Buttler

This movie should be called Die Hard in the White House

Admission  With Tina Fey and Paul Rudd

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This week’s Mexican food-related altercation comes from Indiana, where cops were summoned late last night to a residence in response to a domestic disturbance touched off when a man “took too much taco meat.”As reported by police, Nianna Williams, 20, was visiting Micheal Love, 28, at his Indianapolis home when they “began to argue because Mr. Love took too much taco meat and didn’t leave much for her.”

Love apparently did not appreciate being chided for his meat consumption, so he “told Ms. Williams to get out,” according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report. As the pair continued to argue, Love threw Williams’s belongings outside the residence.

Williams told cops that Love then took her plate of tacos and pushed the grub into her face. “Ms. Williams complained of her eyes burning due to the taco sauce,” noted Officer Johnathan Burger. Williams, a community college student, was treated outside the home by medics, who flushed her eyes.

Cops sought to interview Love, but “numerous attempts” to get him to open the door and speak with officers “were unsuccessful. No one would answer.”

A police spokesman said that the disorderly conduct case remains open.


True Facts about the dung beetle






Chinese bowl found at garage sale fetches over $2.2 million at auction

(Reuters) -

A 1,000-year-old Chinese bowl that was bought

for a few dollars at a garage sale in New York state

sold for more than $2.2 million at auction on Tuesday.

An unnamed New York family bought the "Ding" bowl,

which is from the Northern Song Dynasty,

for no more than $3 in 2007 and displayed it on a mantelpiece

with no idea as to its real worth, Sotheby's said.

After consulting with experts, the owners consigned the bowl

for auction. Sotheby's estimated it would sell for

$200,000 to $300,000. London dealer Giuseppe Eskenazi paid

$2,225,000 including commission for the bowl,

which measures just over five inches in diameter,

at the auction in New York City.

Sotheby's said the only known bowl of the same form,

size and almost identical decoration has been in the collection

of the British Museum in London for more than 60 years.

Swarming cockroaches turn bus to New York into roach-mobile

(Reuters) -

A Greyhound bus ride into New York City on

Friday turned into a horror show for passengers suddenly

swarmed by an invasion of cockroaches that forced the driver

to pull over and evacuate the vehicle.

Cockroaches began emerging about 15 minutes after the

bus departed from Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Friday morning,

a Greyhound spokesman said.

The driver soon pulled over and the 48 passengers scuttled off

the infested bus to wait for a replacement vehicle.

Cell phone photos showing armies of cockroaches scampering

over the seats and floor were posted by local media outlets,

supplied by passengers on the bus.

"We at Greyhound apologize for this inconvenience and

have spoken with each passenger regarding this incident,

" Tim Stokes, a spokesman for a Greyhound, a unit of Scotland-based

FirstGroup Plc, said in a statement.

"Currently, our team is investigating the situation and

working to determine its cause," Stokes said.

The company said it had refunded the passengers'

fares and that they arrived without further incident in

New York City in the afternoon.

Deer jumps from trunk, surprises police

KALAMAZOO, Mich., March 20 (UPI)

-- Police investigating a suspicious vehicle in Michigan

said a deer jumped out of the trunk while they

were speaking to the driver.

Kalamazoo Public Safety said officers noticed a man sitting

in his car at the Red Roof Inn in Kalamazoo at 2:30 a.m.

Tuesday and spoke to the driver, who said there was a

dead deer in his trunk, WWMT-TV, Kalamazoo, reported Wednesday.

The man told officers he had struck the deer with his car

and decided to take it home to prepare it as food.

However, while the man was speaking to the officers,

the deer regained consciousness and jumped out of the trunk.

"The officer was certainly surprised," Lt. Stacey Geik said.

"One held his ground better than the other as the video indicated."

The deer did not end up as anyone's dinner, Geik said.

Geik said deer collisions are common in the area.

"If the driver wants to, they can ask for what's called a salvages

permit to be able to take the deer for human consumption," Geik said.

This one certainly wasn't prepared to become food, however,

as it seems the deer had only been knocked out when it

was loaded into the car.

Russian Orthodox group wants Alaska back

MOSCOW, March 16 (UPI) --

A fundamentalist Russian Orthodox group

has filed a lawsuit claiming President Barack Obama's support

of gay marriage invalidates the 1867 sale of Alaska.

The Pchyolki -- a group best-known for advising

its members to use violence if necessary to protect

churches from "blasphemers" like the rock group Pussy Riot --

filed the suit in January, RIA Novosti reported Saturday.

The suit only became public this week after the group

missed a filing deadline for correcting the paperwork.

In court papers, the Pchyolki said the U.S. purchase of Alaska

was not legal because the contract specified payment in gold coins

and the United States wrote a check for $7.2 million,

which would be a far larger sum in today's dollars.

The Pchyolki or Bees, organized in 2008, have a stated goal of

protecting orphans' rights. They campaign against sex education

in schools and advised, after the Pussy Riot arrests,

that the faithful could protect churches by damaging equipment

used by "blasphemers" with holy water, although they said

"bloodshed" was only acceptable away from church property.

In the lawsuit, the group said Obama's turnabout on

same-sex marriage violates the freedom of religion of

Orthodox Christians in Alaska, estimated to number about 50,000.

The Orthodox "would never accept sin for normal behavior,"

the group said.

'Superhero' Quits After Thugs Beat Him Up

(Newser) –

A real-life superhero says he's hanging up his mask

after getting beat up on the streets of Manchester, England,

the Telegraph reports.

Roger Hayhurst, 20, who called himself Knight Warrior,

had promised "to get crime off the streets" while donning a

$300 costume of black-and-blue lycra. He even patrolled

with his 18-year-old fiancee Rebecca Wall,

who went by Knight Maiden. But "we were recognized

when we were walking thorough Clifton and some

lads started punching me," Hayhurst tells the Manchester Evening News.

"My face was all swollen. After that I still dress up and

occasionally patrol, but I mainly dress up for charity

appearances." Wall has hung up her cape too.

For the past few weeks they've been hosting a

comedy sketch radio show, and he hopes to model

Clark Kent by becoming a full-time journalist.

At least his mother won't have to worry

anymore—though 61-year-old Jennifer Hayhurst says

the police did "keep an eye on him."



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Email from Jason from Texas: Would you rather,

Have your girlfriend/wife go bald? Or start growing facial hair?

Use whatever coping method you want.