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Tanked Ep.24 for Monday Oct. 20 2008

Bush does it again and signs law against digital theft.

In an act of late term shenanigans, President Bush signed in a law strengthening the federal government's grip over digital pirates. The PRO-IP Act creates a new federal position the reports directly to the president (no surprise) on digital theft and enforcement. Although nobody has been assigned this position yet I'm sure the RIAA and MPAA have some ideas of who to place in there. Rick Cotton, general counsel for NBC Universal, says that the tools provided by the PRO-IP Act will be used to target piracy rings and businesses as he claims the Act is "not about teenagers." With the RIAA & MPAA behind it I wouldn't be too surprised if a couple of them get dragged into this.


Never mind that shit, here comes the Macbooks (& display) LED Cinema Display and MacBook As our "No Apple" marathon comes to a close, it would make total sense that Apple would release a whole bunch of new products.
- New lighter MacBooks & 15" MacBook Pros are out. They boast a streamlined manufacturing process with easy access to the HD next to the battery. Firewire 400 is out (which is sure to piss off the digital video and Pro Tools crowds). Glossy screens are now mandatory (sure to piss off the digital designers out there). Mini Display Port replaces the DVI jack from previous MacBooks. Buttonless glass trackpad is added with 4 finger gesture support (insert joke here). Battery indicator is on side of case. No Blu-Ray.
- New 24" LED backlit Cinema Display. Built in iSight (all right!). Glossy (ugh). Built in speakers.
- New MacBook Air configs. Air pacs a Mini Display Port.

- The OG Macbook drops $100 to $999.

Microsoft Not To Be Out Done By Apple

Windows 7 to have 20 edititions
not really but funny read from Boing Boing

AT&T LightSpeed To Bring High Speed Internet to More Communities
At&T, in an act of Desperation to level the playing field wants to compete with the always faster cable companies, says it's going to deliver higher speed Internet plunging it deeper in to communities via Fiber Optic (uh huh...suuuure) to an addtional 18 million costumers

The DSL provider says that "Project Lightspeed" will increase data transmission from 1-2Mb a sec to 25MB a sec.

For instance, John Britton, a spokesman for AT&T, has described a scenario in which AT&T television services may broadcast sporting events at different angles all at the same time.
AT&T television customers would then be able to choose which angle they would like to view their favorite sports game in, and be able to switch from angle to angle themselves in real time.

Soul Calibur 4 Vader & Yoda DLC coming to Xbox Live & PSN

In a move that surprises nobody, Namco Bandai has made the otherwise console exclusive Soul Calibur 4 characters of Yoda
and Darth Vader available for download over Xbox Live & the PlayStation Network. The download will run approx $5 for both systems and fill up the last slot on the Soul Calibur 4 roster board. It's a good thing this $5 a character rule didn't apply to each of thegame's 34 combatants. Vader & Yoda will be available on October 23rd. kotaku
Eric Bana to film documentary about his car(s)
When it comes to Eric Bana, I'd like to think that I think of him like most of the people out there. He was in Munich, he's the villain in the upcoming Star Trek film and starred in one of the worst super hero films of all time (that's harsh but I mean it). I did not know about his passion for automobiles and motorsports and soon he plans to let the rest of the public know as well. Love the Beast is Bana's directorial debut about his passion for racing and restoring automobiles. The film was announced by Bana at last week's Bathurst 1000 race. The trailer has some cheeky emotional scoring but the documentary might echo On Any Sunday for it's passion about motorsports. Jay Leno, Jeremy Clarkson and Dr. Phil (whah?) also make appearances.
Movie releases March 2009 (to DVD i'm sure)

BMW Builds a Shapshifting Car Out of Cloth


BMW Engineers call the technology GINA (Geomatry, Infinate Number of posablities, Adaptations) i call it Cloth Over a Frame (COF)
The idea here is to make the car shapshift by moving the frame around under the skin of the car resulting in infinate possabilities of body design within one car.
Don't need the lights? close them by moving the frame and shutting the skin over the headlight (think eyelid over eyeball)
I think this is really nifty if they can figure out how to not make it sound like a rag-top jeep on the highway doing 90mph
There is also a video showing the car at

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