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Tanked Episode 236 for Wed Feb. 6, 2013


- Beer/Mixed Drinks
- Weekend Catch up
- Played a badass card game called Cards against Humanity. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card. CAH

Food News
Pop Diner
All-day (and night) Detroit Coneys, plus booze

Opening soon in Dallas We will have another Detroit style Coney with a twist. All 80’s pop culture. Detroit has so many great traditions: throwing octopi on the ice, multicultural foods that taste great in the wee hours, crippling sadness. Keeping the second tradition alive is the Detroit-native family behind Uptown's first 24hr, Detroit-style Coney Island joint/'80s bar, Pop Diner.


The place is like a '50s diner with an '80s facelift, complete with 8-bit murals in the bathroom, a boombox lithograph, and pics of iconic '80s characters like Ferris Bueller, Rocky, and Michael J. Fox as Teen Wolf, also a thrilling account of Blitzer's days as a budding journalist.

Detroit-style coneys're so legit they had to figure out how to get the proper ingredients shipped in from Michigan for dogs like the original (topped w/ Detroit chili, mustard, onions), or for the dog-less, chili-topped loose number that, like many Detroit women, is packed with seasoned beef. They're also doing D-town style "naanis" like the above special w/ diced chicken tenders, chopped bacon, Swiss/American & ranch, or a cuke-sauced gyro with either classic beef/lamb or grilled chicken in a generations-old, Italian-/Greek-/Albanian-influenced lemon marinade.


24hr breakfast runs from house-made corned beef hash and chicken-fried steak, to massive omelettes, to pancakes made with sweet cream. To help keep your blood thin from all that fatty goodness, the bar's open from 7a-2a, slinging classics plus house specials like Pop Rocks-laden martinis and adult milkshakes that nonetheless bring all boys to the yard, but of course card them


The 128GB iPad hits the Apple Store, starting at $799$799/

Do people really need 128G Ipads???

Anonymous posts file claiming to have information from 4,000 bank execs


The hacker group anonymous strikes again.
Anonymous is continuing its protest of federal computer crime law. Members claiming to be part of the hacking collective Sunday posted the names and contact information of over 4,000 banking executives to the government Web site of the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. The file is no longer available on the government Web site, which was inaccessible as of Tuesday morning.


Looks like the ps4 is about to be announced

We've heard bits and pieces about the next PlayStation for quite some time now, and rumors have been swirling that both Sony and Microsoft's next-generation consoles will be announced this year, likely before E3. Although Sony has kept quiet about plans for their successor to the PlayStation 3, released in 2006, the Japanese game-maker is expected to release a new console either later this year or in early 2014.
This event will take place in New York City on February 20 (WED) at 6pm Eastern. That's only five days before the company's annual Destination PlayStation event kicks off in Arizona, where retailers are shown the biggest and best games on Sony's plate for the year ahead.

Rumours are that the new controller will have a touch screen element to it. or it could be like the ps vita were the back is all touch sensitive. no info is available yet if the controller will be the same classic playstation shape.

That being the case, here's what we know is inside PS4 development kits—model # DVKT-KS000K—as of January 2013. As you'll see, some things have changed since earlier kits became available in March 2012.

  • System Memory: 8GB
  • Video Memory: 2.2 GB
  • CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 "Bulldozer" (so, 8x cores)
  • GPU: AMD R10xx
  • Ports: 4x USB 3.0, 2x Ethernet
  • Drive: Blu-Ray or a super dense version of blu-ray that might be up to 100Gig a disc
  • HDD: 160GB (im sure the HD capasity will be much larger than that, maybe SSD)
  • Audio Output: HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 channels

these will likely change a bit when the consumer version comes out. (IE 2 ethernet ports)
Should retail for about $400

(A little side-note) GameStop's stock price closed lower by $1.30—a five percent loss overall—after word this morning that Sony had applied for a patent on technology that could restrict how used games are played on its next console.

Zombie Comedy wins Box Office
$20M for a zombie love story!

Ben Wins the Outstanding Director award from the Directors Guild. Only 6 times ever has the winner of the Directors Guild award not won the Oscar. Well make that 7 this year. Proving again that the Academy Screwed up!

Super Bowl movie teaser. What ones did you like?

Star Trek?

Iron Man 3

Lone Ranger

Fast 6


World War Z

2 stand alone star wars films

Han Solo and Boba Fett!


Tug-Of-War Students Lose Their Fingers


A boy and a girl have had several fingers torn off
during a game of tug-of-war at their high school in
Southern California.
The two South El Monte High School students were rushed
to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, where doctors
were preparing to reattach the digits.
"They are both stable and the parents were by their bedside,"
hospital spokeswoman Rosa Sacca told the
San Gabriel Valley Tribune.
"They were getting ready to be taken to the operating
room to try to reattach the fingers."
School district official Edward Zuniga declined to identify
the students, but the newspaper said the girl was on the school's
soccer team and the boy was an American football player.
The teenagers were participating in a lunchtime activity
celebrating homecoming with current and former students on Monday.
"We'll review the activity with the district administration," Mr Zuniga said.
"We're in the early stages. We just want to make sure
we have all the facts straight before we talk about changing activities."
Authorities did not say how many fingers were lost
or explain how the tug-of-war caused the injuries.

Idaho Survivalists Plan Walled Citadel

A group of survivalists is inviting people to apply
for places in a walled, medieval-style city it wants to build
in the woods of Northern Idaho.
The proposed fortress community, where residents would be
required to own weapons and stand ready to defend the compound
if society collapses, would have room inside for up to 7,000 families.
The Citadel's website - which bills it as "A Community of Liberty" -
shows drawings of a stone fortress that would include houses, schools,
a hotel and a firearms factory
No building has been done on the project, but it has already
raised concerns in communities southeast of Spokane, Washington,
where it would more than double the population of rural
Benewah County, home to 9,000 people.
Gary Davis, owner of a quilt shop near the proposed Citadel,
worried about the type of people who would be drawn
to such a community.
"Nobody benefits from having a closed society move
into their midst," he said.
The plans for the huge site
Questions have also been asked about the Citadel's promoter,
Christian Kerodin.
    He was convicted in 2004 on federal extortion charges,
and on charges that he illegally possessed a firearm when he
posed as a counter-terrorism expert trying to coerce shopping
mall owners to hire him to improve security.
He served 30 months in federal prison, court documents show.
    The conviction means Mr Kerodin would not legally be able
to fulfil the gun ownership requirement for residents.
In an email to The Associated Press,
he denied he would be the leader of the survivalist community.
"There is a significant group of equals involved ...
each bringing their own professional skills and life experiences
to the group," Mr Kerodin wrote.
"It is very much a grass-roots' endeavour."
The website describes the compound's primary goal as
defending "against a grid-down economic collapse scenario".
Residents would be required to stock enough food and water to last a year..
A 1200-square-foot house in the Citadel would cost $686 (£438)
a month, whether it was located within or outside the compound's walls.
The website claims several hundred people have already
paid a $208 fee to apply to live there.
The on-site gun factory would manufacture semi-automatic
pistols and AR-15 rifles, the type of weapon used in the December
massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, according to the website.
Survivalist communities are nothing new in northern Idaho,
which has long attracted those seeking an alternative to mainstream
society because of its isolation and wide-open spaces.
Its lack of racial diversity has also historically made the
region a draw for white supremacist groups.
The Aryan Nations operated a compound there for 30 years
before the group went bankrupt and the land was sold.

Boy, 7, suspended over imaginary grenade

LOVELAND, Colo., Feb. 6 (UPI) --

A Colorado mother said her 7-year-old son should not
have been suspended from school for throwing an imaginary
grenade into a box of pretend evil.

Mandie Watkins said her son, Alex,
a second-grader at Mary Blair Elementary School in Loveland,
was suspended from school when he threw the imaginary grenade
-- which was not represented by a real, physical object --
into a box while playing a game he called "rescue the world,"
KDVR-TV, Denver, reported Wednesday.

"I pretended the box, there's something shaking in it,
and I go 'pshhh,'" Alex said. "So nothing can get out
and destroy the world."
Administrators said the game violated one of the school's
"absolutes" against any weapons, real or imaginary.
"Honestly I don't think the rule is very realistic for kids this age,"
Watkins said. "I think that when a child is trying to save the world,
I don't think he should be punished for it."