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Tanked Episode 229 for Wed Dec. 5, 2012


-Today we welcome Chris Hiller back on the show!
- Beer/Mixed Drinks
- Check us out on the “UnTapped” app. We will get into the habit of posting the brews we have on the show “Tanked Radio” or Scott Considine. Look us up at

- Weekend Catchup/ ask Chris Lots of questions (get the low down)
- Natalie is no longer with the show. She ran into scheduling problems.
 Don’t worry though she’ll be back on as a guest from time to time.

Wanted to mention that has recieved over 17,000 unique visitors this year! yah us!

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Whisky Saves Man From Vodka-Induced Blindness       
Score one point for whisky. 65-year old Taranaki man, Denis Duthie, was saved from a vodka-induced blindness by being administered an alcohol drip of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Duthie reported that he had been drinking vodka for his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary when things suddenly got dark at 3pm in the afternoon. After trying to sleep it off, the blindness persisted and Duthie headed to his local hospital where doctors diagnosed him with formaldehyde poisoning which often comes from the ingestion of methanol. This type of poisoning is often treated by giving the patient ethanol which is found in most alcoholic beverages.
The hospital did not have enough ethanol on hand so a nurse was sent to the store to pick up a bottle of high-quality liquor for an alcohol drip. The drip was injected directly into the stomach but this treatment can also be effective through drinking. That doesn’t mean you should just down a bottle of whiskey next time you have methanol poisoning though…see a doctor.
Duthie awoke after 5 days with his eyes perfectly fine and feeling “good as gold”. We are sure Johnnie Walker’s marketing team will be happy to know their whisky can also cure you from bad vodka.
Via New Zealand Herald.

Redbox Instant may undercut Netflix, streaming movies for just $6 per month

Redbox has quietly been readying its Netflix streaming competitor for some time now, but it looks as though the service's big reveal may not be far off. GigaOm has uncovered a number of details surrounding Redbox Instant including subscription rates and devices you'll be able to watch content from when it does eventually launch. Though participation is currently limited to a small, invite-only group of beta testers, Redbox temporarily posted help files visible to anyone on the web that offer insight to its strategy.

Subscriptions will start at $6 per month (undercutting Netflix by a slim margin) and with that you'll gain unlimited access to Redbox's instant streaming catalog. But Redbox also plans to take full advantage of its broad kiosk presence throughout the US, offering an $8 option that grants subscribers four DVD rentals each month. Redbox specifically refers to these as "DVD credits," so it's unclear if you'll be able to put them toward Blu-ray or video game rentals. Much like Amazon Instant Video, Redbox Instant will expand beyond streaming with premium video-on-demand rentals and purchases. Those are set to start around 99 cents, though we expect new releases will demand a bit more.

As for device compatibility, Redbox Instant will be available on iOS, Android, Xbox 360 (presumably via a forthcoming app), and Mac/PC. Streaming over the web will require Microsoft's Silverlight plugin, a prerequisite Netflix users have grown accustomed to. Samsung will also offer the service via connected TVs and Blu-ray players.
There's still no firm word on an official launch date, though beta testers will begin receiving their DVD credits in mid-December.

Assuming all goes well, we could see Redbox Instant before long. And while Netflix is unquestionably chief among its rivals, there's no shortage of competition from other players fighting for a stake in the living room. Redbox will also have to contend with Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Hulu, Amazon, and Walmart's Vudu if it hopes to make a dent in the streaming segment.


Scott Reviews the Nintendo Wii U
-Tablet is cheap feeling but light so arms don’t get tired
-Fast responsiviness of the tablet in conjunction with the TV
-Tablet resolution is good. Not great but fair.
-Surprisingly the Wii U is much longer than the original Wii
-Nice hide and seek games with the packaged game Nintendo Land
-TV button enables simple tv and cable box remote: Setup was sooo easy Power on/off     Channel/Volume
-$350 price is a little tough to swallow
-Nintendo’s Tvii service is not working yet. Should be availible sometime in Dec.
-Tvii is what I’m really interested here. Select Mii and have all your channels setup for you and it slated to be an end to end solution for streaming sevrvices like Hulu, NetFlix, Amazon, Vudu and cable and blend it into one interface.

-Scott Rates it: BUY/TRY/ DON’T BUY

TRY: but wait to see if the TVii function comes out then it might be worth it. or if your exsiting Wii took a shit and you need to replace it.

Star Trek Trailer to hit webs Thursday

Outline of the Avengers 2 is done.
Joss has finally finished up his outline. Does that mean we will see any kind of script? Well yeah someone will. We will when it hits the big screen in 2014.

Brian Singer tweets 1st image from days of future past.

Lincoln review.

Scott’s (small) review of Rise of the Guardians.

Silver Linings Playbook review.

Hugh Jackman is in talks to play Wolverine in Days of future’s past! Love this one!

Lego Science!!!
How Tall Can A Lego Tower Get
It's not just children who like to build towers with Lego - the internet is alive with discussion on how many Lego bricks, stacked one on top of the other, it would take to destroy the bottom brick. So what's the answer?
There has been a burning debate on the social news website Reddit.
It's a trivial question you might think, but one the Open University's engineering department has - at the request of the BBC's More or Less programme - fired up its labs to try to answer.

The 2x2 Lego brick looks vulnerable, placed on top of a metal plate, which a hydraulic ram is pushing upwards. On top of the brick is a second plate, with a load cell on top of it, measuring the force being exerted.

And the load on top of the brick gets larger and larger. We reach 3,500 newtons (N) of force - the equivalent of having 350kg (770lbs) sitting on top of the brick - more than a third of a ton.

The force climbs on, above 4,000N. And then...
Nothing. Well, not much. There is no big bang. The brick just kind of melts.
Ian Johnston and the team do two more tests to be sure we hadn't just happened upon the strongest Lego brick in existence. And in fact they were impressed at the consistency of Lego manufacture.
The average maximum force the bricks can stand is 4,240N. That's equivalent to a mass of 432kg (950lbs). If you divide that by the mass of a single brick, which is 1.152g, then you get the grand total of bricks a single piece of Lego could support: 375,000.
So, 375,000 bricks towering 3.5km (2.17 miles) high is what it would take to break a Lego brick.
"That's taller than the highest mountain in Spain. It's significantly higher than Mount Olympus [tallest mountain in Greece]

Nyasasaurus: Is It World's Oldest Dinosaur?

The first dinosaur to have walked the Earth may
have been discovered by researchers in the corridors
of London's Natural History Museum.
    A mysterious fossil specimen that has been in the
museum's collection for decades has now been identified
as most likely coming from a dinosaur that lived about
245 million years ago - 10 to 15 million years earlier than any
previously discovered examples.
The creature was about the size of a Labrador dog.
It has been named Nyasasaurus parringtoni after southern
Africa's Lake Nyasa, now called Lake Malawi,
and Cambridge University's Rex Parrington,
who collected the specimen at a site near the lake in the 1930s.
"It was a case of looking at the material with a fresh pair
of eyes," Paul Barrett from the Natural History Museum,
who worked on the study, said.
"This closes a gap in the fossil record and pushes
back the existence of dinosaurs."
The London fossil was studied by researchers in the 1950s
but no conclusion was reached and nothing was published.
"It was a mystery ... It just became this mythical animal," Mr Barrett added.
Two features of the London fossil, together with a similar
sample subsequently spotted at the Iziko South African Museum
in Cape Town, are strong evidence that the animal belongs
with the dinosaurs, the researchers said.
The bone tissues in the upper arm show marks of rapid growth, common in dinosaurs.
They also have a feature known as an elongated
deltopectoral crest that anchored the upper arm muscles
which is unique to dinosaurs.
"Although we only know Nyasasaurus from fossil fragments,
the anatomy of its upper arm bone and hips have features
that are unique to dinosaurs, making us confident that we're dealing
with an animal very close to dinosaur origin," Mr Barrett said.
The researchers believe Nyasasaurus probably stood upright,
was one metre tall at the hip, and up to
three metres long from head to tail.
Sterling Nesbitt, of the University of Washington,
who led the study, published in the journal Biology Letters, said:
"What's really neat about this specimen is that it has a lot of history.
"Found in the 30s, first described in the 1950s ...
now 80 years later, we're putting it all together."

Skeletor Says “What?”

Kingston police arrest man who told kids Santa isn’t real
In Kingston, it’s not the Grinch but a 24-year-old man who police say stole Christmas.
As Christmas-themed floats slowly rolled down Princess St. during Kingston’s annual Santa Claus parade, an intoxicated man shouted blasphemous lies to shocked children: Santa doesn’t exist.
The man, whose gelled hair “looked like a set of devil horns protruding from his head,” was reported to Kingston police, Const. Steve Koopman said.
Police arrested a 24-year-old man around 6 p.m.
“It was pretty despicable that someone, during this time of the year, would tell kids Santa isn’t real — which of course we would argue,” Koopman said.

While Kingston police wouldn’t identify the man, they confirmed that he was on probation. He spent Saturday night in a cell while he sobered up.
The man is charged with causing a disturbance by being drunk and breach of probation. Police wouldn’t confirm his previous offence.
Kingston residents went to Twitter and Facebook to voice their outrage.
“It irritates me when things like this happen … let a kid be a kid,” said a Twitter user named Kim V.
Others called the man a Grinch and wondered if he would receive coal in his stocking.

Death Star Petition On White House Website

Thousands of Americans have signed a petition calling
on the White House to build a Death Star.
    The founder of the campaign says construction
of the moon-sized space station and inter-stellar weapon
from the Star Wars film series will strengthen national security
and create jobs.
And US officials will be forced to consider replicating the
Death Star - complete with a laser capable of destroying a planet
- if the petition gains more than 25,000 digital signatures by December 14.
Started by a John D, from Longmont, Colorado,
the petition on the White House website demands work
should begin on the project within the next four years.
It reads: "Those who sign here petition the
United States government to secure funding and resources,
and begin construction on a Death Star by 2016.
"By focusing our defence resources into a space-superiority
platform and weapon system such as a Death Star,
the government can spur job creation in the fields of
construction, engineering, space exploration, and more,
and strengthen our national defence."
Among more than 3,500 signatories to the petition at
the time of writing were at least four people giving the name
'Darth V', and one called 'Boba F'.
It is not the first time a government body has faced
pressure from a Star Wars-related campaign.
More than 400,000 Britons stated their religion as Jedi on their
2001 Census forms, in a failed attempt to have it recognised
as an official religion.


School Evacuated As Girl Shows Class Grenade                    

A young girl caused a bomb scare in Australia
when she took a hand grenade in to school to show
her classmates.
    Students at the Hunter Christian School in Newcastle,
New South Wales, were evacuated when the 11-year-old
produced the grenade at a show-and-tell lesson.
She thought it was a money box.
The device reportedly resembled a World War Two "pineapple" type grenade.
School Principle Boyd Allen said:
"One of our students brought innocently to school
what she thought was a money box.
"She showed it to the teacher... and the teacher has been
understandably alarmed because it just didn't look like a money box...
it actually looked like a grenade.
"He's admittedly been concerned and contacted our head
of primary and the two of them consequently arrived in my
office with it in hand!"
The pupils were taken to a nearby park while police
and bomb experts examined the device.
Local media reported that it was inactive.
Police Duty Officer Gerard Lawson said:
"We've had it appraised by our local bomb techs who have
sent some photos off to the department of defence who are
concerned enough to actually send people from Sydney to
come and take possession of the item."
The pupils were sent home for the rest of the day.

Scott Pipher Tells Maine Police That Prostitute Owes Him 10 More Minutes                                    

Police in Maine say a man called them to complain a
prostitute hadn't given him his money's worth
– so they arrested him.

Police say New Hampshire resident Scott Pipher
was arrested this week. The 34-year-old is charged with
engaging a prostitute.
                                                     Old Orchard Beach, Maine, police say Pipher called them
March 25 to complain a woman he'd hired
"shorted him by 10 minutes."

Police say their investigation also led to the arrests of
two women believed to be prostitutes contacted by Pipher
through a website.

Pipher is scheduled to be arraigned in Maine District Court
in Biddeford next week. Telephone calls to numbers listed
for him in Portsmouth, N.H., have gone unanswered.