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Tanked Episode 231 for Wed Dec. 19, 2012


- Beer/Mixed Drinks
- Weekend Catchup
- What is the most memorable christmas ever as a child?
gifts given or received
- Zombie race vs. Tough mudder


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NORTH APOLLO, Pa. (AP) -- Police say a Pennsylvania man used his Xbox headphones to call for help after being bound with duct tape and menaced with a gun during a home invasion.
Investigators say the 22-year-old suburban Pittsburgh man was playing video games in an upstairs bedroom when he heard his front door open. The man initially thought it was a family member but saw an armed man wearing a ski mask when he looked downstairs.
Authorities say the intruder bound Derick Shaffer and led him around the North Apollo home to locate valuables, then fled in Shaffer's car. Shaffer reached a friend over his Xbox Live headset and had him call police.
The missing car was located about an hour later. Police questioned three people but are still trying to identify a suspect.

 Indiana Jones: Journal Mystery At University
The University of Chicago is investigating after it was sent a mystery package apparently containing a notebook used by Indiana Jones in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie.
    The parcel was received by the admissions department last week and it was addressed to Henry Walton Jones Jr.
    There is no Henry Walton Jones Jr working at the US institution - but officials made the connection to Indiana Jones as it is the fictional archaeologist and adventurer's given name.
    Inside the package was an elaborate replica of a journal by his mentor, university professor Abner Ravenwood, from the movie about the Ark of the Covenant - but with no explanation.
    The university said of the package's contents: "The book itself is a bit dusty, and the cover is teal fabric with a red velvet spine."
    It had "weathered inserts and many postcards/pictures of (the character) Marion Ravenwood (and some cool old replica money) included".
    "It's clear that it is mostly, but not completely handmade, as although the included paper is weathered all of the 'handwriting' and calligraphy lacks the telltale pressure marks of actual handwriting."
    Once pictures of the package were posted on Tumblr, responses starting pouring in.
    Admissions counsellor Grace Chapin said one theory was that it was an "alternate reality" game where players plant clues for others.
    Another was that it could be part of an Indiana Jones promotion, but Ms Chapin said Lucasfilm, the studio behind the Indiana Jones movies, said it was not responsible for the package.
    Ms Chapin also said she had never received any kind of mail like this before.
    The Chicago Tribune News quoted her as saying: "It's been wild for us. We're going to be posting a follow-up with all the explanations we've been getting and what we know later."

Favorite movie of the year for us



Spray-On Skin

ReCell by Avita Medical is a medical breakthrough for severe-burn victims. The technology uses a postage stamp–size piece of skin from the patient, leaving the donor site with what looks like a rug burn. Then the sample is mixed with an enzyme harvested from pigs and sprayed back onto the burn site. Each tiny graft expands, covering a space up to the size of a book page within a week. Since the donor skin comes from the patient, the risk of rejection is minimal.

Griswold Christmas Lights?

How many light bulbs? This would be (220 m2)*(20 bulbs/m2) = 4,400 bulbs. If each bulb is 6.3 watts, the total power would be 27.7 kilowatts. There are lots of different estimates out there for the household power uses. An estimate (averaged over a day) is probably between 500 and 1,000 watts (but not during Christmas). That might seem like a low estimate, but remember that for probably half the day, there isn’t much going on in the house (electricity-wise). So Clark’s house is clearly beyond the norm.
How much would this house cost to power the lights? Well, first, Clark probably paid the 1989 electricity rates. I’m not sure what those rates were, but they had to have been lower than 10 cents per kilowatt hour. If he ran that exact setup with today’s rates for 4 hours, that would cost $11 a day – or 4.6 cents per minute. It seems like in the movie, he put the lights up fairly close to Christmas so maybe he only had these lights up for a couple of weeks.
What if Clark used the smaller lights that are popular now? These aren’t as bright, so he would probably have to double the light density to maybe 40 lights per square meter. Assuming a power per bulb of 0.447 watts this would give a total power of 3.9 kilowatts and a cost of $1.56 per day.

 US Bank Robbers In Daring 200ft Prison Escape
Two bank robbers have pulled off a daring escape after using a makeshift rope to scale down 20 floors of a prison in Chicago.

Kenneth Conley (l) and Joseph Banks and the makeshift rope they used
    Investigators found a broken window in the men's cell and window bars inside a mattress.
    The FBI also revealed fake metal bars were recovered and each man's bed was stuffed with clothing and sheets to resemble a body.
    Joseph Banks, 37, and Kenneth Conley, 38, had been gone for more than three hours before officials realised they had escaped.
They scaled around 200ft to escape
    FBI officers believe it was a meticulously planned escape from the 27-storey Metropolitan Correctional Centre that came a week after Banks made a courtroom vow of retribution.
    Both men are facing long prison sentences, and the FBI said they should be considered armed and dangerous.
    Elite police teams stormed at least one property in the Tinley Park suburb of Chicago where evidence suggested that both had been at the home just hours earlier.
    Some schools went on lockdown after being inundated with calls from nervous parents.
There has been only one other successful escape
    Mike Byrne, a superintendent in Tinley Park, said: "Our parents are so emotionally charged right now because of the school shootings in Connecticut."
    The prison is one of the only skyscraper facilities in the world and experts say its triangular shape was meant to make it easier to guard.
    The only other escape from the nearly 40-year-old facility occurred in the mid-1980s.
    Both men were wearing orange jumpsuits, but police believe they may have quickly changed into white T-shirts, grey tracksuits and white trainers.
    Banks was convicted last week of robbing two banks and attempting to rob two others. Authorities say he stole almost $600,000 (£369,000) and most of that still is missing.

Russians pay $1,000 for doomsday party in Soviet bunker

(Reuters) -
A Cold War-era bunker designed to save Soviet leaders
from a nuclear attack will host a 24-hour party for Russians
willing to pay $1,000 for a ticket to escape the apocalypse,
which, according to New Age prophesies, could come on Friday.

Bunker No. 42, now a tourist attraction full of red alarm lights,
is located 56 meters (184 feet) under ground in central Moscow,
near the Kremlin, and can accommodate up to 300 people.
"Many people would feel much calmer if they could spend this critical
day enjoying maximum comfort and safety," said Alexei Pavlovsky,
a tour guide at the bunker, adding there was strong interest
in the party which will start at midnight on December 20.

Pavlovsky said the idea of holding a party at the bunker,
which has served as a museum since 2006, came from visitors
keen to mark the end of an era in the Maya Long Count calendar
due at sunrise on December 21 - an event interpreted by
some groups as the end of days.

"We don't have control over things such as the end of the world.
But we are ready for pretty much everything," he said.
"There'll be a children's room with cartoons,
for adults there'll be movies, talks dedicated to the end of the world
and tours of the museum. There'll be live broadcasts from other bunkers
in other countries."

Upon entering the bunker, built in 1956, visitors will be whisked
18 floors down in an elevator to a warren of rooms where loudspeakers
blast out the old Cold war warning: "Attention! Attention!
The enemy has carried out a nuclear attack!"

"The bunker is rather big, but everything here is arranged in a way
that makes people feel safe. This is a comfortable, cozy place to spend
not just a day, but a whole war and even the end of the world," said Anna,
a student visiting the bunker on Wednesday.

Other resorts across the world are offering refuge for those
fearing the doomsday predictions.
A hotel on the slopes of Mount Rtanj in Serbia is selling itself
as the best place to survive the apocalypse, basing its promise on
the mystical powers that locals say have flooded the area since the
mountain swallowed a castle belonging to a well-to-do sorcerer,
trapping him inside

Canada's massive maple syrup whodunit ends in arrests

(Reuters) -
The world's supply of maple syrup just got a little safer.
Police in Canada's French-speaking province of Quebec
announced a breakthrough in the mysterious
disappearance last August of truckloads of Canadian maple syrup.

Three suspects were arrested, vehicles were seized and
syrup-making equipment recovered after a manhunt in Canada
and the United States, the Quebec provincial police force said
in a statement on Tuesday.

The Quebec police statement did not say what happened
to the syrup or how much was stolen,
but Canadian news sources said $18 million to $22 million
worth was taken and two-thirds of it was recovered.

Five other suspects were still being "actively" sought in the
investigation that also netted two elevator carts,
four syrup kettles, platform lifts and six electronic scales.

The syrup heist was uncovered by a routine inventory check
by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers earlier this year.
The federation said the loss was significant but did not specify
the size of the loss from the warehouse that held
10 million pounds of maple syrup, worth some $30 million.

Quebec produces about 75 percent of the world's maple syrup,
a favorite on pancakes and waffles and also used in foods ranging
from sweets and pastries to bacon and sausage.